What energy and experiences can we expect in October 2007?

The message of this month is, “Welcome back to Earth.” This month will feel more solid and you will feel more grounded than most of you have felt for months. You will feel more solid in your bodies, you will feel more solid with the earth beneath you and time may feel more solid in terms of navigating time. Time is not quite linear, but it will feel linear again. By now, many of you have adjusted to working with time as it is, so you will find it easier to make plans, live up to commitments, and estimate how long you will spend doing things.

As you become more grounded, the energy of October 2007 may feel a little bit slow and some of you may feel blocked. The feeling is almost like you cannot take a deep breath or you cannot push through a fog that is stifling you. It is clear that there is nothing stifling you; in fact, the possibilities for your forward momentum are as open and expansive as ever in October 2007. The feeling we describe comes as you return to a more solid way of being -- a more physical way of being. You may find that you feel the last year has all been a dream. Energy has been swirling around you, and you have been adjusting. You have all been moving so fast that you have not had the chance to bring the whole of yourselves along for the ride with you. Some of you will find that your body needs to catch up, while others find that their minds, their emotions, or their social identities need to catch up. October is a time when everything comes together, and for many this may feel like you are stuck. We assure you, while you may feel stuck or stifled, you are not stuck at all.

As you come back into yourselves, it is very likely that you will have issues rise to the surface that were previously unreachable or unavailable to you. For some, you may find it useful to use your bodies to help work with these issues. Now would be a good time to employ the services of a therapist, counselor, yoga instructor, running coach, or someone to help you reach for a better version of yourself in some way. Discipline will be useful for many of you this month. It will be important to keep moving this month even though you feel like slowing down. We suggest that you stretch your bodies and minds. Like muscles can become stiff if you rest too quickly after exercise, your whole selves need to slow down gradually.

At its best, the energy of this month provides a welcome home. You can come home to yourselves. Although everything may be new, you are likely to feel more at home with yourselves than you have for a long time. Even as things come to the surface, it is clear that you can relax into yourselves; you can trust that what comes is really meant to come this month. It promises to be very harmonious. There is potential for global change that was set in motion at the end of August. Despite the global changes that will continue to occur, individually you are creating harmony and a sense of home in October 2007.

Are there any power days for us to work with in October 2007?

Yes. The energy of the month of October really begins after the equinox in September. By October 5th most of you will have encountered whatever makes you feel most solid and perhaps most stuck. The fifth is an important day. It is a day of transition. By October 5th you will probably be able to articulate for yourselves what your personal challenge will be for the month. It will be evident in the challenges that are on your plate this day. You might plan some time to assess what is on the surface for you -- what are the puzzles, challenges or questions most evident in your lives and develop a theme for the month. Having a personal theme for the month will give you something to stretch into. It will give you something to center yourselves around as you become more solid. The theme will not be universal, so you will need to find it for yourselves on October 5th.

October 11th is very important. October 11th provides a portal or a gateway through which a brilliant, shiny, sparkly energy that it will be downloaded into the planet around the time of October 11th. As much as you may be feeling more solid in October, this day might have you feeling a little bit twinkly. Let yourselves play with energy on this day. It would be an excellent day to have a healing session or to engage in a spiritual activity of any kind. Anything that helps you connect with Spirit will be useful. Some of you will sleep a lot around October 11th. It is a very powerful day and a great deal of clarity is available for you on that day if you want to use it. This is a great day to choose to tell the truth.

October 21st is a doorway. It is as if Spirit puts out a welcome mat on October 21st. You can choose to walk into a higher level of yourself on this day. While you can make this choice any day at any moment, but there is something about the day of October 21st that gives a warm welcome to the experience. It may feel one of those trust activities in which a group reaches their arms out to hold you as you close your eyes and fall backward. It may feel like you will hit the ground, but they all catch you. Spirit does this for each of you on October 21st.

What is the energetic significance of Halloween this year? What does it mean for us at his point in time?

While holidays and celebrations can mean anything to anyone at any time, holidays and collective calendar events have slowly been losing their energetic significance in the last seven years. This is occurring simply because people are developing their own energetic pathways, so collective agreements about time become less relevant to each of you individually. Some of you choose not to engage at all in the collective experience of a holiday.

While this general weakening of the collective energy for holidays continues, there is a distinct energy vibrating for Halloween this year. If you choose to engage in it, this holiday in 2007 is a time for expansion. The energy feels like the tension you create in your mouth when blow bubble gum into a bubble. You need tension in your mouth and in your lungs to press the air out and create that bubble. The tension between the bubble gum and the air holds the bubble in place. That same kind of useful, controlled dynamic tension seems to embody the holiday of Halloween 2007.

For those of you who would like to experiment with expansion in a more conscious way than you have before, you might choose to use the holiday for this. If you have determined that your social identity needs a revision this month (see above), you can use the tradition of costumes in order to expand your sense of identity. If the adjustment you need to make this month involves bringing your spiritual practice up to speed with your full self, you might use this energy to take the next step in your meditation practice. You might engage it to perfect your interpersonal communication skills, or for any discipline or skill you wish to develop. The expansion of Halloween this year can improve any lesson that you have been trying to learn or teach yourself. You can take the next step in a more conscious way around this holiday.

