What energy and experiences can we expect in September 2011?

There is a sense of heaviness this month. It is a heaviness that is
similar to the feeling of being drowsy or falling asleep. It is not a dark
or evil heaviness but it is a slow, sometimes difficult feeling. There
is a sense that the collective energy for all of humanity is moving
downward this month.

It is an important time for you to be grounded. It is an important
time for you to take good care of your physical bodies and to take life
one breath at a time, one step at a time. There is a second energy
along with this in September, which is that it is an important time for
the collective consciousness and it is an important time for working
together as a collective. There is a sense that people have been
struggling for a long time and the only way that humanity will continue
to evolve and move forward is if you work together.

There has never been a more important time than now to really
remember and act according to the idea that you are one. That what
affects you, affects everyone else -- that the things you do make a
difference in how life goes for everyone else in the world. It is so
important that you really act as if that is true, because it is true.
Even though you cannot always comprehend the magnitude of that
connection that you have with the human family, it exists and how
you live your life has a profound impact on what happens to the world
around you.

So this month, do what you can in each moment to bring more
light to the world around you. Do what you can this month to take
accountability for how your actions affect the world around you.
This is true about physical choices such as the decisions to throw
away or recycle a water bottle and it is also true about emotional
choices. When you choose to repress your anger, you are creating
more tension for all of humanity. When you choose to find a healthy
way to release your anger and heal yourself, you lighten the load
for all of humanity. This is also true energetically. When you carry
a sense of love and compassion for yourself, in your own mind and
heart, you make the world a lighter and brighter place. This month,
it is important to practice that, just in each moment. Do not look for
overarching evidence. Do not try to grasp the concept, just act as if
you are connected to the world.

How can we find the greatest benefit from this energy?

The greatest benefit from the energy this month will really come
through tenderness and the act of surrender. It is important this
month that you cultivate the ability to let go of the things that are no
longer serving you. Especially, let go of those things you hold in your
heart that do not serve you. This is an important time to investigate
your resentments and to find a way to let them go.

Some of the practices that will serve you this month include prayer
and any practices that facilitate forgiveness or release. It is a great
time to cry. It is a great time to pour your heart out in your journal or
talking to your friend or talking to your dog. Wherever you can find a
place to let things go, do it this month. The greatest benefit available
this month is that many of you can come to a deeper sense of love
and compassion that will feed the joy in your life for months and years
to come. But it is only possible if you practice this art of surrendering.
Let go of the fights that are no longer serving you. It is important
that you find courage and continue to act toward the goals that are
important to you. We are not telling you to stop doing everything; we
are telling you t investigate what are the fights you are in that are no
longer serving you and let those go.

Remember the energy of this month. It feels heavy and drowsy, so
you are not going to get a lot accomplished. The way to find more
energy this month is not to try to build more energy that you can
use, but instead, to let go of the things that are wasting your energy.
The feeling this month, the heaviness is a lot like a raindrop. If you
imagine a raindrop and that sense of gravity pulling water down
toward the earth, there is surrender in that and there is a sense of
healing. If you have ever experienced a rainstorm after a long dry
spell, there is a sense of healing and release and surrender in the air
around you. That is the sensation you can experience in September
if you will let go of those things that no longer serve you and do
everything you can to release your resentments.

Is there anything we need to watch out for or avoid this month?

This month, it is important to watch out for any messages or activities
that reinforce a sense of isolation. It is so important that you work
together this month and that sense of surrender and release only
comes when you surrender to the idea that you are part of the human
family -- that you are inherently and undeniably connected to other

It is important to spend time with people this month, but as far as
what to avoid, pay attention to the things you do that perpetuate a
sense of being isolated. Watch out for the thoughts you have, the
things you say, or the activities you engage in that reinforce the
feeling that you are all alone or that no one understands you. Find
a way to replace those thoughts, words and activities with things
that help you feel more connected. This is a good time to reach out
to people. If you cannot find a way to feel like you are important to
others, instead find activities where you show people that they are
important to you. This is an excellent time to write a love letter to a
friend or to a family member. It is a great time to choose random acts
of kindness, to smile at strangers.

This month, it is just so important that you really focus on the sense
that you belong here. If you are alive today, it means that you belong
here, that you belong in this world, you belong with the human family
and it is time to stop fighting that. It is time to stop telling yourself
that you are not important or that you are not powerful. Instead, just
surrender to the idea that you are here with us for a reason. Even if
you do not know what your reasons are yet, you can act as if you are
a part of this human family, composed of billions of people. All of you
have feelings, all of you have hopes and dreams and fears, and there
is a surrender that comes when you just allow yourself to belong here
with everyone else. Avoid isolation. It is fine to spend time alone if
you are feeling filled and enriched and happy. But if you are feeling
lonely, it is so important that you step out and spend more time with

Is there anything else the Keepers want to tell us about September 2011?

The Keepers want to tell you about September 11 of 2001 and what
that date has come to represent for all of humanity on a collective
level and what it means that you are returning to that time on the
calendar. The sense of surrender and coming together, it is no
accident that it is happening in September during an important
anniversary of that event in 2001. If you feel connected to that
event, if it arises in your memory, if you hear people talking about
it, consider that it is coming to your attention because it is a golden
opportunity for you. It is a perfect opportunity for you to make
a choice. The choice is to decide to regard that event and every
other injustice you have encountered in your life to regard it with
compassion and to let go of the things you resent. Let go of the
fight that is not really happening anymore. In your heart, it is time
to release, to stop telling yourself that the ways that you have been
betrayed or hurt in your life before are holding you back now. The
only thing holding you back now is your resentment or the ways that
you hold onto old stories that limit you.

Take that anniversary as an opportunity to explore your own heart.
To surrender anything that is holding you back and to finally allow
yourself to just pay attention to love and just ask yourself every day,
what can I do to bring more love to the world rather than asking
yourself questions about prior resentments and old fights. If each of
you will do that on an individual level, collectively what is available
this month is an intense and powerful healing for the entire world.
If enough of you really work to let go of resentment in your life
this month, there is the opportunity for the entire world to take an
enormous step forward toward love and away from fear. None of you
can do it on behalf of humanity, but all of you can do your part and it
will make an enormous difference in terms of bringing more light and
love to the world.

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