What energy and experiences can we expect in November 2012?

This month will seem to fly by. It will feel like a shortened, but very potent month. Many of you will experience a feeling that time speeds up -- yet even though things will move quickly, everything will change in that short time. Imagine you are a small child walking along a trail and a parent comes along, picks you up by the shoulders, and turns you around so you are walking in the opposite direction. Many of you will feel like life has just picked you up and spun you around.

It will be very important this month that you not think of yourselves as being victimized or think of yourselves as being disempowered even though it will feel like life is sweeping past you. It is very important that you continually, every single day, truly accept accountability for your actions. Be accountable for your thoughts and for everything that you are manifesting in your life. Even if something seems to happen to you without your consent, consider that some higher part of yourself has agreed that the experience can occur. Consider that there is some benefit in it for you even if it is difficult. That perspective will cause you to keep hold of your personal power this month. It will cause you to keep your hands on the steering wheel of your life. It will enable you to use this month and work with the changes and move forward rather than falling way behind and reentering a disempowerment pattern that could take months to overcome. Keep your wits about you this month.

All of this change is not necessarily bad. Many of the changes that will happen this month will be obviously beneficial and very exciting for you. Some of the changes will be difficult and hard to accept. But either way, the best thing that you can do is accept change and move with it because this month, you will not get a lot of breathing room. This month, you will not really have a time when you can sit back and relax and integrate all the changes. You will be able to start integrating changes in January, but for now, you have just got to keep moving with the changes and stay on your toes and be willing to say "yes" and try new things and accept what is happening rather than resisting or denying what is true about your life right now.

What activities can we use to best work with this energy?

It will serve many of you to step into that sense of flowing with the changes by moving your bodies more than you usually do this month. It is important this month that you let yourself feel the power and the joy of being in motion. That can come by taking a walk and swinging your arms wide and taking long strides. It can come by running. It can come by jumping up and down or swimming or riding a bicycle. If you can propel yourself physically through space, if you can move, it will help to remind your subconscious that moving with change is joyful. That going with the flow and staying on your toes can be exhilarating and that will help you stay on top of things rather than being swamped by all the changes. Physical motion, physical exercise, and joyful, expansive gestures with your body will help you immensely. Do not underestimate the power of how your body can train your subconscious mind to experience reality differently. You have enormous power available in terms of how you use your physical body.

So that is one exercise that will serve you. There is another thing that will help you work with the energy of this month. It will really serve you to talk with people in order to move things forward. Here is what we mean by that. If something is on your mind in regard to a relationship or any kind of shared experience, share that with others. Say what you are thinking. Share your ideas. Express your concerns. Do not keep things hidden inside. Do not swallow your feelings or swallow your words and hope that everything will work out okay. You do not have time for that. It is important that you are honest and up front with everyone that you are working with this month, just in order to keep things moving. Share information in order to prevent delays.

It is also important that you stay honest with yourself. You do not need to confess everything all the time, but do not delay conversations just because you worry about conflict or discomfort. It is better to get things out in the open and keep them moving so that you can see what you are really working with. Let yourself see the reactions of the other person and deal with them rather than wasting time by waiting or hoping that it will all work out if you hide. More than ever, it is important this month to speak your mind and share your truth.

What collective changes can we expect and how can we best work with collective energy this month?

There is likely to be quite a lot of collective change happening in November 2012. The collective changes that will happen in November were initiated in September. They include some of the revolutionary events in the Middle East and they will include the elections in the United States. They will also include various other kinds of collective shifts occurring across the world in various countries. You can expect to see a great deal of information about events in the news. Many of the events occurring right now are causing a rise in conversation and dialogue, both in the media and also in your homes and in your communities. There are collective issues coming to the surface causing you, across the world, to consider how to work together in the Age of Light. Ultimately, every collective shift is helping you discuss and decide how you will live in future generations. This is occurring by having things seemingly go wrong in ways that cause you to question what kind of world you wish for and how to engage in the world at large.

This month, do not shy away from conversations. Do not shy away from the news and on the media, even if they are disturbing. Do not worry if the reports are not entirely true - because the media does reshape information in order to market it - but the basic information and the basic events are accurate and they need discussion. At the very least, the media can help open conversations and it is the conversations that matter.

The collective shift is not happening based on the event on the news. It is not happening because of a certain election or because of a certain protest on the streets. The collective shift is happening in your heart and mind. It is happening in conversations over the kitchen tables of everyday people across the world. It is important that you let the information come to you so that you can participate in conversations. You must consider what it means for your life and address how you feel and what you hope for the world in dialogue with other people in your community. That is the most important way to engage in collective events.

There is enormous change happening at this time. Do not imagine the events in your world now are something other than the shift you’ve been waiting for. Do not imagine there is something different that will come along and create change. Change is occurring now, and most of that change is not what you visibly see on television. It is the way people are changing how they think in their own daily lives, and it is important that you participate in that. You as a Lightworker can bring a more hopeful, enlightened, compassionate perspective in every conversation. Engage in conversation this month and look for ways to bring the discussion toward compassion, empathy, and Love.

Is there anything else for us to know about the energy of November 2012?

The changes occurring in your personal lives and collective reality are bringing you to a more empowered perspective and a lighter, more fun way of life. Even though we have talked a lot about change and challenges and how to cope with what is happening this month, do not forget that this can be really fun. Going through change is like riding on a roller coaster. Riding on a roller coaster can be terrifying or utterly ecstatic, and it all depends on your point of view. Your experience depends on how willing you are to move with the change. Avoid resistance and embrace change as something fun. Look for ways you can do things differently so that some of the changes that happen for you this month happen by your choice. That makes it easy to avoid resistance. Look for ways that you can make your daily activities different from the usual and more fun. Look for ways you can include more people in having fun. This month is just like stepping onto a ride at a carnival. You can anticipate it with great joy if you would like to. We suggest that you look for that joy and exhilaration as much as possible.

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