How can we continue our move into Ascension and what is something we might want to keep in mind as we move into our own personal Ascension in October?

Ascension will continue to be an individualized process, unique for each of you. While each of you will be at a different stage in the cycle of Ascension, the best way to utilize the energy of October in the process is to pay close attention to the different aspects of who you are. We call them the body, the mind, the spirit, the emotional field, the social identity, and so on. There are so many different aspects that make up any given human being, and at the highest level you are none of these aspects and all of them together.

While Ascension leads you to understand that these aspects are no longer divided from one another, as long as you are a human being it is useful to use the model of separation in order to understand yourself and your experience. As you work with Ascension in October, the best thing you can do is to articulate for yourselves what parts of you are ahead and what parts of you are still trying to catch up. Some of you will know immediately that your bodies are still trying to catch up. You may have felt less-than-clear or less-than-powerful in your body while your mind is developing a vastly more expansive perspective. Or you may find that you continue to hold stifling relationships in place even though you are expanding inwardly to a new way of being that will not sustain those old habits of relating.

Do not pretend that Ascension means you can suddenly balance all these aspects of yourselves without coming off track. The process of Ascension actually demands that you fall off track, rebalance yourselves, move forward, then fall off track again. This learning process of the beauty and the power of being human, and you will capitalize on this in the process of Ascension. Articulate for yourselves what parts of you need special attention this month. You might take a piece of paper and write columns for your body, mind, spirit, emotions, relationships, and so on. In the columns, write about your relationship with that aspect of yourself. How has this aspect developed in the last six months and where do you stand now? Do you feel guilt? Do you feel empowered and ecstatic? Do you feel tired or overwhelmed by this aspect? Release judgment for how you feel and it will become clear to you and what parts of you are still coming together and what you might do this month to bring yourself back into balance or wholeness.

Once you have taken time to see where you stand personally in relationship to yourself and your aspects, then you can really let yourself relax. You will not need to work too much at this once you see yourself for who you are at this time. The work is in seeing and acknowledging yourself, and loving yourself even more for what you see. Once you do that, everything kind of comes into alignment.

What is a good way to continue our manifestation of prosperity this month?

This is a perfect time to ask about prosperity. Prosperity is almost like a secondary theme for the month. Becoming grounded, slowing down, and coming to know yourselves better will automatically create room for prosperity. While some of you might push this away or deny it or ignore it, prosperity can be a lovely side effect of returning home to yourselves in a new way. It can be a result of becoming grounded again in yourself and who you really are at this time.

The month of October holds a very material energy that invites your attention back to the physical world -- back into your bodies and your surroundings which are where prosperity lies. There is an easy marriage between the material world and the experience of prosperity and that marriage will make it very easy for you to feel prosperous this month.

This month, it is likely that you will stretch out into more comfortable versions of yourselves and let yourselves really be solid in the world again this month. It is likely that you will feel as if you have more time than ever to do more things than ever, or that you have more loved ones, more money, more food, and more sleep available to you than you have in a long time.

Of course, there is no guarantee that you will feel these things because each of you creates your reality. The potential we describe is based on the energy of the month which supports prosperity. It can come easily if you will get out of your own way. The best way to invite prosperity is to turn your attention to what you are now, what you have now. This is where you live, and this is where your prosperity lies.

In previous months we have offered metaphors to help you describe the energy for your experiences. In various months, you have been living in the energy of the goddess or in the energy of chaos or collective change. This month you are here to live in yourselves -- in the energy of who you are right now. The more you can turn to this, the more easily you will experience prosperity.

What else is there for us to know about October 2007?

Just as every human has a different heartbeat and a different pulse rate at any given moment, each of you now has developed a different spiritual pulse. There is a pulsing energy that seems to pervade the energies of the month as each of you continue to respond to your own rhythms. More than ever before in human history, each of you are like a satellite for your Higher Selves. Each of you, through your own personal channels to Spirit, are receiving this pulsing energy intensely this month. It is your connection to God, to the Masters and Guides and Teachers for this world. You can assume this month is like a vast portal for Love to be downloaded into the planet.

While this kind of connection may have overwhelmed you in the past, at this time in October 2007 it is clear that the pulse can be more like a heartbeat -- something that runs in the background but continually nourishes you. If and when difficulties arise in the month of October 2007, we invite you to turn your attention to your heartbeat as a reminder of the universal pulse that you have developed. It will be different for each of you. Some of you will find your power times at night, others in the morning, and others on certain days of each week. Simply know that it is always there and always available for you. This has been true throughout the ages, but never before have you had such a clear channel with such a definable or identifiable personal rhythm. As always, continue to trust your personal truth and your personal rhythm. If you need to sleep, find time to sleep; if you need to eat, stop what you are doing and eat.

The more you trust your own rhythm, the more easily you will sense the rhythm you have developed in your spiritual connection. You can allow your heartbeat to remind you of this. Without question, there is a great deal of energy set to be downloaded during the month of October 2007. Give yourselves the support you need to receive this, and continue to center your lives around your truth.

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