A Channeling from the Akashic Records of March 2017

What energy and experiences can we expect in March 2017?

The energy this month is focused around the concept of strength. This is a time to foster a deep and resounding sense of strength within yourself. This will be hard work, yet it can be incredibly exciting. This month has much positive energy. There is forward and upward motion, and there is so much that can be accomplished this month. This will be true in your personal lives, in your social lives, and in political life. It looks like everything starts moving forward. It may be somewhat forceful, but really this energy resides within each of you, so it comes more like strength.

This is a time to explore and reach for and build strength at every level in your life, including your body, your mind, your emotions, in the way you talk, and in your relationships. It includes the way you engage in your social life and how you engage in civic life. It is time to explore a sense of strength. The energy here is meant to feel good, like a release with stability. It feels so good. It is like the feeling when you are about to jump up and reach for something and you know you can reach it. It is like that feeling when you bend your knees and you put your feet on the ground and there is no question you are going to reach your goal. In that moment you feel excited to leap, and that is the feeling of March 2017.

Are there any other particular activities we can use to help us work with this strength in March 2012?

It will be useful to sit down and set a strength-building goal for each level of your life. Consider what will be the best goal for your body to become stronger. What will be the best goal for you to make your voice and your words stronger? What will be the best way for you to make your relationships stronger? And so forth.

It will serve you to have a clear goal in mind for each of these different levels. Otherwise, you may end up feeling overwhelmed. This month brings opportunities to show your strength, and those kinds of opportunities are also known as challenges! If you are not organized and grounded in how you will respond to challenges, you may find yourself feeling as if there is too much to do and you are not up for the task. When in fact, quite the opposite is true. There is so much to do and you are so very ready for this work. You are ready to be stronger than you ever have been before, and it will be liberating, exciting, and fulfilling to rise to the challenges that come your way. Give yourself an organizing plan or strategy based on how you like to build strength in each of the aspects of your life. Then bravely chart your course and grow!

Is there anything for us to avoid in March 2017?

It will be very important to avoid getting into a power struggle, or having your strength rely upon a particular outcome or someone else’s response to you. It is important that you look for ways to be strong that feel empowering to you regardless how others react. Do not imagine that strength means winning over, overpowering, or out-voicing someone else. Sometimes the strongest person is the quietest person. Sometimes the strongest person is the one who lost the game.

When you are looking for strength, or building strength, do not look for how people respond to you. Do not look for how things work out on the outside. Look for the feeling within yourself. The path to strength for you will come through following that feeling within yourself of feeling grounded, stable, and excited for what you are about to do. Identify what that feels like and memorize the sensation within your body. Let that be your guidepost for where you are building strength.

This month, try to disassociate from the outcomes. They are important, but they cannot be the source of your empowerment. What matters is how you build that sense of strength within yourself. Of course, you will have a lot of really positive outcomes in March. So much is changing in the outer world, so it is important than ever that you stay centered in the feeling of strength within yourself. Avoid being tossed around by the emotions that come with ideas of winning and losing.

Is there anything else for us to know about March 2017?

This is a good time to focus on tending to your own business more than you are tending to the business of others. You are going to see other people working hard to find strength, and some of them will flail around and make mistakes this month. If you get wrapped up in other people’s mistakes and other people’s issues, you will lose your chance to build your own strength. Tend to your own business first and then help others. That has been important for the last couple of months and it continues to be a vitally important piece of guidance for all of you.

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