What energy and experiences can we expect in September, 2007?

The energy of September, 2007 is like the energy of a Stargate. A Stargate is a portal by which human beings in the third dimensional world can experience themselves as multidimensional. A Stargate gives you a space for connection with your higher self and your higher good. Many of you would say a Stargate is like a portal to heaven. The month of September 2007 has this energy. The month might feel like the image you see in science fiction movies in which a spaceship begins to move forward through a field of stars, and the points of light become lines because the spaceship is moving so quickly. The experience of September is not actually an energy of moving forward at warp speed! The experience is more like suspension or floating. You might feel that you have your head in the clouds.

Your subconscious minds, all the things that are below your consciousness, are moving very quickly. Under the surface, you are adjusting to immensely wider perspectives. You subconscious mind includes your belief systems, the norms of your socialization, your connection to Spirit, the autonomic operations of your body, the codes for the cellular structure of your body, and more. There are many, various components that you group into your subconscious mind. All of these parts of you are integrating the potential for you to be a new kind of human being -- a more expansive, joyful, loving human being.

In the meantime, your conscious minds are likely to struggle to stay focused on your everyday reality and to see tasks through to completion. It is as if your energy has been pulled elsewhere, for it has. This month, you may find it useful to use the wisdom of the archetype, Virgo. Virgo reminds you of the magic and power of accomplishing large, complex tasks by taking one small step after another.

September promises to be more quiet than the previous two or three months. It will take some time for your minds to quiet themselves for so much has changed within you. Many of you have been overwhelmed for so long. A useful phrase or mantra to give yourself during this month is to stop, look, and listen. Whenever you are feeling overwhelmed or distracted, stop what you are doing, look around you and notice what is occurring in the present moment, then listen for your heart -- for what you desire and for what feels best for you in the current moment. Just the process of stopping, looking, and listening will bring you to the connection that is available in September, 2007.

The promise of this month is a more conscious awareness of the higher parts of yourselves than you have ever felt before. Coming to this awareness relies upon your willingness to stop and listen in the present moment.

What days are important in the month of September, 2007?

The first few days of September, the 1st to the 3rd, will not feel like the rest of the month. The whirling, expansive energy of August continues into the first few days of September. Enjoy a final spin on the cycle you have been working with during the summer of 2007. Some of you are involved in interpersonal dramas, others in social revolution; some of you are involved with a personal healing cycle or a family healing cycle.

Whatever process you have been spinning through during the summer will have one final turn of the wheel in the first days of September. Surrender to it. Collect any further information. Notice how the pattern evolved, what you learned from it, and what you have decided to release. Release judgment of yourselves for having this process. Surrender to the wisdom that is becoming apparent.

After September 5th, begin to look for the floating sense of a higher connection. Draw your attention to the quiet moments and the stirring within your heart. Many of you have not been able to know what you want, for so much has changed and so many challenges have come to the surface. Beginning in September, you will feel more in touch with yourselves, particularly if you will stop, look, and listen.

September 12th-17th mark a homecoming and an opportunity to clean house for yourselves in your personal lives. Take these days to assess your life as it is now. This is a perfect opportunity to look through old journals and photo albums; look through the boxes that you have stored in your closet or under your bed and consider the reflections of what your life has been so far. Release judgment and celebrate the stages you have moved through, for every step along the way has been perfect! Allow an overall picture to emerge about who you have been and who you are becoming. This is an excellent time to accomplish a project. If you have something that needs to be finished, this is a perfect time to sit down and work through it.

Finally, the equinox of September, 2007 provides a powerful doorway. The Autumnal Equinox has made a pact with the process of human Enlightenment, and every year has become a more and more potent doorway for this process. It demarcates an enormous transition each year. In some ways it marks the energetic or spiritual end of year and sets the following year's new energy in motion. We will tell you more of this process in the months to come.

This month during the Equinox on the 22nd or 23rd, depending on your location, you will find it useful to create a sacred circle. This might mean a circle of time in which you meditate. This could be a circle of friends or loved ones who create safety in which to share your hearts. I can also be a sacred circle in a ritual to set intentions for the coming year. Take time around the equinox to utilize your spiritual practice in order to come into your center. Meditation will be particularly beneficial at the equinox this month. During this potent time, keep yourselves grounded and surround yourselves with love.

Is there anything else for us to know about September, 2007?

