What energy and experiences can we expect in May 2012?

The energy this month gets really big. You will likely find that
everything feels amplified. The easy things will feel better and the
difficult things will feel worse. Everything will feel and look more
extreme to you this month. That is because energetically, things are
bigger. They have a larger energetic imprint or a stronger vibration
than they normally do this month. There is a big feeling of expansion
and this might be overwhelming for many of you, but it is not harmful
and none of you are being held back. In fact, everything is moving
so quickly this month that you will find yourself being very aware of
what is holding you back or what is blocking you in your personal life.
It is not because that block has gotten bigger, but because you are
moving faster so the way it holds you back is stronger. The block has
not become stronger, you are moving faster. That is what makes the

This month, be willing to acknowledge what is standing in your way.
Really look at how you hold resistance and how resistance occurs in
your life. Consider what you resist or avoid -- things that are good for
you, things that are bad for you, people, whatever it might be. There
is a difference between saying no to something and resisting it. If
you say no and walk away and let it go, then you are not resisting.
But if you say no over and over again, yet you never really walk away
then you are resisting. If you keep the thing in your life so that you
can keep pushing on it or saying no, then you are resisting. Really
explore resistance this month. Explore how you do it, where you still
get wrapped up in it and how you might be able to finally let it go
and accept - either accept the changes you need to make or accept
the situation as it is, but accept something so that you can move on
with it. That is the best way to use this expansive energy this month
because your blocks and your resistance will be more apparent to you
than ever before.

What specific tools and actions can we take in our lives to make the best of this energy in May 2012?

There are a few things that are going to serve you this month. One of
them is to have patience and understanding for yourself when you see
what is blocking you. Also have patience for others. As much as you
might be feeling frustrated with your own blocks and resistance, just
imagine how it is going for the people around you who have not read
this message and do not know what to expect. There will be people
all around you who are feeling frustrated. They want to move forward
but something invisible is standing in their way. They are going to
start to blame you or other people, or they will blame things that are
beyond their control instead of looking at what habits they are holding
that stand in the way. You will see frustration around you, so holding
patience and kindness for others will get you far this month. It will be
very helpful. It is kind of putting lubrication in the wheels. It is going
to help everything go smoother and help everyone cool down and
calm down. Just having patience and understanding for others will be
enough – do not try to solve problems for others.

For your own path, here is an activity you can use to help uncover
some of your resistance and finally move past it. When you have a
problem or an issue or something that is not going right for you, sit
down with a pen and piece of paper and begin this activity. Write
down the issue. For instance, you might write “My brother is driving
me crazy,” or “My children will not clean their room.” Whatever it
might be, write down the situation in one or two simple sentences.

Step two is to ask the question, “How long has this been going on?
How long has this particular kind of situation been happening?” Write
the answer.

Step three is to write the answer to “What emotion do I feel when this
situation is at its very worst? When this kind of situation is at the very
hardest part, what emotion do I feel?” With step three, resist the urge
to elaborate. Choose one or two simple words: anger, frustration, overwhelmed, powerless, restless, tired, etc.
Whatever it might be, write one or two simple words, do not elaborate too much. The more
simple you make this, the more easily you will work with it later on.

Step four is to write how you wish it would resolve. Write down your
perfect fantasy for how this might resolve. For instance, you might
write “My brother apologizes and starts behaving differently,” or, “My
kids clean their room without being asked, then clean the kitchen,
too!” Write down in detail exactly how you want this to go better.

Step five is to write down the emotion you think you will have when
that imaginary solution occurs. Write down the emotion that you are
hoping to feel about this -- that you are waiting to feel. As with step
three, so not elaborate. One or two simple words will work best.

Step six is to take the two emotions from step three and step five and
write them down. Write down the worst of what this feels like and
the best of what you want to feel emotionally once it was resolved.
Ask yourself, “Aside from this situation, when do I feel this in my life?
When I feel the word from step three, how can I, all by myself, find a
way to feel step five?” For instance, when you feel frustrated, what
can you do to feel happy? What helps you feel happy? Do you go for
a walk? Do you eat a cookie? Do you call your best friend? Whatever
it might be, write a few things that you have done in your life where
you have successfully felt the first thing and turned it into the second
thing. Do not try to resolve the current situation. Think of other
times in your life when you have succeeded in changing how you feel,
regardless of the situation.

Once you have completed step six, you have isolated the deeper
context for the situation and uncovered the emotions inside of you
that you are resisting. There is a part of you that does not want to
feel the emotion in step three, so you are waiting for step five to
occur. You have attached those emotions to the current situation, and
now you are stuck waiting for the situation to help you change how
you feel. Instead, your ability to move from one emotion to another
is completely in your hands. This does not mean that you will can
control your emotions and avoid frustration forever. What it means is
that every time a difficult emotion arises, you have the power to learn
from the situation and then you have the power to move on. When
you have the same unsatisfactory experience over and over again, it
is often because you are stuck in a cycle of waiting for the situation to
change how you feel rather than using your own power to change how
you feel.

