What energy and experiences can we expect in October 2014?

The energy this month is big. It has a sense of tension, but also a sense of expanding possibilities. There is a feeling that you are inside a balloon that has been inflated. You would find a sense of pressure, but it expanding pressure, ultimately creating more lightness. The energy this month is moving outward.

Humanity has grown so much over the years and so many individuals have healed and grown out of old belief systems, yet the world around you has not yet adjusted. Most of you have not fully adjusted your own lives based on how you have changed within. Many are ready to make changes and you have yet to change your outward actions. When you feel a sense of pressure this month, it is because everything is about to change, but no one fully understands how it is changing yet.

This sense of pressure can make some of you feel uncomfortable. It can make some of you excited. It will make most of you feel both of those things at once. Strive to be patient and kind. Be willing to let people change their minds, and to overlook small offenses. Of course it will never serve you to allow yourself to be abused or consistently disrespected, so continue to protect yourself. Yet you will find people making mistakes or saying things that they really did not mean. Be open to accepting apologies and moving forward without holding onto resentment this month. Many of you are under pressure, and no one will be at her or his best this month. Yet it is such a fruitful and exciting time because you are on the verge of great change, both personally and as a collective human family.

Are there particular activities we can use this month to take advantage of this energy?

Yes, it will serve you to create strategies and plans. It will serve you to think outside the box about where you might get help and how you might approach problems that previously had you feeling stuck or small. It is time to envision yourself as a bigger, stronger, more empowered person.

It will be beneficial for you to do things that help you feel bigger and help you feel more expanded. This can be as simple as stretching your arms out wide and taking deep breaths, or singing very loudly so that you take up a lot of space. Or, it can be as complex as asking for a promotion at work or changing jobs. Anything that helps you be a bigger person, from the simple to the large and complex, will be useful.

This month is the time for planning and experimenting. Do not worry too much about acting fully on your ideas this month. Just do the things you can to feel bigger within yourself, even if you do not resolve all of the issues or find a permanent way that you will be bigger in the world. Stretch your arms wide, say what you really mean, stand up a little taller, run a little faster, and do things that help you feel powerful.

Is there anything for us to watch out for or avoid this month?

As mentioned earlier, avoid criticism and avoid holding a grudge. This will be the very most important thing to avoid this month.

Beyond that, it will be useful if you avoid focusing too much on details. Do not worry about getting everything right. Do not worry about finalizing every little piece of whatever puzzle you are solving. Instead, keep moving mind to the big picture. Step back and consider the long-term effects of whatever you are doing. Consider the deeper issues underlying the choices that you are making. Try to look deeper, try to look farther, and try to see the big picture as you go about your daily business. This will help you develop those strategies that will serve you in the long run. It will help you harness the really magical and expansive energy that has developed on Planet Earth at this time.

It will also be useful for you to avoid naysayers. Avoid people who tend to focus on the negative aspects of things. Avoid people who tell you that nothing is possible, and avoid people who are lost in hopelessness. This is a time for hopefulness and optimism; this is a time for looking for new possibilities that were not there before. Keep your attention on what is possible rather than what has always limited you in the past.

Is there anything else the Keepers want to tell us about October 2014?

There is a stronger potential this month for natural episodes such as natural disasters, but also miraculous things happening in the natural world. It will serve you to pay attention to any news about the natural world. Notice how you feel and what issues the natural world brings up for you personally.

Humanity is getting messages from nature and Planet Earth more than ever during this month. The energetic boundary between you and the spirit of Planet Earth is thinner than usual. Look for messages from nature, both for your personal self and for humanity as a whole. Pay attention to animals, weather, even the shapes of the clouds and the sounds of the wind through the trees. Notice what thoughts and feelings come to you as you connect with the natural world and you will find that your intuition is greatly expanded. That more will come to you this month through that natural voice than usual.

Although there is tension in the world, there is also great harmony and a sense of upward motion as all of you seek to overcome the forces that oppress you. This is a time for goodwill; it is a good time for optimism. Do not cave into the idea that the feeling pressure is a problem.

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