A useful theme for the month is forgiveness. So much has occurred for each of you and so much is unresolved from the previous two or three months, and none of it is meant to be retained or carried forward. Your challenges and changes have been perfect in the moments they occurred. You have experiences exactly what you have needed, and now it is time to let go. Moving forward in peace and utilizing the energy of this month will only be accomplished if you can forgive and release all that you carry -- the questions, doubts, burdens, and resentments. Anything left from the summer that you do not want can be released in September of 2007.

We suggest that you write a list of everything that is unclear from July and August. List anything in your interpersonal lives, your working lives, your body, or any experiences that leave you with doubt. Write this list, then for each item, list the things you have learned from that experience and what you have learned from carrying the questions and resentments in your heart. Finally, look at the overall list and make a decision. Decide to accept that which has benefited you and decide to release everything else from those experiences that would hold you back from becoming the most loving, graceful version of yourself possible. You might choose to burn the piece of paper, or to write a letter to someone to a bring a process to its conclusion. Do what you can to forgive yourself for mistakes that were made, to forgive others for misunderstandings, and to forgive the process of life for the struggle you have experienced. Let it go.

Everything you have experienced so far is for good reason. You have moved so far forward, and in the coming months as you access the sense of peace available now, you will come to see just how far ahead you have moved and just how beneficial the lessons of the summer are for you. You are not here by accident. That which you experience is always for your good. Remember this in September of 2007, and utilize the feminine clarity and grace of Virgo as you settle into a softer, more truthful version of yourselves. You are Grace. The simple thing you need to do is relax and remember!

Please tell us more about the energy of the equinox and how to work with the equinox in September 2007.

You may find it useful to use the totem animal of horse for the autumnal equinox of 2007. The wisdom of horse brings you into balance and teaches you about equilibrium. Through equilibrium it gives you access to your personal power to create the life that you want. Horse wisdom reveals how to stand in your power with grace and nobility.

This is far different from the typical ways that people stand in power. Often, power is mistaken for force and human beings get confused about the fighting for power and standing in your power while knowing you have a place in the world. When you fight for power, you deny your place in the world and steal power from others. The only way to stand in your highest power is to recognize that there is nothing to fight against or to fight for. When you are truly in your highest power, you are aware at all times that you are perfectly safe -- that your soul cannot be harmed and that everything surrounding you is there by your soul's consent.

Each as you knows someone who stands in their power beautifully. Each of you has a role model, whether is someone you know personally or someone you see in the media or in history. Each of you knows someone who stands in grace and in their truth, and each of you has recognized how powerful this can be. This is what you are meant to be. It is your birthright to stand in your power.

The equinox this month gives you ground to stand in this way -- to stand for yourselves without pushing or fighting, and also without an inkling of self-doubt or hesitancy. Access this by using the wisdom of the horse totem. Use your meditation and spiritual practices to envision yourselves as the calm, centered, loving, graceful, powerful beings that you are meant to be!

Along those lines, what ancient wisdom is best utilized during the month of September, 2007?

The archetype of the Shepherd will be useful this month, for it offers you a practical guideline for how to treat yourselves as you establish connection and forgiveness. The sacred art of shepherding is a theme is found in many religions and many cultures. The process of shepherding is the process of taking stewardship for those around you by drawing boundaries and directing motion for the purpose of offering safety and nourishment. The process of shepherding can best be utilized in September, 2007 by imagining that parts of you have been scattered through the experience of being human, particularly through the chaos of the summer. Parts of you have been lost or set aside and you have begun to doubt yourself. Then, imagine your truest self, including your heart and mind, gently pulling you back together. Treat yourself as if the whole of you is a herd of precious lambs.

Spend this month pulling yourself together gently each day. You might utilize a practice in which you begin the day asking yourself what part of you is missing. What part of you has been lost in previous years, and what part of you do you wish to reclaim? Then place your hands on your heart and feel the love you have for yourself. Spend the day seeking and noticing how you are that aspect. For instance, one day you might wake up and feel longing for calm. During the day, watch for the moments in which you are quiet and peaceful. Notice that even as you yearn for calm, that you embody it in moments. Gently, moment by moment, shepherd yourselves back together.

What else would you like to tell us about September, 2007?

You are stars. The stars in the sky are nothing more or less than what you are. Each of you shines brilliantly. When we look at planet Earth, we see the gorgeous constellations of humanity -- sparkling lights that are continually changing themselves and changing their relationships with one another. Knowing yourselves as stars, as something much bigger than your human selves, will be easier to do in September. Watch for your magic; watch for your Light. Allow yourselves to be what you love and what you desire, for it is your natural state to be full of Light, Love, and joy!

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