What energies and experiences can we expect in October 2009?

This month has an expanding energy. First and foremost, you are likely to see things amplified this month. For better or for worse, anything that happens will probably happen bigger or have far more reaching effects because of the energy this month.
There is a strong feeling of gratitude this month. This is an excellent time to take stock of how far you have come and all of the resources and gifts you have in your lives and to be grateful for them. There is a sense that taking stock right now will provide several important benefits. One of them is to shift you into a feeling of gratitude and a sense of well-being and an appreciation for yourself and others, therefore putting you in a position of harmony.
The other potential benefit of this process of taking stock is it will help you have a clear sense of being supported as you move forward. There will be new challenges, as there always are, in months to come. If you take the time now to really look at and let your mind rest on the fact that you have resources in your life, it will provide you with a centered, calm, benevolent and confident place inside that you can carry with you into future challenges. This month, it will be beneficial for you to pay attention to that which you have, than you do to that which you do not have. To pay more attention to the people who agree with you than to those who disagree with you. To spend more time doing things you love than you do spending time doing things you do not love.
October can be a very fruitful month. Not in terms of getting a lot done, though you can get a lot done if you want to; instead, the fruitfulness is more in regard to expansion. Where everything you do can feel bigger and actually be bigger in the world.
You are likely to see the outcomes of your efforts this month. If we want to revisit the airplane metaphor that the Keepers gave for 2009, this may be the time where you begin your descent and you look out the window and you begin to see the territory where you will be landing. You begin to notice that your journey has brought you somewhere you have wanted to be. You have not yet arrived and more effort is required, you are at a resting point where you can now see the benefits. You can see the beauty of the place you have worked so hard to get to. Take time this month to look out the window, so to speak, and really appreciate where you are about to arrive. Making any final adjustments you need to be fully prepared for what is to come. Look for the beautiful, exciting, new territory that you have worked so hard to achieve.

What can we do to work with the energy this month?

The most important words you can use this month are thank you. Say, "thank you" as often as you can. Say, "thank you" to your friends and loved ones, say, "thank you" to yourself, say, "thank you" to strangers for any small act of kindness or generosity they share with you. Many of you will benefit from making a gratitude list and every day adding something to it – perhaps twice a day in the morning and in the evening. You may find that you are grateful to other people, you may find that you are grateful to the universe, you may find that you are grateful to yourself or grateful to be in the circumstances that you are in. Any form of gratitude this month will be ten times more beneficial than it would at any other time.
There is a second thing that will be beneficial this month; it would serve many of you to have flowers in your surroundings. While this is a time of harvest and often it is not the high season for flowers, there is something beneficial about having flowers in your surroundings. The constant reminder of life and of the way that life creates beautiful circumstances. While they do not last forever, beautiful circumstances will arise over and over again. The presence of flowers will be beneficial for many of you as a reminder that it is worthwhile to dedicate yourself to creating acts of beauty especially when they are short -lived.

Are there any power days or important days for us to be aware of in October 2009?

October 10 has a big, strong energy. It has a nurturing energy that might be a little bit challenging as it arrives, but will continue to feed you for days to come. Notice what happens on October 10. Be open to anything that arrives. It seems that whatever arrives in your life on October 10 or calls your attention is there to help nurture or nourish you eventually. Even if you do not understand it on that day, tuck it away, write it down, remember to watch for how this instance or whatever comes on this day eventually helps you become stronger and more loving.
October 16 and 17 provide some challenges. In some ways, these challenges are the challenges you have always had. Each of you by now has identified some of those things that you have struggled with for what seems like forever. The patterns that provide the spiraling circles of your life, the things you always come back around to and you always have more to work on or to learn from. You are likely to see some of those old familiar patterns and challenges arise on October 16 and 17. They are arising at this time because in the midst of the beautiful expansive gratitude energy in October, you can address these challenges with a more expanded and optimistic point of view.
Do not imagine that these challenges are here to pull you backward. Instead these challenges are here to be pulled forward by you, utilizing the energy, the expansion and the sense of grace and gratitude and trust in the universe that you are cultivating in the month of October. See these challenges as sweet, lost children that you can pull forward with you. Bring yourself to a more Enlightened state in regard to these challenges. Step up to the plate, take care of what is yours and be forgiving and patient with anyone else involved.
October 25 begins the shift to November and the energy in November is somewhat uncomfortable. You can think of it as the energy of landing in an airplane. Know that beginning on October 25 you may start to find some discomfort, you may find a distinct sense of moving into the shadow. For those of you in the northern hemisphere, this coincides with moving into the dark time of the year. Even if you are in the southern hemisphere, this energy of shifting into a deeper place will be very real and true for all of you.
On October 25, watch for that shift and notice any fears that arise and choose not to allow those fears to “run the show.” Instead, gently allow yourself to shift into an awareness of what you still have to work on, of any discomfort you have and what you can do to help relieve or alleviate that discomfort and to shift into a deeper place of love and patience for yourself and others.

Is there any final information about October that will help us?

Love. It will serve you to love as much as you can this month. Love those around you, love yourself, love your food, love everything you see in nature, love the feeling of settling into a good book. Just let yourself notice everything that you love. Let your heart extend in love to everything in your environment. This month it is like you are storing your resources for the future and you are relishing those resources as the gifts from your past. Appreciate the work you have done. Love will serve you so well this month and it is a perfect month - you know some of you celebrate Valentine's Day in February, but we would say that this particular October is infused with the energy of love in the same kind of way that you celebrate on Valentine's Day. Just allow yourselves to warm toward others, to be affectionate and tender and to express your love in as many ways and as often as you can. After all, you are made of Love. It is your natural setting to be in Love. Allow this truth to guide you this month and always!

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