What energies and experiences can we expect in September of 2008?

We will use the phrase, “intermittent integration” to describe the way this month is likely to work. The energy of September is primarily one of integration; however as you are going through this process of integration, you are also moving at an incredibly rapid speed and taking in new information. We refer to moving as a metaphor; you are not literally moving through space faster than you were before, but you are moving through your lives, reality, events, information, experiences and growth. All of it is coming to you, and through you, faster than ever before. This means that you are presented with a challenge to both integrate all you have experienced since May, and to take in a great deal of new information as you go during September of 2008. This is a direct extension of the expansion we have discussed in July and August. This expansion continues in September and into October, but each month has a different tenor because the expansion is a process, and the process has stages.

In September, it is vitally important that you take time to integrate what you have learned, to take time to reflect on what has occurred in your personal lives and in the world as a whole over the course of the summer, and to draw lines between various events – to find meaning in the connections between things that did not seem connected upon first glance. The process of integration is one in which you see things anew -- you see them from a more holistic point of view and you find a new meaning based on reflection that going through exercises that facilitate integration during September will serve you immensely well. At the same time, you will be taking in new information and you will be struggling sometimes to catch up with all that is moving by you.

It may be possible that you will feel overwhelmed in September of 2008. Please know that your spiritual and physical support system has increased this month, even as you have the unique challenge to both take in new information and integrate prior information. You have the support you need to do this, but it will require that you stay awake and pay attention to your thoughts, your words, and your actions this month. Many of you already know how to do this well. Just think of what it is like for someone who is a parent to a young child as well as a business owner, or someone who manages a restaurant who sometimes jumps in to wait tables even as part of them is still aware of the overall scene from a managerial perspective. Having that ability we have discussed in previous channelings this summer, the ability to both engage in what you are doing and watch it from afar and above, will serve you very well in September.

Overall the energy is a reassuring kind of energy. While energy and events are expanding and you are presented with this challenge of multitasking, you are not being presented with a lot of chaos. Order will reign this month if you will give time for reflection and integration of what you have learned along the way. You are not even being presented with much change. You are taking in a great deal of new information but it seems it will be information that is in alignment with the directions you have taken in your lives. There is no need in September to drop everything and start again. It is fine to enter new beginnings if they are happening naturally, but for the most part you can continue on what you have been doing with your inner eye or attention turned to an overall reflection of where you have been since May and where you want to be going. It is an expansive energy; it is an energy in growth but it is simply a stage in growth in which you stop and you reorient yourselves rather than running forward so quickly.

How can we best work with the energy in September of 2008?

We will present two exercises that will be beneficial for you this month. One is to really engage your personal discernment skills -- the ways by which you determine what belongs in your life and what does not. The more fluidly and rapidly you can respond to what you know, the more easily you will move through September. In other words, if someone invites you to a social event and immediately in your heart you know that you do not want to go or that you are not interested, resist the urge to say “maybe” and instead just say “no.” Take it off your plate; eliminate any variables or loose strings in your social relationships, in your planning calendar, in your work commitments. Do not bother saying maybe. In September -- when it comes to everyday events, promises, or decisions -- do not leave a maybe hanging. Instead, sit down, listen to your gut instinct, decide yes or no, and act on that decision. You will be so well served by eliminating any wasted time that you may have otherwise spent on drawing out a decision or pretending to be interested in something that you are not really interested in. It is better in September that you keep your attention free and clear for the integration process, that active process of reflection, rather than hanging in procrastination or in unmade decisions.

The second exercise is one that is similar to an exercise that the Keepers presented in the Vernal Equinox reading – the exercise of the Truth List (this can be heard on Ascension Radio for members of Akashic Transformations). The Truth List Exercise will be useful this month, as will the following modification. During September 2008, it would serve each of you if you will take time every day to sit down with a notepad and a piece of paper, or with your Palm Pilot or similar tool, and make a list of unfinished business. This will include anything from telling a friend how you have been feeling to making a phone call at work, or from weeding your garden to getting an extra hour of sleep each night. This can be in regard to anything; anything that you have lingering in your mind that needs to be done and is not done yet. You can think of it as a task list, but one that is generalized for your entire life so that calling your mother might be right next to weeding the garden or quitting your job. It must include both tasks to be done and ideas or shifts to be integrated into your life.

