What energy and experiences can we expect in May 2017?

The energy this month is like the feeling of people holding hands across the world. There is a feeling of togetherness, and of being stronger when you work together than when you are when you work alone. This month, the idea that humanity is greater than the sum of its parts is central to everything you will do. The energy supports working together, and a push for strength in a united way. There is a feeling of getting along with each other better than you have before. You may find that there are more openings to resolve conflicts, create understanding, or build partnerships than there have been recently. There is really a nice feeling of togetherness during the month.

But that image of humanity holding hands across the world is not a prediction. We cannot predict that this will happen, though there is certainly potential for it. The image is a metaphor for the energy. Whether or not people actually are able to hold hands across the world will be a matter of what you all choose to do. You can choose to take this energy and build togetherness, but it is not something that will just come to you automatically.

Are there any activities that will best help us harness this energy?

The energy this month requires courage from you. If you are really going to harness the energy, you will need to step outside your comfort zone. You will need to speak with people you normally would avoid, and you will need to be patient, open-hearted and forgiving as people disagree with you. There is courage in that. You will need to feel so sure of yourself that you do not need to be defensive or offensive.

Strive to support a quiet courage within yourself when you engage with other people, and also strive to build a sense of generosity. Make room for other people to speak while you listen. Make room within yourself to understand people that you might initially resist. Even the most defensive or hurtful opinions can be understood, even when you will never agree. If you understand where someone came from, if you are really willing to listen to someone’s story, then you can come to understand how they were hurt enough to develop a hurtful opinion. With compassion for how they have been hurt before, you can create a softening and make room for healing between both of you. Such compassion is the only thing that can change someone from a painful or a hurtful position to a kinder position. Whereas making arguments or presenting opposing views will almost never change someone else’s mind. It is time to create a softening in the hearts of others by softening your heart toward them. This really does take courage and enormous patience.

It will also be beneficial to take very good care of yourselves this month. As you reach out and try to work with those who are hurting, you are going to need a place to retreat. Deeply strengthen the bonds with people who support and love you. Let them listen to you. This is a time to go see your therapist, or use your journal or spiritual practice. As you courageously go out and listen to people who are hurting, then you can also go home and regenerate and step out again the next day with a full heart. Foster your loving relationships and foster the things that support your heart, so that your heart can continue to be brave as you do your work in the world.

Are there any collective events that we need to watch out for this month?

The collective energy is like a big tidal wave of energy this month. It is not an actual tsunami, but a metaphor for how collective changes are occurring at this time. So much is moving within each of you, and so many collective events will happen to reflect that. You are all more powerful than you ever dreamed you could be in this dimension.

This is particularly meaningful this month, because the bar for “much is happening” is already set high this year! All year there has been much to keep up with. It will be important to stay abreast of all of it, and yet focus on your work of engaging with the people in your life.

The collective energy in April called for a singular event or surprise. There is not such a distinct, singular event in May. It is more like challenges are arising everywhere, creating a wave. The best thing to do is stay on top of it so you can glide along, rather than trying to ignore it and have it wash over you. It is important to stay engaged in the world and decide what actions to take so you can feel empowered, even though you will not be able to take care of everything. Choose the parts that matter most to you and actually act on them. Do not sit at home and think about it, because that causes you to feel overwhelmed.

Action is really important in May. Make sure that the actions you take involve reaching out your hand and holding onto others. Step away from your computers, your televisions, and your books. Spend time listening and being close with others. Those are the actions that will support and sustain you the best, and they also have the greatest impact this month.

Is there anything else the Keepers want us to tell us about the energy of May 2017?

Remember that the theme for this year is peacebuilding, and there is so much peacebuilding work to be done in May. It will be useful to adopt the title of “Peacebuilder” and call yourself that. You might choose a slightly different term, such as Lightworker, Healer, or anything you wish. But choose a title and adopt it in the same way you call yourself a daughter or son, a mother or a father, a lawyer or teacher. Openly adopt the title of Peacebuilderand use it proudly. Let people know that is what you do or that is what you intend to be in the world.

Adopting a title empowers you, and it helps start the conversations you need to have this month in order to do your work. It is time to talk even more about what makes a peaceful world, and what it means to build peace. It is time to speak more deeply about how can you support and sustain each other even when you disagree. When you tell someone that you are a Peacebuilder (or Lightworker, etc.) then you can start those conversations.

It is a very exciting time for humanity. From afar, you look like seeds finally sprouting up out of the ground. You are more visible; you finally get to start developing your flower and shining for the world. There is a sense that everyone is coming out of your own closet to step up and bring the Light more publicly than you ever have before. The work is difficult, but the energy is exciting -- it is like a big celebration. In a way, humanity is coming of age and there is great challenge in that, but there is also great joy.