What energy and experiences can we expect in May 2013?

The energy this month has a global reach. There is a sense of a broad,
sweeping energy that will cause everything to feel bigger than usual. Many
of you will find your attention is drawn to bigger issues -- social movements,
global events, and community endeavors. It is time to be engaged in things
that are greater than your own life. This is an important time to really
consider what it means to be a citizen of humanity. Throughout your day,
explore how your actions are affected deeply by the global community, and
how everything you do affects the world around you. You can see evidence
for this in your home or in your neighborhood. Try to recognize that even at
a small level every single one of you is contributing to the overall well-being
and happiness of humanity, or you are contributing to its destruction. You
make that contribution through your thoughts, through the words that you
choose to say, and through the actions that you choose to take.

This is a month when you can find that sense of global connection to be
empowering and exciting rather than overwhelming. Do not try to solve all
the world's problems by yourself this month. But do be mindful and try your
best to contribute to the world as you wish it to be rather than falling into
old habits and patterns that feed a world that you are trying to leave behind.
This will give you an important touchstone in your personal life. Choose to
take actions that lead you toward the person you wish to be rather than the
person you always were. Really think this month about what your actions
mean. Spend some time thinking about your goals, your greatest gifts, and
the things you care about most. Find ways, either large or small, that you
can contribute to the goals and issues that you care so much about.

This is an excellent time to volunteer for a nonprofit organization. It is a
great time to pull together with your neighbors and get something done in
the neighborhood. It is also a good time to clean out your closets, clean out
your house, start a new art project or anything else in your life that brings
you toward the person you wish to be.

Be sure to recognize that you do not necessarily need to complete anything
this month. This is not a month for completing or performing. You are not
being tested this month. You are not trying to prove that you are good.
This month is about setting a new direction and allowing yourself to stretch
into something greater than you thought you were before. The stretching is
what is important. It does not matter that you get things done. It does not
matter if you follow through. It is okay if you try and you fail at something.
It is the effort and the attitude of connection and caring that will matter
most this month.

Are there particular activities we can engage in this month in order to harness this energy?

There are several things you can do. One, make sure to form partnerships
and relationships. Talk to people, contact organizations, reach out, propose
new ideas, and ask your friends and loved ones to help you. Anything you
can do to connect yourself with other people in an effort to achieve your
goals will be beneficial. There is no room for isolation this month. The true
power of the month is in your human connection with one another, which
eventually extends to your human connection to the human family. Engage
those connections. Use them for your own benefit and dedicate some of
your time to helping to benefit others. That is one key for this month. Do
everything in connection with other people, and avoid isolation as much as

A second thing you can do this month is a more specific exercise. It will
serve you to spend some time thinking deeply about the big picture of
your life, narrowing that thinking down into concrete tasks that you can
feel empowered by. A specific exercise you can use for this is to get a big
piece of paper or writing board, and across the top write down one of your
life's goals or dreams. Choose something big that you wish to achieve or
some large issue that you care about. Write the title across the top of the
page and then underneath that title, write some of the bigger issues that
you are most concerned with. This can include the big goals that cannot
be accomplished in one day, but must be accomplished in order to achieve
your dream. Then under each one of those goals, break it down into smaller
goals that are more achievable but still maybe more than you could do in
a day. Then break those down into even smaller tasks until at the bottom
of the page you have a long list of small tasks you can do on any given
day, each of which is connected to a larger goal and ultimately they are all
connected to your dream.

This exercise is a way that you can help your mind grasp what you are doing
so that you do not feel overwhelmed by the big dream or the big issue. You
can see the big issue is there, you can feel connected with it, and yet you
can still find an activity for today that will empower you and take you one
step closer. It is very important that you avoid being overwhelmed this
month because of that broad, sweeping energy. Really use your mind to
clarify and strategize about how you wish to accomplish your goals.

Is there anything that we should avoid this month?

Yes. This month it will be very important for you to avoid spending too
much time with people who are pessimistic. Again, there can be a tendency
to be overwhelmed and if you find someone who has a negative attitude, it
can sweep you off your feet and knock you over. When you find someone
bringing your attitude down, you do not need to judge or try to change
this person. You can have compassion for the way that they are feeling
overwhelmed. And yet do not spend too much time with them. Do not
spend too much time under their influence. Try to find people who are
cheerful, excited, and are engaged in activities that move them forward.

Optimism is always contagious, but this month it could be more contagious
than usual. Many people will be feeling newly inspired by the energy of
the month, so you will find an easier time finding playmates and people
who want to roll up their sleeves and work alongside you than you might
otherwise find.

Also this month, when you are struggling with a person who is overwhelmed
or otherwise has a negative attitude, you may find it useful to identify a
topic that you can share in positivity. If what you are talking about in
one moment is bringing both of you down, then choose a different topic.
Find something that is not so overwhelming. This is a good month to
employ humor. It is fine for you to have light conversations if that enables
everyone to stay light and clear. It is very important that you avoid being
overwhelmed or becoming depressed this month, even if that means you
sometimes need to avoid the deeper issues.

Is there anything else the Keepers want us to know about May 2013?

While there is a great deal of optimism and forward motion available, it is
not the most playful time. Do not worry too much about being playful or
spontaneous. It is fine for you to be organized and methodical this month.
Simply do it in a way that is enlivened, excited, and optimistic. Gently stay
on task -- continue to have a list of things to do and work on getting those
things done.

This month you can do it with a lighter heart. You can whistle while you
work, so to speak. That is the best way to harness this energy. You do
not want to waste the profoundly productive potential for this month. You
do not want to waste it on procrastination or on activities that do not really
serve your ultimate goals.

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