What energy and experiences can we expect in November 2015?

The energy this month is like thick, sweet juice. There is a feeling that things will move slowly and may be sticky, yet this energy is also very nourishing. This is a time to slow down and take good care of your body. It is a time to tend to the deeper issues in your relationships.

The sense of stickiness points to a sense that things will not go as quickly as you think they should, or that they will not move as easily as you wish they would. It will be important to remember that all is well in the big picture, even as you seem stuck in the moment. All events and changes are continuing to flow forward.

When you feel stuck this month, remember this is the stickiness of having orange juice on your hands. It is not really a threatening stickiness. You are not stuck. There is no barricade. It is just that things may seem more complicated, or that you may feel more hesitant. There is a sense of hesitancy throughout the month. This exists on the surface rather than being deeply set.

The key to working well with the energy this month is to avoid making “mountains out of molehills.” Make sure that if something is a little bit sticky, you allow it to move gently. Do not turn a moment of hesitation into a big problem. Do not resist or become angry based on small delays. Avoid drama. Instead, ease into the stickiness. Embrace the delay. Be patient and work with it. Wiggle things around and try something new. Often, whatever seems stuck will unstick itself quite readily this month.

Are there particular activities that will benefit us this month?

There are two activities that will be particularly beneficial. One is to take very good care of your physical body. This is a time to address every physical ailment as well as you possibly can. Every symptom needs your full attention -- whether it be something slight like a bruise, or something big like a broken arm. Whatever you may be feeling physically, this is a time to pay attention.

Take an inventory each day of how your body is feeling and where things need some extra care. Make sure you follow through with the extra care. If there are certain medical appointments you are due for, make sure you have them. If there are certain aches or pains, try to address them at a deeper level than usual. In addition to immediate solutions such as taking a painkiller, try to use methods that reach to the deeper part of your imbalance such as yoga or physical therapy. The energy this month requires that you deal with issues on the surface and the deeper healing as well. You have a unique opportunity to create more permanent healing when you can slow down enough to really notice what you are feeling. Those physical ailments are pointing you to deeper lessons. The chance you have this month is to create deeper healing, more permanent healing than you normally would through activities. So make sure that your activities are mindful and healing with your body.

The second activity that will benefit you this month is to be agreeable as much as you can in interpersonal interactions. It does not mean you should be a “pushover” and let others harm you. But when you can be flexible, strive to be easy-going in your demeanor. Do not fight for things to be your way except for the few issues where it is truly needed. Avoid power struggles of any kind this month.

In the same way, if you do not understand what someone is feeling or you do not think they should be feeling that way, choose to be kind rather than curious. Set aside your opinion, look at the person, smile and say, "I can see you feel this way and I respect your position." This is not a time to argue, you do not need to be understood, and you do not need to fix things this month. The stickiness of the energy makes it impossible for you to be in control of what others feel or what they choose to do.

This month, try to let go of hurt feelings and misunderstandings. Think twice before you share an opinion or bring up a problem. Of course you can share opinions or problems, but always try to avoid stickiness unless it is really necessary. Always ask yourself, “Is this really causing true harm or am I just feeling uncomfortable?” If there is true harm involved, then intervene. If you are simply feeling uncomfortable, sit back, be patient, and let the situation unfold before you complicate it with your worries or your opinions.

Are there any things we should avoid this month?

This month it will be useful to avoid large gatherings. When many people come together, the energy tends to become more concentrated and dense, more sluggish and sticky. If you engage in large gatherings -- whether they be business meetings, travel adventures, or family gatherings -- release your expectations completely. Assume that the things you want to have happen will not occur. Assume that nothing will get done or go right for you. Then if anything goes well, you can be delighted. You must release your need for expectations so that you are not continually disappointed when things are more sluggish and less effective than you had hoped.

Is there anything else the Keepers want to tell us about November 2015?

Overall, this time on Planet Earth is incredibly beneficial and incredibly positive. You are all moving forward, and growing and healing beautifully, even if you find difficult parts of that journey this month. Where last summer you really were stalled or moving backward, there is no sense of being stalled now. You are moving forward.

The slowing energy this month exists to serve you and particularly to help you nourish yourself better. Do not miss this opportunity. Take time to nourish your body, nourish your relationships, and do what needs to be done to take the best care you can of your own life. Do not settle for the cheap solution or the easy solution. Look for something deeper and more permanent. Be willing to invest more deeply in your own well-being this month and you will find that forward motion continues with ease and grace in the months to come.