After creating this list, take the top three items on the list that stand out to you the most -- whether because they feel the most pressing, or because they have an external deadline, or simply because they draw your interest for some unknown reason. Take the three items that draw your attention most strongly and then list those separately or circle them. Sit quietly for a moment and ask yourselves three questions. First, ask yourself, “What do I really want to do in my heart with this?” Second, “What is difficult for me in this situation? What keeps me from moving forward in this situation?” And, third, “When have I felt this way before? In what situations have I seen myself behave this way before?” Specifically if you can, try to think of a time between May of 2008 and now. Look at the last three or four months and see if some of the experiences you have gone through in the last few months reveal a pattern that has lead you to the current item on the list. Just taking a few moments to reflect on these three questions is all you need to do.

If you will do those three questions for each of the three primary items on your list every single day, you are going to find that the list gets smaller. Many things will resolve themselves in your life, even if there are things on the list that you never got around to reflection on, you will find that much of your life comes into alignment with itself. You become a more efficient engine so to speak, so that you burn less fuel but you get further in your work, in your life, and anywhere you want to go. If you will do this exercise each day, it may take up to 20 minutes, but once you get the hang of it you will be able to do it in five or ten minutes. This will make an enormous difference for you in September of 2008.

Are there any power days or important days in September of 2008?

September 8 is very important; it is like a portal or a gateway - it is a Stargate. If you pay attention, you will find that a huge bubble of cosmic energy becomes available to Planet Earth on September 8. This energy provides healing and appears to be some sort of an anchor situated in the middle of the hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean. It is an incredibly grounding force. Imagine holding a round, smooth stone in your hand – a stone that is large enough to fill your palm. Imagine the weight of the stone and the way it can fill your hand, the way it can ground everything, the way that roundness brings a sense of completion as your fingers wrap around it. Sense that weight as gravity pulls the stone downward. That is the kind of grounding energy of September 8 of 2008.

This can be an enormous gift for those of you who are working on integration in the first week of September; you will find that this day is really beneficial. It can seem like a day where you get three or four extra hours somehow. You find you are able to get much more done. If on the other hand you are a person who has not quite found their center yet, if you spend the first week of September running from here to there, rushing through things rather than slowing down and trying to integrate what you have learned, you are going to find that September 8 feels like it hits you like a stone in the head -- like running into a boulder in your path. You may find that you suddenly feel drastically slowed down. Watch for this day. Do not concern yourselves if it is a difficult day; do not imagine that you are doing something wrong. This is a very beneficial energy. It is here to help you slow down so that you do not miss the vital opportunity September offers to integrate the enormous expansion that you have gone through in the summer.

If you do not take time to integrate this now, you will find that you need to relearn all of the lessons that are available for you. It is like each of you is sitting with your life lessons right there before you. In September, if you will stop and slow down and take a look, you will be able to work through ten times more of your life’s work in just this month than what might have taken years otherwise. On the other hand, if you keep dashing through and rushing yourself and not sitting down to integrate your life lessons, then you will find in September you just feel more and more chaotic. You will feel more ungrounded, uncentered, and even a little bit lost. Take the gift of September 8 as an opportunity to slow down, to feel the ground beneath your feet, and to come to terms with yourself in a new way. It is a great day for journaling, sleeping, having a heart-to-heart with a friend, or taking a long walk in silence and giving your mind some time to process all of the loose ends hanging.

