What energy and experiences can we expect in May 2010?

The energy this month is like a rusty old weathervane of top of a building. There are several elements in this metaphor that we are going to talk about that help describe the energy this month. One is there is a sense of the way a weather vane can change with any shift of the breeze. That is the way this month is going to feel. It is going to feel like one moment you are facing in a certain direction and you think you can move forward. Then at the next moment it seems as if everything is turned around and you are facing in a different direction. There is a sense that every few hours or every few days, everything will seem to have changed for you throughout the month. Do not get attached to any one particular course or perspective this month. Expect your perspective to change.

A lot of new energies are coming in from different directions in each of your lives. This is a good month for gathering information and being gentle with yourself as you establish a new kind of rhythm in your life. Your particular direction, the next course or the next phase of your life will establish itself more clearly in the months to come. For now, be gentle with yourself. Do not be militant, do not be decisive, do not be vigilant. Let go of those directional forces and more gently take a wide frame view of your life. This is an excellent time to assess where you have been, reestablish where you want to go and look for more information throughout the month. It will come to you from conversations, different people that you meet or people that you know. It will come through changes at work, changes in your neighborhood. Look for change and ask yourself, what is this change telling me about my life, about myself. Anything you see in the news, anything you hear about someone else, just gently ask yourself, "What does this mean for me?" "What is this telling me about my life?" Gather that information, write it down and at the end of the month, take a look at everything you have written through the course of the month. You will see how much you have changed and how many different directions you tried out in your mind. That will help you make a more concrete decision in June and July.

The next element of the weathervane metaphor is that idea of the weathervane being rusty and old. Many of you may feel tired. You may feel weathered. You may feel like you do not have as much energy as you normally do at this time of year. That is okay. The best way to deal with the potential of the month is to take a gentle wide-angle view of your life. You actually do not need to take a lot of action. Of course life demands action and many of you have things on your plate that you need to get accomplished this month so you cannot become completely passive. What you can do is take things slowly. Be methodical and mindful and when you can, take action that leaves room for change later on. If you will do that you will be a lot more comfortable this month. It is a good time to kind of go easy on yourself and others, and do not commit to or engage in a lot of new activities. Move through what you have already committed to with some more gentleness this month.

The third element of the rusty old weathervane is the fact that it is on the top of the building, the top of a house -- that sense that you can get a wide view, a 360 degree view of your life. This is a great time to look back and look forward. It is also a great time to look around at your life. Do an assessment of what you like, what you do not like, what has been working, what has not, who is close to you and who is not. You do not need to make decisions about this, you do not need to make any judgments, just get some perspective. That is the primary potential for the month and that is the best way to work with it.

Are there any important days for us to know about this month?

Yes. May 5 and 6 are especially slow and sluggish. These are good days for you to get a little rest. You might sleep more on these days. There is a feeling that a lot of you are taking bigger energy through your subconscious minds and you are grounding it in your life to be used later. If you think of yourself, like your body and your spirit, your human self, as a cable modem bringing through a signal, you are going to be fully loaded with information.

A lot of information and energy is coming through you right now at a higher level. You are not going to know on the surface what that means. You are not going to know consciously, but you are going to find yourself just needing to just be grounded. You may not have tolerance or patience for additional challenges or commitments on these days. It is an especially dense time - or it will feel like an especially dense time. Take it especially slow and easy on May 5 and 6.

May 9 has a brighter energy. This is a good day for you to pay attention as if the lights have been turned on around you. Look around. This is an excellent day to assess your life. If there is one day you sit down and make a list of everything in your life that you want to deal with in one way or another, this is the day to do it on May 9. Maybe May 10 as well.

May 22 and 23 look like a doorway to opportunities. An opportunity is going to arrive for many of you to make a change or to take some kind of action. The kind of action you have been yearning for and have not been able to take all month. The action you take on these days will be really different than it would have been if you had taken it at the beginning of the month. It is a good time to put into operation some of the things that you have learned throughout the month. Look for decisions to be made, actions to be taken, promises to be made that are kept on May 22 and 23. Go ahead with those actions but make sure you have gathered information throughout the month and that information informs what you do on these days. Be mindful, intentional about it.

Is there anything else the Keepers want to tell us about the month of May 2010?

The Keepers want to tell you that 2010 is a challenging year, but it is also a very freeing year. The year of truth is also challenging to see the truth and deal with it but it is also freeing. The truth can set you free if you are willing to look at it and embrace it. If you think of 2010 as a difficult but liberating year, then think of the month of May as the crux of it all. This is the heart of it. This is when you are in the heart of the truth. When there is so much truth available that you cannot even see it all, it is overwhelming. If you feel overwhelmed this month, do not worry. Do not create a story to validate that feeling of being stuck. Do not start to tell yourself that you are stuck or start to manifest dramas in your life to support that feeling of being stuck. Just be gentle with yourself this month. That is all you need to do. It does not need to be a difficult month. If you are gentle with yourself it can actually be quite sweet. If you try to do things the way you have always done them this month, you are going to find that it is a very challenging and difficult month. You will see people around you creating drama, making up stories about how their lives are going badly or how people are out to get them. They are just struggling to make sense of this very intense feeling of density. Be patient with people as you see them doing this and resist the urge to create drama yourself. Instead, just go slower, be gentle, and let the month pass you by. You are going to have a lot more to work with and it is going to be a lot more clear to you in June.

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