What energy and experiences can we expect in October 2011?

The energy this month is difficult to predict. The reason for the
difficulty is that a major turning point occurs in September of 2011.
As you cross the threshold into October, much of what will happen
will depend on the choices that you made in September. The energy
for the year 2012 has been on its way into Planet Earth for the last
couple of years, but the actual energy of the very year itself arrives in
October. While your calendars mark the year beginning in September,
the true energetic beginning of the year is in October of 2011.

Many of you will find this month to be very intense. Some of you will
find the intensity somewhat exhilarating, and some of you will find that
intensity to be so great that you actually feel as if there is nothing.
There will be a feeling this month, for many of you, that there is
nothing to hold onto, and there is nothing you can predict. It may be
difficult for you to sense your own intuition or to find your thoughts
clearly. Do not worry if this happens. If it does, it simply means that
you are in tune with the energy, but there is so much more than you
can comprehend. Instead of interpreting anything, you find that there
is nothing really coming to mind.

This month will be experienced like the moment just before you grasp
a new concept. Remember what it is like when you are learning
something new. As the new information comes to you, at first you
understand it and then it exceeds your comprehension and your mind
goes quiet until something clicks and you fully understand the lesson.
This month will be like that period of silent confusion before the click
comes. And the click will come later, maybe in December or January.
That is when you will begin to see more clearly exactly what you are
working with here and just how far you have really come.

It is important this month that you be patient with yourself, be patient
with others, and it is important that you not try too hard to make
sense of things. There is strong potential for big collective shifts
to occur this month and so there could be a lot of chaos, because
whenever big collective shifts occur, every individual on Planet Earth
reacts and responds differently. And how those reactions unfold will
determine what actually happens. Expect things to change, do not
get too attached to how they are changing and just watch as the story
continues to unfold.

How can we find the greatest benefit from this energy?

The greatest benefit will come to those of you who have a steady
spiritual practice, and to those of you who manage to take note of
new information this month. Even as there is a feeling of suspension,
even as there is a sense that much is unknown, there is a great deal
of information. So much information and so many new perspectives
are available. If you take notes -- if you write down your thoughts and
insights, if you write down your questions and consider the answers,
if you write your thoughts and feelings each day and watch them
change as the days go by -- you will collect the information you need
to learn your lessons more quickly. Then that click, that moment
when you finally comprehend what you have been trying to reach,
will come to you sooner if you make that practice this month of taking
notes; making note of what happens and what you are feeling. Self-
awareness will serve you very well this month. It has never been
more important that you be aware of what you need and that you take
care of yourselves. And it has never been more important that you be
aware of what you feel and that you are able to see your feelings rise
and fall without becoming attached to them.

Is there anything we need to watch out for or avoid this month?

There is a very strong answer of "Yes" to this question. Knowing
what to avoid might be the most important thing to consider to make
the month successful. It is very important that you avoid being
wrapped up in other people's dramas. It is very important that you
avoid collecting or feeling other people's feelings for them. It is very
important that you stay centered in what is true for you and be patient
with the different truths of others. It is important that you avoid rigid
belief systems; it is important that you avoid permanent contracts;
it is important that you stay flexible and able to respond to things as
they continue to change this month.

Is there anything else the Keepers want to tell us about October 2011?

We have not clearly spoken of whether this month would be difficult
or easy. In many ways, those two dynamics are interchangeable and
they depend on who you are and how you are navigating the month.
There is a strong distinction this month between what will make your
life feel difficult and what will make it feel easy. If you try to make
sense of things, if you try to put things in order or hold onto who you
have always been, you will have a difficult month. On the other hand,
if you are flexible, if you are willing to see things in a new way, if you
stay calm and centered even as things change around you, this month
might actually be filled with joyful activity.

There is nothing written into the energy of the month that is inherently
difficult or harmful, it is simply overwhelming and unpredictable.
So the more comfortable you can be with ambiguity and with the
unknown, the happier you will be this month.

Do what you can to find a sense of balance in your own life that will
help you weather the storms that occur around you. Do what you can
to find a peaceful existence even though there is much unknown. Do
what you can to cultivate the skill of being able to see what you do
not know yet and yet be happy in the moment with your unknowing.
The changes that are happening now are really setting the stage for
what must shift in the year 2012. Faith will be called for in the year
2012. You will be called to have faith in the bigger picture and in the
collective direction of humanity. And so this month set the stage for
that faithfulness, set the stage for that sense of trust in the universe
by cultivating that sense of calm and peacefulness inside your own

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