What energy and experiences can we expect in March 2016?

There is a sense of fresh, new energy this month. As this new energy sweeps through Planet Earth, in some ways the real work of the year 2016 begins now. New challenges will arise and many of you will feel that this month is a challenging one. Yet these challenges are completely surrounded by resources. For every challenge that arises, you will have more resources than you need to meet those challenges.

There is a great sense of optimism available, there is a great sense of productivity, but it will be necessary for you to choose an attitude that allows you to harness that optimism. If you focus on problems, if you spend a lot of time alone, or if you do not ask for help this month then you will easily be overwhelmed by the challenges. If, instead, you focus on finding solutions and developing allies, this can be an empowering and even joyful month.

Many of the challenges you face will bring up deep emotions. The key for meeting the challenges and really using the energy of the month will be to hold a space for faith. In your spiritual practice, work on having faith that you will have what you need. Surround yourself with helpful, loving people. Ask for help, spend time around people who are positive and who support you, and call on Spirit to help you as well.

If you will find the courage to ask for help and look for resources this month, you will find that challenges will be inspiring rather than overwhelming.

Is there a particular practice that will help us work with this energy?

Yes, it will be very useful for each of you to practice being more transparent in your relationships. Say more openly and clearly what you need to say. Ask more openly what you want to know. This is not a time for subtlety or for playing games by being unclear in your communication. Avoid being passive-aggressive in any way you can. The energy this month requires that you say what you really mean or not say anything. Avoid mixed messages or halfway messages.

You might find it useful to sit down each day and think of what is really in your heart, particularly in regard to the relationships that are challenging you. If someone is bothering you, or if you are feeling betrayed or hurt by someone, sit down and really consider what is in your heart. If you could speak openly and know that you would be heard and accepted, what would you say? Write these things down, even if you will never say them. It is often true that you will not be able to truly say everything in your heart. People are sometimes closed to you or sometimes simply unavailable. Find what you can say or what you can convey, and find a way to offer it as clearly and lovingly as possible. Avoid waiting for other people to guess what you feel. Let them know what you feel and let them know exactly what you are asking for so that miscommunication is minimized. If you can do that this month, you will find your sense of peace with yourself with grow whether someone responds positively or negatively.

While you may feel difficult emotions this month, strive to be honest and forthright with yourself and others. Take time to listen to your heart and plan a clear message, rather than hinting at your message and then resenting people for not understanding. If you are unclear in your communication this month, you will find that the challenges will overwhelm you and you will feel stuck rather than productive.

For many of you, simply the act of knowing what is in your heart will accomplish what you need, even if you never share it with others. You may not always be able to communicate to the other person, but just the act of knowing the message clearly for yourself will open the door for healing and resolution this month.

Is there anything we should avoid this month?

It will be important to avoid feeling emotions that belong to other people. For instance, if your friend is angry, you can listen with compassion but do not feel angry on her behalf. Deep challenges are arising for all of you this month. Those challenges will trigger deep emotions – often, old emotions from past experiences. You will find that many people are bringing those old emotions into their current situation. If you are busy with your own depths of emotion, you cannot afford to take on the feelings of others.

You will find people “making mountains out of molehills” this month. You will find people overreacting to small mistakes, and feeling as if the world is going to end over one simple problem. As much as you can, try to quiet the storm within you -- not by removing your emotions, but by paying attention to them. As much as you can, try to boil it down to a simple message for yourself – “What am I feeling, what is in my heart, and how do I want to heal?” If you will try to be simple with yourself and not drag up all of the old emotions, you will stay more centered and resist the urge to get involved in other people's emotions.

Resist the urge to try to make everybody feel better. Resist the urge to get angry or sad on someone else's behalf. It is fine to be compassionate, to offer hugs and love and support, but remain centered in your own experience. What you feel is different from what that other person feels, and feeling their emotions for them is not going to help either of you. If you can explore that dynamic in your relationships, you will find again, a sense of clarity and productivity as you move forward with your growth and offer support to those around you as well.

Is there anything else the Keepers want us to know about March 2016?

The energy this month calls for extroversion. All people hold the capacity for introversion and extroversion. No matter what your personality type might be, no matter what your situation, you will find yourself drawn outward. You will find yourself drawn into conflicts and relationships. You will find yourself drawn into projects and productive events with other people.

Try to embrace any opportunity to communicate and connect with others. This is a wonderful time to form new alliances. It is a wonderful time to make new friends, and to find a deeper understanding with your old friends. Allow people to come into your life this month, and allow them to come and to go. Allow things to be said, allow misunderstandings to occur, and look for ways to understand one another again. The work you can do in relationships this month will go right to the heart of the greatest spiritual work you need to do this year.