This exercise will not give you an immediate solution for the situation,
because in the end the situation is going to resolve based on your
and everyone else's behavior too. This exercise will enable you to be
more relaxed amidst the current situation, and this will make room for
others to stop resisting you. Once you let go of your emotional and
energetic resistance to whatever you are feeling in the situation, you
can make room for other people to behave better. You must embrace
and take full accountability for the emotions you are feeling and the
way you have put yourself on hold for the situation. That is where
your resistance exists.

Once you complete the six steps in the exercise, you can walk away,
throw away the piece of paper, and you are finished. You do not
need to plan to do anything differently with the situation immediately.
But what you will find is that the situation will start to shift; that you
will find yourself spending less time holding that situation in place.
For instance, you will spend less time arguing with your kids about
cleaning their room. You will spend less time talking to your brother
who is bothering you. Instead, you will find yourself naturally backing
away and seeking ways to cultivate the feelings you listed in step five.
And then the people around you will adjust accordingly. They will
change things. It might not be perfect for you, but it might be good
enough or it may be even better than you ever dreamed. You cannot
control their behavior, but you can break the pattern of waiting or
resisting that initial emotion.

This month, none of you can afford to stay in the behaviors that
hold you back. You will need to do something different and this is
something different. This will lead to resolution for some situations
and not for others, but it will shed a little bit of light and move the
energy for every situation to make more room for you to be free.

Is there anything this month that we need to watch out for or avoid?

This month, you really cannot afford to have other people vent their
unhappiness toward you. You cannot afford to have other people
unload their problems on you without some kind of reciprocal or
productive conversation. Sometimes people feel like they need to
just say all the bad things in their minds -- all the hurtful, negative,
hopeless, despairing, difficult things in their mind -- and then they
feel a little bit better. But typically the listener feels quite a lot worse
when this happens. That kind of exchange, in the end, does not really
resolve or lessen any of the difficulty. What it does is transfer it from
one person to another. Inevitably you will have to transfer it on again
and it recycles from one person to another but it never goes away.
In the end, venting does not heal you. What heals you is having
productive conversations in which you get feedback or you look more
deeply at your part of the situation.

For this month, it is too much to take on to try to guide other people
through that healing process, so simply focus on your own issues and
step away from people who wish to unload their unhappiness onto
you. Avoid conversations that are filled with gossip or drama. When
you find those situations or those conversations arising, as soon as
you notice it either bring up a new topic or walk away. Even if it
means going in the other room to get a glass of water, do something
to get yourself away from the transferring of negative energy that
takes place during gossip or venting.

It is really important for you to avoid interpersonal drama this month.
You just cannot afford to take on other people's burdens or other
people's unhappiness this month. Even the best of you and the most
nurturing and kind of you just cannot afford it. Avoid gossip, avoid
doing it yourself and avoid sitting and listening to it this month so that
you have as much free energy to focus on looking at your own blocks
and getting past them so that you can turn your face forward.

Is there anything else the Keepers want to tell us about this month?

Energetically and spiritually, this month is the halfway point for 2012.
The halfway point occurs at a different time every year depending on
how the year is constructed. This year, May is the turning point. This
is the turning point between when you look back and heal old things to
when you look forward and really work on building a new world. May
is when the transition occurs.

As with many deep transitions, you will not be able to tell a huge
difference right away. It is similar to when you are watching the tide
come in on the ocean. When high tide occurs and then the tide starts
to go out, there is not a single moment where that is apparent to you.
It becomes apparent over time as the water adjusts to the tidal shift.
That is the way this will be. You may not see a really drastic change
right away, but know that this month you have completed the hardest
work of the year. It is like a roller coaster. You have been climbing up
the hill with lots of effort for the last four months.

When you come to this month, the reason you are suddenly going
to see all the things standing in your way is because you are about
to go down the other side of the roller coaster, you are about to go
flying forward onto what could be the greatest ride of your life, into
possibilities and projects and relationships that are more exciting and
useful to you and to your higher self than you have ever had access
to before. Just like on a roller coaster, when you come to the top and

you are about to go down, the first thing you do is you look down to
make sure you are not going to run into anything. That is similar to
what you are doing this month. You are taking a look at the tracks
and just making sure that the tracks are clear. Therefore you are
going to see any obstacle more clearly and it is going to feel bigger
than it usually does because you need to get it out of the way right

Rest assured that you are totally on track as a collective human
family. Rest assured that you have not fallen behind even though
you are going to feel like you have this month. There is no need to
feel overwhelmed because what you are doing now is just clearing the
tracks for something that is already set in motion. You do not have to
get it right, you do not have to be perfect, but you do need to attend
to your work in one way or another. If you will do so, this month will
actually feel really good.

There is nothing inherently difficult about this month -- it is just bigger
than you are used to. If you are willing to look at yourself and deal
with your issues and be honest with yourself and with the people in
your life, this month can be quite clarifying and energizing and even
fun. All it requires is you to be honest with yourself and to deal with
the things that arise when they do rather than delaying it for the

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