What energy and experiences can we expect in September of 2009?

This month can move very quickly or very slowly depending on your perspective. The best way we can describe this is to think about the airplane metaphor that the Keepers have used for the year 2009. In this metaphor, you can think of the month of September as being the time during the flight when your airplane has reached the highest altitude. It is moving at the fastest speed. At this point you have worked out all of the bumps, you have worked out your relationship with the people on the plane, you have settled into the journey, and you have dealt with some of your fundamental discomfort with the journey – so now you are just cruising along. This is the point in the flight when a lot of people watch a movie, but it will not serve you to check out in that same kind of way, because the fact is, on this airplane flight and in the month of September, if you are at your maximum altitude and your maximum speed, you have the potential to be very efficient and have a smooth beautiful flight.

It is important to remember that you are at your highest risk at this point. You have never flown higher and you have never moved faster. All of the skills you have been perfecting in the last few years, all of the challenges you have met in the past year, and all of the discomfort you have been grappling with in the last few months -- they all come together to enable you to take advantage of this time and to make it efficient. We are not talking about efficiency in regard to getting a lot done at work or keeping a really clean household. We are talking about efficiency in that you are so fully in the present moment that you enter the flow of your life. That at any given moment you are moving with an energy that naturally repels you, rather than resisting things or trying to do things that you really do not want to do.

The truth about human life is that you often choose to do things you do not want to do sometimes, because they offer an eventual benefit. But when you are in the flow, you find a way to be at peace and recognize that what you are doing, that you do not feel like doing, is part of a larger choice.

When you are doing something you do not want to do, there is a difference between accepting it as part of the package that you have chosen, or resisting it moment-by-moment. Let us say that you have to take out the garbage. You can spend every moment of that task resisting it thinking, "Why do I have to do this? Should not someone else do this? Why do I make so much garbage? Why can I not put the garbage can closer to my apartment?", etc. This leads to resisting it the entire time and really disrupting the flow and putting yourself at risk. Or, you can embrace the fact that you have a home, it is the home that you want within reason or within your means and you want the home to be clean and fresh and so you choose to take out the garbage. While it may remain an unpleasant task, it is a task that you can flow with, that becomes part of a rhythm in yourself where you are not resisting, you are not coming up against the resistance of your self-negative talk. Instead, you embrace every part of your life including taking out the garbage, as a part of the life that you have chosen.

This is the flow that we are talking about. This is the same thing that an airplane is doing when it is working hard to maintain that altitude and that speed. It is also rejoicing in the fact that it can do this and that this is what it is made for, including some of the heat and discomfort that you might imagine an airplane could experience in that moment.

The energy itself, collectively, is actually very clear. There is not a lot of resistance and that means that a lot of collective change can occur. This month any resistance that is occurring collectively will be very evident. What you are likely to see in September collectively, in terms of your news, government and events, is it will be evident where resistance is occurring, where a lot of energy is being wasted just spinning wheels over decisions. On the other end, it will be very clear what organizations, endeavors, groups and institutions are coming into alignment with their true selves and coming into a new version of integrity because they will just seem to take off. They will just start cruising. Those are the things you can watch for collectively during the month of September.

How can we best work with this energy?

This is one of those months in which it will really serve you to plan ahead and foresee challenges so that when you arrive at the challenge, you do not resist it imagining that it should not be there, but you embrace it as something you saw coming and that you are somewhat prepared for. Now you will not be able to prepare in advance for every challenge, but a little bit of foresight this month will go a long way in making it easier to avoid resistance.

A second thing that will help you this month is any practice that helps you be in the present moment. A classic practice is just taking things one breath at a time. Notice what you are doing as you are breathing out, notice what you are doing as you are breathing in. Any practice that simply brings you into the present moment will be really useful throughout this month.