The next days that are important are September 12 and 13. They are a touchstone. In part this is in relationship to the tradition of September 11, but the energy this year is a strong healing energy. The energy of the perfect balance between male and female is carried over and available to you on September 12 and 13. These are very good days to reach out to your fellow human beings and to get closer to the people in your life. This is a very, very good day to have a heart-to-heart with a friend or to meet new people. Any activity involving community or relationship on September 12 and 13 will be beneficial.

September 17 is a shining, twinkling star. This is a day when most of you will have an opportunity to be in closer touch with your own higher guidance. This is a good day for listening to Spirit, to your heart, and to your intuition for signs and directions. If you have any questions in your life, something that you just cannot find the answer to or continually feel unresolved about, take that question into the day. When you go to bed on September 16, write down that question and lay it by your bedside and allow yourself to dream about it. Then take that question, put it in your pocket, take it with you throughout the day and consider the question. This is a day when the veil between you and the Akashic Records is thinner than it usually is. This is a great day for seeking divine guidance and trusting what you get or what comes to mind.

September 22 is a day where it is important to get things done. It is a very productive day. It will be important that on the 22 you buckle down and get things done. Do not waste time. You will find yourself wanting to drift into daydream, but you will find it useful on September 22 to make a list of things to do work through and finish. Seek a sense of accomplishment on this day.

Finally, September 25 through September 29 is when you will really have the energy of the equinox. Even though the equinox occurs a bit earlier, the true energy of the equinox will come in through a window of time from the 25 through the 29. It is a window of equilibrium for Planet Earth and it is equilibrium for any of you who need it. During these days, watch for what in your life seems to be off balance and find ways -- actively pursue activities, relationships; commitments -- that bring you back into balance. For instance, if you find that you are spending too much time at work, actively commit or create something else in your life that is not work that draws your time and attention to bring you back into balance. It is a good time for a balance check-up. It is like a spiritual engine tune-up between September 25 and 29.

Is there anything else that the Spirit Guides want to tell us about September of 2008?

Because the expansion continues but now you have gotten more grounded in what it will look like for you personally, the energy of this month will be helpful to continually asses what you are resisting and do your best to let go of that resistance. If a friend keeps calling you and you find yourself not calling them back, stop and ask yourself “What am I resisting here? What am I avoiding and how can I let that go? How can I embrace what is coming to me?” This month, more than most months, you can trust that what you have set in motion is just right for you at this time. You do not need to struggle so hard to steer your lives; instead, stop and ask yourself, “What is happening. How can I adjust it slightly?” Rather than trying to grab the steering wheel and yank it in an entirely new direction, try to work with whatever sits in your path now.

You set your intentions in the spring whether you knew it or not, and you stepped into this really expansive energy during the summer that is bringing your intentions to fruition. It has taken you some time to adjust. By now, in September, you have adjusted to what is here so all you need to do is sit back and keep your eyes open and keep thinking and assessing what you see, hear, feel, sense, and what you know. Keep asking yourself, “What more? What other information is available?” If you will do that in September, you will find that the big karma of your life is available to be cleared now more easily than ever. It can be a very productive month. That productivity is likely to be very nonlinear, so again, do not resist. Do not try to control; instead just look carefully and openly at everything that comes to you. Accept it and work with it from there and you will find that this is a very exciting month.

For many of you, it will be a month when you come to know yourselves more deeply than you ever have before. Our blessing is that you continue to fall ever more deeply in love with yourselves and with everyone around you as you move through this challenging expansion process. Love is your birthright. Claim it in your hearts and live as if Love is the only thing you feel. Eventually, it will be the only thing you feel!

If September is supposed to be a month of integration and balancing, I assume that also applies to Mother Earth. In the past, Earth has used earthquakes, tsunamis, wars and many people have been leaving to balance herself. In this month where Mother Earth is balancing, as we all are, does that mean that there will be more people leaving in a larger number because of earthquakes and the like?

