What energy and experiences can we expect during the month of May, 2007?

The energy of May, 2007 is like a cap or a lid sitting over the energy of the entire year. The year 2007 is a year of clarity and a year of grace. The energy of May provides something that covers that clarity and grace. The clarity and grace of the year may not be entirely apparent to you during this month. It is a month that has an energy of restraint, or of holding something in. You may feel individually as if you are holding something inside yourselves. You may feel a sense of secretiveness or a sense that something is not ready to be shared with the world. You may feel inclined to wait before sharing news or expressing concerns about a situation in your life.

Although the month of May does not sit directly in the middle of the linear timeline of the year, in 2007 it is energetically situated right on top of the rest of the year. This energy is here to give you an opportunity to rein yourselves in, to consider what lies below the surface, and to prepare yourselves to bring something new from within yourselves. This may be a new idea, a new aspect of your personality, a new commitment to Truth, or a new concern or need.

Everything resting below the surface is beginning to stir. This is true for each of you individually and will be seen mostly on an individual basis during the month of May, 2007. You may find yourselves feeling restless and even irritable during the month. Do what you can to give yourself space to feel this, then to wait until the right moment for your expression. There will be space for you this month to wait until the time feels right. At the same time, do not delay or deny when that time has come. Express yourself when the time feels right.

It will serve you this month to have as a repository for your thoughts and feelings. You might consider confiding with close friends on a regular basis during this month, or a writing in a journal, or spending time with an animals. Having a repository for your feelings and thoughts is going to reduce the sense of tension that occurs when something below the surface is rising yet not ready to released.

Be vigilant about your expressions this month. You will find that when something is expressed in the right moment, everything comes together beautifully. Alternatively, you will find that when something is expressed prematurely or incompletely, that the consequences will take weeks or months to resolve. This energy is a calling to listen more carefully, not only to what your truth, but to where your truth belongs. Consider where and when it is best to speak, and where and when it is best to withhold. This is the initiation of a more advanced level of understanding yourselves and your processes. Do not fear making a mistake; simply pay attention to time and space in regard to your truth.

What days will be important during the month of May, 2007?

The energy of restraint begins at the full moon on the first and second days of the month. The first few days of the month will feel like entering the water from the air. If you imagine a diver soaring through the air, when their body reaches the water, it slows down incredibly quickly yet fluidly. For each of you, the entrance into the energy of May, 2007 may feel as if everything around you is slowing down. If you freeze up and fight the slowing, you will exhaust yourselves. If you stay in the same diving formation, moving toward your truth and your power, the energy of slowing down will occur more gracefully.

May 7th will give you a distinct energy of clarity. For many of you, this day will give you opportunities to express things that have risen to the surface during the first week of the month. This day may come as a relief, but it can be harsh. Things spoken and expressed on May 7th may come across with a sharper quality or may be heard as being sharper or more harsh than they were meant to be. Do not let this restrain you, but do be considerate as you express yourselves on May 7th.

May 16th and May 22nd both provide a particular softness. These days are like pit stops or rest areas where you can stop and take care of yourselves in a way that will benefit your truth and its expression in the world. Carve out some time out in each of these two days to nurture yourselves and to reflect. They are good days to reflect on what is important to you and how you express this in the world around you.

Last month you mentioned that, collectively, world events would be 'unfriendly.' We saw this in the U.S. in the form of shootings. Are there other potential collective experiences coming in May, 2007 that we should watch for?

There are not such distinct collective potentials written for May, 2007. The primary energy of the month will likely be expressed through the process of individuals, and you will likely see it in your individual lives more than you see it collectively. The restraint occurring this month may create a collective tension that you will see play itself out in future months. While your collective reality can change at any time, the primary potential for May, 2007 is that collectively you will continue with business as usual. Business as usual includes some ups and downs, with some difficulties and some beautiful moments.

What else would you like to tell us about May, 2007?

You may feel a great deal of tension throughout the month. Do not fear this tension and do not imagine that there is something wrong with you. The new information that is arising within you has been there all along, but you have not been ready to express it until now. Do not fear that you have been missing something or that you have been dishonest in your lives. The information that is welling up within you includes your truths, your experiences, your needs, and your joys. Theses are all part of you and now is your time to notice them. The time to express them will become apparent to you throughout the month as you navigate the balance between private and public expressions.

You can trust that you are unfolding in perfect order and in perfect timing. The final guidance we will give you for the month of May, 2007 is to acknowledge anxiety and tension when they arise, then to find a space in which to relax, trusting that your truth will arise within you as it needs to be expressed. There is no rush. You will not fall behind. Enjoy the power that is emerging in your life through embracing your truth!

This Monthly Message was channeled from the Akashic Records by Jen Eramith MA. Permission is given to copy and share this article provided that the contents remain complete, all credit is given to the author, and it is freely distributed.

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