What energy and experiences can we expect in October 2013?

This month has a strong, opening, releasing energy. The feeling of the month is like dam bursting and water flowing forth, or like the feeling of walking through a dark forest for a long time and suddenly opening into a sunny meadow. There is a feeling of spreading out and a sense that everything is getting bigger. You may find that anything that has been blocked before will now be available to move forward, flow and expand.

The sense that everything moving forward can be very exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. It is important for all of you that you be grounded and intentional this month, even as you are catching wave upon wave of expansive new opportunities. The opening and the rushing forward will include both projects and activities that you have been waiting for. It will include new forms of growth, new relationships, and a release of blockages in old relationships.

This opening will lead you to an opening of old emotion that has been held back as well. Do not be surprised if you find yourself feeling more emotional this month. Do not be surprised if you see people overreacting in both positive and negative ways. If you will stay grounded in integrity, you can really enjoy the rush of this. If you are not grounded, then you very well may be knocked over.

There is also a sense of water as a metaphor for emotion and for the flow that is opening up. In the image that we gave of a dam breaking and water rushing forward, you are not the person standing with the water rushing toward you. Instead, this month, you are the water. You are the thing that is bursting forward. You are the thing that is finally being released. It will be more important than ever this month that you take accountability for yourself and your own actions. Do not wait for others to fix you. Do not wait for others to give you permission. Do not blame other people for the way things are going wrong, and do not give other people credit for the way things are going right. Take full accountability for everything about you -- your words, your thoughts, your actions, and the outcomes that rush forth from you.

This can be a really liberating, really exciting month for each of you individually and for humanity collectively. It can also be overwhelming and it is up to you to make sure that you take very good care of yourselves, that you keep your eyes wide open and that you are very intentional with what you engage in throughout the month.

Are there specific activities we can use to best connect with the energy of October 2013?

One thing that will help all of you is to very actively connect with Planet Earth. Use prayer, meditation and ritual. Also use long walks, deep breaths and visualizations to make sure you are connected with nature. Watch the rhythms of nature, feel the sense that your body is really connected to Planet Earth. Stop to enjoy the sense that gravity keeps you safely, securely here on this planet. Use your body more than usual this month to help you find your sense of self. Take deep breaths, stretch your muscles, exercise, and get your blood moving. Do not just look at a tree, put your hands on the tree. Do not just watch the water go by, dip your toes in it or take swim. Anything you can do to be bodily engaged in the world around you will help you with being grounded and it will help you connect to a bigger power. It will help you connect to something greater than yourself, which is really what this month is all about.

A second thing you can do this month is to give yourself an outlet for your emotions on a daily basis. Find an activity that allows you to channel your emotions and release them every single day. This might be some form of exercise like walking or running. It might be journaling, talking to a friend or talking to your dog, or it might include a therapy appointment. You might try writing poetry, singing, or other art forms. Anything that helps you release your emotions in a consistent and structured way will serve you. Make sure you do this intentionally on a daily basis. Clear any emotions as they come to the surface so that you do not end up with a backed up blockage. This will help you avoid being overwhelmed by the rushing energy of the month.

What can we expect collectively during the month of October 2013?

This month you can expect to find a lot of movement in collective endeavors. This may be a busy month for events in the news. You might see some tragic events and some exciting events, but either way you will see movement happening. Much of the events will be human-caused. There will be this rushing of emotion and of change which will cause people to gather and make changes in their communities. There is also a slightly higher potential for Earth-based tragedies such as storms or earthquakes, so you can watch for those and be prepared for them if you live in a place where they tend to happen. More than Earth changes, you will see people gathering together to make change. Some of these efforts will be effective and exciting and some will be difficult, but change will be occurring either way.

Your work as an individual human being will be to focus on being as grounded as possible. Even as you watch the news, even as you open your heart and witness the struggles of others across the world, make sure that you continually remind yourself of where you are, where your feet are planted, and what relationships keep your heart safe. If you watch the news, take time to send your prayers, donations, or other help that is appropriate -- then walk away from the news and connect with your pets, your children, your family, even the tree in your yard. Make sure you keep your feet and your mind firmly planted on where you are, and on the fact that you are safe. Do not let the news remove you from your own life and your personal reality. Do not let the messages of the media sweep you into an altered reality so that you feel fear that is based on the fears others are living through. Do not let that happen.

Instead, make sure that after you send your love to the situations you see in the news, you then set that fear aside and you really work with what is happening in your own life. It is vitally important that you really live in your own life this month, rather than being drawn into the drama of others. We are not telling you to cut yourself off from the events of the world, but instead to return home to your own reality, and stay true to the Love that you have cultivated in your life. Do not let yourself be swept up by a tidal wave of fear that will become available this month if you are not careful.

Is there anything for us to know about October 2013?

This month and the next two months will continue to have a strong sense of forward motion. This is an excellent time for you to set in motion new plans, new ideas, and new goals. Most of you have obtained some new forms of clarity in your life recently. You might have learned lessons or made some big decisions about relationships or other endeavors. Now what you have available starting in October and for the next few months is strong universal energy supporting your forward motion with everything you have learned. This is a great time for you to make plans and strategize about how you wish to implement the things you have learned in recent months. Think about what you have learned, how you would things to go differently in your life moving forward, and use this rushing energy to take action.

This month, actions speak louder than words or intentions. For every lesson learned, for every new idea, consider how you can take action in order to move it forward. If you will take one small step, the universe will give you ten steps extra. If you will take one step, you will find you have moved an entire mile. That is the way this energy is working. You are the water rushing forward, but you have to let yourself go. You have to start the motion then let the universe sweep you along. Being intentional will serve you so very well. On the flip side, being thoughtless or unintentional will cause you to get lost, so make sure that you really look at your lessons and you really implement some new plans to make your life better.

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