Mostly the answer is yes. Yes, it is true that the process of integration is also occurring for Planet Earth, and yes it is true that often the balancing forces for the planet include what you call natural disasters. Particularly earthquakes and large movements of water, such as tsunamis, hurricanes and cyclones, tides and currents, provide that balancing action for Planet Earth. If you remember, the key about the integration energy in September is that, even as you are integrating everything you have been through over the course of the summer, you also are moving as quickly as you have been all summer. You are moving forward and taking in new information, even as you are looking back and integrating experiences from the past. That is the unique challenge about September.

That being said, the energy of September is not exactly a balancing energy. Balance is something you will engage as you learn to integrate the past even as you move forward into the future. Balance occurs in the present moment. You will find experiences to help you perfect this throughout the month of September. There will be what you call natural disasters during September. (There is always a possibility for this and the probability for this in September is actually not quite as high as it is in October. It looks like there is a stronger probability in October.) Remember that integration is really what is happening in September. The real work of bringing things into balance initiates after the Equinox, which is toward the last week of September and into the month of October. That is where you are likely to see more global, natural changes like hurricanes or earthquakes.

Your question about people leaving the planet is not easily answered with a yes or no. Often people leave the planet in large groups through a shared agreement. Collectively that group of people is ready to go for a similar reason, whether it be that they have accomplished what they needed to on Planet Earth or they all have a contract to serve some purpose by leaving. Always, whether that is true or not, every time a group of people leaves the planet at once, each individual is only doing so through their soul’s agreement. If you see large groups of people leaving, you can assume that those groups have accomplished what they needed to accomplish. Each one of those individuals has accomplished their individual purpose and often that purpose is accomplished through the act of leaving as well. This seems like a vague answer, but it is the best that can be given accurately for a general question. The truth is that no one leaves until they are ready, and as soon as someone is ready to leave, they do. That remains true even in a large-scale natural disaster.

Is that part of their Enlightenment process?

For some people, yes. People who are going through Enlightenment, yes it is part of their Enlightenment process. For others, no, it depends on the individual and their souls contracts.

I have been hearing from a number of people that they do not know where they belong. They do not know where they want to live on the planet, and they are having difficulty choosing or making that decision. Is there something about the energy of September that would be useful to know in regard to this situation?

Yes. This helps illustrate in important point about the energy of September. Imagine a stone on a beach that has been tossed around in the waves until it becomes smooth. On a beach or in a riverbed, the stones are often smooth if they have been there long enough. Each stone is knocked around over and over again until it becomes very, very smooth; the action is very similar to what happens when a planet is formed. The way a planet is formed, the way it becomes round is through being knocked around and hit by asteroids and other bodies. The planet hurtles through space until eventually it finds its orbit and becomes round and smooth. The image of a stone being tossed in the waves or a planet hurtling through space until it becomes smooth and round are both excellent images to help you understand yourselves at this point in time in September of 2008. You are like planets being formed and finding your place in the universal choreography.

For those of you seeking a sense of place, it is no surprise to read that you have been tossed around a lot – you already feel this. Most of you have begun to develop your shape. In other words, you have come to know yourselves better. This always includes the good, the bad and the ugly. It includes seeing every part of yourselves and continually finding ways to embrace and love yourselves. You have all been working on this for years. Now through this process of hurtling through space or just moving forward through the current of your lives, you naturally fall into orbit. Regardless of whether you have found a geographical place that feels like home, you have developed the patterns that will lead you to a sense of home and place. The key is to stop looking for a place outside yourselves, and start looking for patterns in your lives that already exist.

When you focus on patterns, you find yourselves on a path that makes sense and is definable. For some of you the pattern is obvious – you have chosen your orbits and settled into them. For others it has not been obvious -- for all you know, you are just hurtling through space. The sense of orbit only occurs after you have made a few revolutions -- you suddenly realize there is a pattern. To find the patterns that uncover your personal version of home, ask yourselves these kinds of questions:

Where do I go for refuge? What relationships ground me? What natural elements feed my spirit? Where do I go for stimulation? What colors, temperatures, textures, and sounds make me feel alive and welcome? What changes do I make in my life with the change of each season?

