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What energy and experiences can we expect in November 2014?

The energy this month is like a strong wind. There is a sense that much will change in your personal lives and in the world around you. Overall, there is a sense that the changes are bigger than you, just like the wind is bigger than any one person or thing.

You will see and feel change around you, but you may not know yet how you want to respond or what you want to do with those changes. It will be important this month not to take hasty action. It will be important not to make any rash decisions. Just like you would in a windstorm, find a quiet place and hunker down for a while.

This month, it will be really useful for you to take good care of your bodies; take good care of your family and your home. You are not really in danger, but there is so much shifting that fear may come up anyway. Do what you can to nurture yourselves and nurture the quiet, loving moments that are available in your daily lives.

Are there any particular activities that we should do in order to connect with the energy this month?

It seems important that most of you keep your eye on the bigger picture. Continue to watch the news, and to have conversations with your friends and neighbors about the things that are happening in the world around you. There really is a feeling that everything is bigger than you and if you feel alone or isolated at this time, this could be very overwhelming and even unhealthy.

On the other hand, if you connect with friends and family then you will experience profound healing. Try to engage in open dialogue, ask a lot of questions, and tell people what you think. Try to listen and understand all the different perspectives. Then you will feel connected through the changes. You will feel that you can expand and move with that wind, rather than being lost in it.

It is very important to keep your eye on what is happening in the world, what is happening in your community. Do not close your eyes, do not close your mouth. Instead, look for ways to stand up for what is right and stand up for what is true. But in equal measure, make sure that you are asking questions and really listening for different perspectives. There is much that needs to be learned and so many of you need to shift in order to adjust to this wind and keep humanity moving forward.

Avoid any conversations that are based on the idea that there is a single yes or a single no to an issue. Avoid conversations that present a problem as if it is black or white. Instead, look for the grey areas. Look for the things that you do not know yet and, in a nurturing, grounded and loving way, try to open your heart to what you do not yet know and see what you can learn this month.

What can we expect collectively in November 2014?

You will likely find some big world events happening in November. Most of these will be human based or human caused. It will be important for you not to be alarmed by what you see. As with a windstorm, the wind will come through and upset things. Then after it has passed, there will be time to pick up the pieces. Do not imagine that the things you see in the news this month will lead to a permanent situation. Just as a hurricane is not permanent, the damage can be repaired later. Maintain the hope that things will shift and change through the events you are seeing in November. Do not react emotionally as if you are stuck in these events forever.

There is potential for both positive and negative events. The energy of the month simply amplifies collective experience, whether it be positive or negative. You can try to put your mind more on the positive. When something difficult or destructive happens in the world, try to look for the points of light in that event -- the places where people are helping and forgiving, releasing and healing. If you can put your mind there, that will keep you connected to the world event without leading you into a sense of despair that can come when such big things are happening all at once.

Is there anything else the Keepers wish to tell us about November 2014?

The added benefit of this energetic windstorm is that it will create a cleansing. There is a feeling that fresh air is coming through. In the coming months you will have access to fresh ideas, fresh perspectives, and new energy to help you resolve future problems and deal with future issues.

This is a useful time for you to clear the clutter from your home, clear the clutter from your desk and clear the clutter from your mind. Try to release old habits, try to release the way you expect things to be and see if you can approach old situations as if they are brand new again. There has never been a better time to try to clear the slate for yourself and others. Give everyone a fresh start.

Let that sense of a windstorm sweep through and invigorate you rather than sweeping through and knocking you over. In the same way you would in a real physical windstorm, if you bend your knees and relax a bit, then you can move with the wind and stay safe. If you brace yourself too hard and become rigid or stiff, then you will fall over. Metaphorically, that holds true this month. Strive to be flexible and responsive as things change. Take good care of yourself and nurture yourself, but do not become obstructive. Do not become brittle or resentful. Try to move with the changes even as you are focused on nurturing and self care throughout this month.

This month promises to be intense, but that intensity is not positive or negative. The ways you experience it will be based completely on your attitude and how you are approaching the problems of your life. You can have intense joy, intense release and intense healing this month if you will approach your life with a sense of flexibility, openness and a willingness to love and nurture yourself and those around you.