What energy and experiences can we expect in November 2013?

This month has a very fruitful, fertile energy. It is almost like a springtime energy, but instead of things being new and fresh, they are deep and old but very rich. There is a lot of new growth. There is a sense of fertile soil – as if everywhere you turn you will have the materials, the energy, and the resources you will need.

It is a good time to complete projects, get things done and bring your dreams into reality. This does not mean that all your dreams will come true this month. In fact, this month will be somewhat complicated and difficult. The energy this month is complicated by the fact that so many things are coming to fruition at once. Yet it can feel refreshing to engage deeply in the things that matter most to you.

It is very important this month that you tend to your own garden, so to speak. It is important that you take good care of yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is important that you follow through and finish the things that you begin. It is important that you really nourish the deeper goals of your life. Do not settle for superficial things. Look for ways to pull something deeper from yourself into the world.

This is a very good time to engage in artwork or healing. It is a very good time to practice a new skill or stretch or accomplish something you never thought you could before. This month is going to be very full and very rich and it can be very fulfilling. But only if you will reach for something deeper and strive for something bigger than you have ever tried before.

Are there particular activities we can use to engage the energy this month?

This month it will serve you more than usual to engage in a meditation practice. It does not need to be a long, drawn-out or complicated meditation practice, but it will be important that every day in some way, you have quiet time to sit with your thoughts and allow deeper meanings to come to mind. Remember what matters most.

In addition to using meditation each day to have that quiet moment, you can also surround yourself with reminders of what matters most to you. Pictures of your family, images that remind you of your dearest dream, inspiring quotes, anything that reminds you of your deeper self and your most important priorities will be useful. Use images in your environment to keep your mind on the bigger, more important parts of your life.

Do not settle for anything superficial. Do not settle for superficial nourishment at any level. Do not settle for cheap and unhealthy food, entertainment, or relationships. Look for something that has more richness and meaning. Look for the things that will nourish you. This month, do not settle for the quick fixes you might normally turn to.

Another activity that will serve you well this month is to slow down in your conversations. Slow down, be mindful, and say what you really need to say. Also listen carefully to what others are saying to you. If you will slow down in your communication style, you will find yourself saying things that matter more and wasting less time on things that do not matter much at all.

Is there anything for us to avoid or watch out for this month?

There are two things for you to watch out for this month, and both of them will come from other people. One of the things to watch out for is verbal and emotional negativity. The metaphorical deeper, richer soil this month will feed whatever is planted in it. If you plant energy and attention for your deepest, dearest dreams then that is what will grow for you. But for those people around you who are not mindful and not paying attention to their own well being, many people will find their fears being nourished this month. Many people will find that small fears seem bigger than they really are. Many people find that it is difficult to step away from fear and into love this month.

Try to avoid people who are really lost in fear and definitely avoid fearful thoughts, fear based thoughts, do not concern yourself too much with conspiracy theories or the problems of the world. Really put your mind and heart on the things that you love and the places where you can shine your light. Try to avoid fear more than you usually do this month in order to avoid accidentally nourishing more fear in your life.

The second thing to avoid also comes from other people. You will find this month many people will be feeling overwhelmed. Many people will have opportunities to take a big step, to learn a big lesson, or to follow their dreams. For the people who are not ready to do that, they will be looking for excuses. You will find people more willing to blame you for their own failures. People will be looking for scapegoats or excuses for why they are not following their dreams. Make sure you stay out of the line of fire for those kinds of activities.

Do not take on other people's burdens this month. You can celebrate and you can provide help in some ways to others, but do not step in and take over. Do not take on responsibility for other people's dreams. It is really important this month that you let people fight for themselves and step up to the plate in their own way to follow their own dreams. You cannot follow their dreams for them. It is really important that you cheer for people but that you not do their work for them this month.

Is there anything else for us to know about November 2013?

Yes. This month can be really intense because there is a lot coming to the surface and you all have a great deal of responsibility for rising to the occasion and fulfilling your dreams. So there can be a lot of pressure, it can feel intense and some of you will feel overwhelmed or burdened by this.

It is very important to keep your eye on the fact that this month is fertile, flowing, open, loving, growing, joyful energy. It is like springtime in a way and so it will really serve you to harness the energy of courage. Use courage to try new things. Use courage to face the truth. Take a deep breath and jump in. Look for joyful ways to engage in your everyday life. You can be very, very playful this month as a way to fulfill your dreams. Use playfulness and joyfulness throughout the month to help you engage in the best of what this month has to offer.

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