Then, consider what energy and experiences you want included in your life. Do you want to feel stimulated? Rested? Strong? Supported? Choose only two or three words upon which to create a focus for your life.

Finally, look again at your first answers. What patterns to you see? Where have you been gravitating in order to get what you seek? What is the most centrally important feature to you – natural landscape, social relationships, work, cultural stimulation, or something else? Look for the patters you have already established in your life, and build a sense of home there. Resist the urge to try to become something that you are not, for your life will never be the same as another’s. You exist as you are for a specific and divine purpose!

Some of you are finding a struggle knowing where to live geographically, while others are finding a struggle with knowing what kind of work to do or with deciding what relationships to focus on. Any of these variations fall under the same theme, which is that you have become a new version of yourself and it is time to get to know the new version of you. Consider where you are going. Notice the patterns of how you are moving through your life that will eventually lead you to understand your orbit.

More practically, for those of you who are struggling with where you want to live on Planet Earth, the best guideline we can give in a general sense is to make a list of what you love. Make a list of everything you can think of that you love -- what kind of plants do you love, what kind of weather do you love, what people do you love, what holidays do you love, what colors do you love, what kinds of animals do you love? Make a list of everything you can think of that you love, enjoy, like, or prefer. What is your favorite flower? What is your favorite house plant? What is your favorite country? Make a list of everything that you like or that you love and let that list evolve into a theme. Once you see the themes around what you love, consider simply making a choice. Choose to move somewhere that includes that which you love. It can be that simple.

For those of you who are unsure about where you want to live on Planet Earth, or if you find yourself unsure about any major life decision, such as what work to do or whether to raise children. If you are unsure about one of these major life decisions, it is most likely because you do not have a contract that binds you to one choice. Many of you have a contract that tells you that you need to live in certain places in order to fulfill your destiny; many others of you have an open contract in regard to place. It is far more important what you are doing or who you relate with than it is where you live.

Consider the idea that it does not matter where you live, that you have complete freedom to live where you prefer, that there is not a right choice or a wrong choice; there is just your preference. Taking that approach will enable you to make a choice. Making a choice enables you to make a commitment. Making a commitment allows you to settle down and experience the place or the job or the relationship, rather than staying in limbo. Essentially by the time of September 2008, the things that you have contracted to do are apparent in your life, and so if there is something you are unsure about, you can assume that you have a free pass in that arena.

Particularly if you are looking for a place to live, simply choose to move to the place where you want to be and see how it goes. Give it two years and then if you do not like it you can change your mind. There is a lot more freedom in all of this than you are giving yourselves. Many of you have developed a habit of thinking of everything as being important because, for a time in the process of Enlightenment, it was vital that you pay attention to how you feel. But that does not mean that you have to get it right every time. It does not mean you have to do things perfectly. Life is and always has been an improvisational exercise in which you make it up as you go along. It is inherently that way because you do not remember your soul’s perspectives, and so you do not know what you are doing or where you are going. If you did, you would no longer be human. Give yourselves permission to play around a little bit, to try something and see if it works, then try again if necessary.

On the collective level, are we coming into balance?

You are not really coming into or out of balance; you are progressing and you are getting bigger. Balance is not quite the best word to define the progression of your collective human experience. You are progressing away from fear and toward love as a collective. You are progressing so that behaviors, social structures, norms, expectations, organizations and institutions that feed or build on fear as part of their existence have less room to exist on Planet Earth. Organizations, norms, beliefs, and values that are based in love and which create bigger love are finding more space on Planet Earth. That is the general progression. It is not really about balance, it is about transformation.

Balance has always existed. Sometimes the balance in humanity slips to one side or the other; it wobbles, but there is always a balance between light and dark. You are maintaining a balance as you move toward the light. It is not that you are coming into balance as if you were coming out of it, but the balance between light and dark is continually readjusted according to your collective progression toward the light.

