What energy and experiences can we expect in May 2014?

This is a time for being grounded and connecting deeply with Planet Earth. A huge, energetic shift has occurred for the planet and for humanity in the last few months. Many of you have made changes in your lives that have facilitated the shift. In addition, an energetic download occurred in April for all of humanity. Now it is time for all of you to get your feet back on the ground. It is time for all of you to become more practical and work-oriented.

It is time to make plans and to develop strategies for healing, finishing, or creating whatever is needed in your life. You may find this work includes emotional healing, building relationships, professional work, family communication, or working on the health and strength of your body. There are endless different aspects of your life that might be the place you need to focus. It will be up to each of you individually to decide where the work lies and how you will go about doing it. It is time to be grounded and practical. It is time to look at physical steps that can be taken to make your life better and to move your issues forward, whatever those issues might be.

Within that, there is enormously positive energy available this month. There is so much support energetically from the spirit of Planet Earth. There is so much potential for good will between people and this creates a supportive energy. It is very important that you strive to see the best in people and that you be willing to reach out to help and support one another.

The potential for 2014 is that the human family as a whole is preparing to overthrow the oppressive institutions that have existed for so many generations -- and that is a tall order. It is so important that you band together, human to human, heart to heart. It will be necessary for all of you that you try to see the best in each other, to offer forgiveness, and that you be willing to go the extra mile to be of service. It is so important that you form a strong web of community and Love-centered interpersonal relationships so that together as a human family, you created a stronger force to help dismantle the institutions and organizations that have oppressed so many of you for so long. It is time to help each other see more clearly. It is time to believe in one another and inspire one another to do better and to be better. Look for opportunities every day this month to offer goodwill and optimism, and that you try to get things done rather than wait for others to do things for you.

Are there particular activities that would be beneficial for us to engage in this month?

Yes, it will be very beneficial for all of you to focus on your body to some degree. Focus on healing your body, making it stronger, nourishing your body and enjoying your body. This is a good time for physical pleasure. In the Northern Hemisphere, many of you will enjoy warmer weather and it is important to step outside, put your feet in the grass, smell the flowers, touch the plants, and listen to the birds. Instead of being annoyed by your neighbor's dog barking, listen and appreciate the joyful sound of that animal.

Really look for joy and happiness in nature, even if it is in very simple ways -- even if it is just enjoying the plant that sits on your windowsill. It will be very beneficial for all of you to turn to your five senses and activate them as a way for you to be more in touch with Planet Earth and more in touch with your body. Smell things, taste things, listen to sounds, be mindful about what you are bringing into your body and consider nourishment as the primary theme. That is one activity that will be beneficial for everyone and will really help you tap into a sense of happiness and goodwill that is trying to hard to come into your heart this month.

Is there anything we need to avoid in the month of May 2014?

It will be important for you to avoid becoming fixated on one plan or one expectation. What you will find is that so much can move, so much can grow, so much can happen this month, but often what you think will happen may not occur. Instead something better or bigger or more useful will occur.

As you make your lists and your plans this month, and as you begin to work, keep moving. Whenever you find yourself feeling stuck or at a loss as to what to do next, rather than stalling there and waiting, look at the big picture and see if there is some other direction you might take for this moment. See if there is some other task that could be done while you are waiting for the first activity to resume.

It is very important to avoid sitting still and waiting this month. While you are waiting for one thing to happen, look for another thing you can be doing in the meantime. Productivity will not always be linear this month. In fact, most often, the productivity will come through a zigzagging path where you do one thing on one project and then you turn and do a little more on another project. Trust that you are being led to just the right thing at just the right time. There is a natural flow of energy that will be just right for you. Your job is not to become fixated like a locomotive pushing one single thing forward. Your job this month is to continually, moment by moment and hour by hour, consider what you could be doing and to do that. Do not worry about the big picture; do not worry about getting it all done. Look for your next step, do it as well as you can and then look for your next step again, even if it leads you on a nonlinear path.

Is there anything else to be said about May 2014?

There is the sense that everything is big this month. While a lot of what is big will be considered positive -- such as goodwill, optimism, happiness, and pleasure -- you may find other things amplified as well. You may find your emotions are stronger or bigger, and that people over express their emotions or overreact to things. When something is out of alignment or overdone, you will find that just as quickly, people repair it, apologize or try to make amends.

It is so important that you be forgiving. Be willing to see someone in a new light or let them revise what they have said or what they have done. Many of you will need to change your minds multiple times throughout the month in order to stay on track with what is really right for you. You have got to give each other space to do that.

This is an exciting month, but it is all based on being grounded. So this month, do not spend a lot of time in meditation, do not spend a lot of time trying to connect to the higher realms. While the higher realms are always there, put your attention on the earth, put the intention on your hands and what you can do in this world. Feel your feet in the ground, make sure you are really connecting with Planet Earth, it is so important that you are nourished energetically from below, that you have a firm and nourishing foundation in your life to support the enormous growth that is occurring for humanity at this time. It is a very exciting, loving time. Do your best to open your heart and to feel as much Love and share as much Love as you can during May of 2014.

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