A third thing that will serve you this month is to really get a handle on your self-talk; on the thoughts that run through your mind, and what kind of energy they bring you to. This month the biggest difference between having a wonderfully efficient and easy month or a very tiring and difficult month is how you talk to yourself. Again, take the example of taking out the garbage. You can spend that time resisting it, thinking all kinds of negative things about the task or about the person that you think should have taken it out besides you and thereby exhaust some of your life force energy during the two minutes that it takes for the task. Or you can embrace the task as something that is unpleasant but has to be done and then spend those two minutes thinking about other things; thinking about what you want to eat for dinner or who your best friend is or your favorite memory from childhood. You can spend that time in your mind in any place you would like. In any place that feeds your soul or spirit. You can spend the time listing all of the positive attributes you can think of in your best friend or in yourself. You come back from taking out the trash with a positive energy, with more life force energy and with a dynamic outlook for your available and ready for your next task. Take that example and apply it to everything you can this month.

Every time that you find that you are talking to yourself negatively, take a moment and gently steer yourself to something positive. It might serve you in preparation for this month to choose a positive thought that will be your touchstone. In the moment that you are thinking something negative and you are feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the negativity of your thoughts, you can have an automatic place to go. Say you have a pet dog that you really love. Every time that you notice that you have that negative self-talk going, take a deep breath and gently remind yourself that this is not the reality that you want to create. Then think of your dog. Think of how sweet your dog is and how loyal and how soft and just think of all of the attributes of your dog letting yourself love your dog. If it is a different example it might be your child or your partner or your favorite tree in your yard. It can be anything. Find something that you love, something that calls your attention to positivity and have that be your touchstone. Just let it be your go to thought. What you will find is that negative thoughts, negative self-talk will arise, but you can gently steer yourself toward something positive. Just gently distract your mind from the negativity. The fact is, none of your minds want to sink into negative self-talk, so the instant you gently re-steer, your mind actually partners with you to try to pull out of that old habit. It will take attention this month, but that is one of the best things you can do during the month of September.

Are there any power days this month?

September 5 is like a window. Some possibilities open and it will be important to ground those possibilities. Any ideas you get on September 5, find a way to bring them into reality even if it is just writing them down on a piece of paper. This will continue through September 7. It is a good time for brainstorming or problem solving.
September 17 has a sparkly energy like a Star Gate. There is an opening to Spirit. Magical things can happen on this day.
September 29 is a day for attending to practical matters. September 29 will be useful for you to clean your house, clean your desk, clean your hard drive, call the people that you have not called in a long time, return all of your phone calls. Just clean everything up on September 29. There is a shift in energy and you will want to clean your slate for October.

Is there anything else the Keepers would like to tell us?

Some of you will have fear arise in September. Just know that really there is clean, clear, light blue energy. It is so light that when your fears arise, it is almost as if you can just breathe them away; they will just disappear. You do not need to get bogged down this month. There is not a heavy energy; there is not a dense energy. Even though difficult things will happen, you will feel as if you are at risk this month, know that what really the thing that is happening is that things are moving really fast and you are not going to be able to keep track of everything. If you can notice your fear and let it go, it will not send you into a spiral. Be gentle with yourselves, turn to positivity, take every challenge as it comes and do not add gravity or drama to anything this month. Let that light, clear energy facilitate your path. Most of you are doing beautifully. The key this month is to be kind, gentle and occupy the present moment.

The Keepers have an additional message to add to the monthly message, channeled one month after the original message. It is this. Be aware that the energy of September 2009 is filled with small swirls of energy and experience. This may feel like standing in a large field on a windy day and seeing “dust devils” -- small whirlwinds that emerge then subside. These vortices build up and then die down over and over again. This month will include energetic vortices that emerge then disappear in all of your lives.
During September you are going to have a sense that you can go in many different directions and it will be tempting to get wrapped up in a single vortex and distracted. But just like with a dust devil, a small whirlwind of energy, the wind can just pass through you then move on. You do not need to get caught up in it.

It will serve you this month to find a way to stay centered in yourself. Do not get pulled into the drama of other people’s lives. Do not get pulled into the strong emotions and reactions you have to a situation. Instead, continually remember your center. Remember what is most important for you, and keep your eye on the game. Stay in tune with where you want to go ultimately rather than getting pulled into the small whirlwinds that die quickly. If you can do that, you are going to find this is a very exhilarating month.
There is potential for this month to be very productive. You can complete one project after another. There is a sense of scope, a broader scope that you can move in any direction you would like or feel you need to in order to deepen your experience and move yourself past your old limitations and into a more expansive way of existing.

That is the way the energy has shaped up for this month now that we are closer to the month itself.

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