It seems like the heart of your question is, “Are we getting better, not worse?” The answer is yes. If you are interested in working with light and love, with a more divinely directed experience, then yes you are progressing toward that. It is up to you to swing through your process of coming into and out of balance. Just like a gymnast on a balance beam, you may occasionally tip and wobble, but you will continue to regain your balance and move forward.

I have heard it said that there is potential for an economic collapse in our future. Is there anything that the Keepers want us to know about that?

There is potential for economic collapse however, it is not a probability. You are experiencing a massive readjustment that manifests itself economically, as well as in other ways. Financial systems that operate on fear are unraveling. A collapse would occur if there was nothing emerging underneath what is unraveling, but there is a new system in place that will help you find your footing. There are financial systems, agents, organizations and institutions in place that are not based on feeding people’s fear or taking advantage of fear. Those systems are in place well enough that they simply arise and take the place of the financial systems that are crumbling.

You will see the economic systems of some countries suffer for a period of time until they revise themselves according to a system of interconnectedness and fair evaluation. Some countries already have this type of system in place so they will not unravel, while others will need to unravel in order to allow the new ways of exchanging to become available.

The US economy is currently unraveling but the probability is that it will not collapse; it will simply unravel and rebuild itself based on a new set of values. This will require a new set of policies and a new set of practices, many of which have already been explored and exercised by some corporations within the US. There are economic systems in some countries that are founded more deeply on the values of interconnectedness and mutually beneficial trading. With those models in place and some of that experience already accomplished, the US will take the time it needs to adjust its policies and practices to match those that are more sustainable. The unraveling you are seeing in the US economy will continue well past the month of September 2008, but it does not seem to be slated for total collapse, just revolution.

Do the Keepers see us getting out of our addiction to oil? Will there be people who will be able to develop better technology?

Oh yes! You can see this even without the Akashic Records. It is already happening. People have already developed technologies and have made them affordable and feasible. These technologies have begun to be embraced, but haven’t yet been embraced and produced enough to make much difference in your use of petroleum. But they will make an enormous change, for you will release your addiction to oil because your oil is running out. The choice is not whether you will move away from petroleum, but how soon you will release your addiction to it; the same question is how uncomfortable are you willing to feel before you make a change.

A huge change is occurring this year, for this year is the year that global dynamics become personally negotiable. In other words, the far-reaching global investment in petroleum has now become a matter of personal choice and consequences, rather than an abstraction. People’s individual relationship with petroleum products has vastly shifted. People are making different decisions about how they use resources in the US and all over the world, and this will continue. Over time it is inevitable that you will release your addiction to petroleum because you will run out of it. Right now the probability is that you will release the addiction before you run out of it. In the meantime, there will continue to be great waves of discomfort and disgruntledness.

The technologies that will release you from petroleum already exist. In some parts of the world, and even in small parts of the US, they are being used quite efficiently and effectively. You are right in the middle of a revolution in regard not only to oil but to resources – resources and population. You are going through a revolution regarding the way resources are managed according to the human population, and oil is just one signifier of it. It is just one of many resources.

In September, you will simply see the US economy continue to unravel and various economies throughout the world continue to adjust to that unraveling. Some of them getting stronger, others getting weaker and many more just making changes not necessarily stronger or weaker. Overall, what you are doing is you are taking what was separate and you are integrating it all together. The US economy is weaving itself into the global economy rather than holding itself separate. That energy and that experience is completely supported by the energy of September 2008. This is a wonderful time for integration, for taking a look at who you have become, what you value, what you have experienced and what you have learned – then making choices in your life according to those things rather than according to old habits or other people’s expectations.

The final piece of wisdom for working with the energy of September 2008 is, more than ever before, look at everything inside yourself. Look at everything you value, look at everything you have learned, and follow your own star. You will not be the only one doing this and you will be completely supported by your higher self, by the Universe, by your Spirit Guides and angels, and more than ever, by your fellow humans.

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