What energy and experiences can we expect in October 2010?

This month there is a sense of rolling up your sleeves and getting to work. It can be a very grounding month. This is a good time to get practical things done and to begin to build the structures in your life that will support you best in the coming years. A significant shift is happening between 2010 and 2011. You are moving from the energy of facing the truth and responding to challenges, and now toward actively deciding what structures you want to have in your lives that support you.

This month, October 2010, is the first month when that act of building becomes available. You have done all this work in the last year, and especially in the last couple of months, to face the truth and take accountability for what you know. It is time now to think ahead. Think about the life you want to be living, think about the forces and dynamics, the habits and patterns you want to have in your life.

This month, roll up your sleeves and start to figure out how you are going to build those things in your life. None of you can afford to waste any time. None of you can afford to stay in reaction or survival mode. It is time to take accountability for everything you know and using that knowledge. Actively take steps to build what you want to build the relationships that support you to build the kind of work that helps you fulfill your calling to make the world a better place and to build the structures that enable you to support the people you feel committed to. It is vitally important this month that you really ask yourself the question what is my sphere of influence? Who are the people that I can affect? Who are the people that I am hurting now and helping now? How can I turn every action I take into an action that creates more benefit in the world? Everything from what you choose to buy, where you choose to shop, the words you choose to use when you communicate, even the thoughts you have are influencing the world for better or for worse. This month, it is time to pay more attention to this than you ever have before. To really consider who is influenced or what parts of the world are influenced with every action that you take.

It is true that it is difficult to change everything at once. So this month, when we say roll up your sleeves, we are saying get down to the every day, moment by moment work of paying attention and bringing your life further into integrity. When it is time to buy groceries, stop and think about who is affected -- who has been affected by the growing and the processing of that food, and are those effects negative or positive? Ask yourself how can you buy your groceries in a way that benefits the most people within your own sphere of influence -- within the limitations of your own budget and your own field of influence.

These are the kinds questions to consider this month. This is an important month to pay attention, to notice what you think, how you think and to do everything you can to make the world a better place with every thought, word and deed.

What more can we do to work with the energy this month?

This month, it is important to engage the energy of waking up. That will be supported if you will take such good care of your physical body that you can be awake and alert during every day. This is a very important month to make sure you get enough sleep. The amount of sleep is different for each of you, but all of you have an amount that you truly need in order to thrive -- not just survive, but thrive. Make sure you do what you can to get enough sleep this month. You might need to take naps, to go to bed earlier, or to cut out some activities so that you get more sleep. It is important that you sleep and eat healthy food this month. Just pay attention and give your body what it needs to be awake, alive and alert during every day.

Another practice that will serve you this week is to develop the practice of acceptance. Accept the things you cannot change, thereby freeing yourself to dedicate completely to the things you can change. When you are feeling as if you should be doing more than you are, you tend to feel overwhelmed and then you do not do anything at all. That is when you tend to neglect the things that you could influence for the better. Instead, give yourself a sense of acceptance and allowance. Accept that you cannot change everything. Accept that you can only do one thing at a time. When you accept that, your mind can find a sense of peace.

Within that peace, you can think more clearly. You can take better accountability for what you are doing and for what you are influencing. This is a really important month to just take things one step at a time. Instead of responding to challenges, think ahead and avoid them or solve them preemptively. At the beginning of every week, think ahead to the challenges you think you will have and plan for those. You are just beginning to learn to step from survival mode into proactive, creative mode. That opportunity is very much available for you this month.

Is there any further information the Keepers want to tell us about this month?

This is a good time for working together, to look for opportunities for collaboration, to give people the benefit of the doubt, and to be forgiving and accepting with others.

October 7 can be a turning point. If you have been feeling overwhelmed or challenged, on October 7 you are going to get information that will give you what you need to turn things around. Look for a way to change the process so that you have your hands on the steering wheel to take control of your own process and emotions. This is an important time to be empowered; it is an important time to make clear decisions, to listen to your intuition and your thoughts and to trust the thinking that arises out of both. Trust yourself and be more decisive.

October 13 through 15 is a time when everything is amplified. It will be hard to grasp upon any single thing very clearly. Things will change a lot in these three days, so do not get attached to what happens. Pay attention and collect as much information as you can. You will be able to work with the information in the weeks following these three days.

Otherwise, the energy of this month is available as a direct result of all the work that humanity has done. Your efforts, on the energetic, physical, and emotional levels to heal yourselves and to reunite the world are making a radical difference in the trajectory of humanity. Things would be going much worse if you were not doing the work that you are doing.

But because you are doing the work that you are doing, you all have this opportunity in the year 2011 to take control of your destiny in a way that was not foreseen. You have the opportunity to become proactive about the fate of your individual lives and the fate of humanity because of the work you have done on a personal and collective level. Things will not get suddenly easy and they will not become simple – yet you have more say and more ability to affect how the world is going than was ever foreseen before.

In any of the prophecies regarding 2012, it was never foreseen that humanity would have as much understanding of energy and spirit, of manifestation and the power of your thoughts, your intentions and your actions. Because you have this understanding and because you have worked so hard to develop integrity, you are going to have a more powerful steering wheel. You are going to have a more clear ability to affect the world around you than was ever foreseen.

Congratulations are in order and, while you have your work cut out for you, it is worthwhile to take some time this month to celebrate the transition from being in survival mode, reacting to everything that comes your way, into proactive mode where you decide in advance how to address the challenges that you foresee coming. You are doing beautiful work -- every single one of you!

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