What energy and experiences can we expect in March 2014?

The energy this month is very expansive and very practical at the same time. There is the feeling that the month is longer than just the thirty-one days allotted to it. There is a sense that every day may seem to go on forever. It may be hard to wait for things and you may find yourself feeling impatient. But there is more time, more energy and enough room for more activity this month because so much needs to be done.

This is the month when much of the work for the entire year will be done. It is very important that you stay organized, active, and engaged in the world around you this month. Look for ways to be more involved in your relationships and more involved in your communities. Relationships will be defined by how you communicate and act this month. Pay attention to the people that matter most to you and act with love and grace as much as possible.

The feeling of expansion and practicality together create a powerful opportunity for optimism. There is a sense of hope that you can make the world a better place through your actions. It is so important that you not miss the opportunity to engage in this. Communal, hopeful activity this month will bring you to a new level of light and love. Do everything you can to embrace each day and each challenge with positive action. On the flip side, if you stay still, or if you hide this month, you are going to miss a golden opportunity to harness very optimistic, hopeful, expansive energy.

Are there particular activities we can do this month to use the energy?

This is a good time to volunteer for a cause that you believe in. You can volunteer at any level you wish, but it is important that you volunteer your time because you believe in a cause rather than because you are going to be paid or rewarded for it. Volunteering can happen on a formal basis, such as signing up with a non-profit organization. But it can also be informal. You can volunteer to help your neighbors move or to make cookies for someone who is sick in your neighborhood.

Any action you can take that makes the world a better place is beneficial this month, particularly if that action is somewhat anonymous or non-rewarded. Act as a secret admirer for someone in order to cheer them up, or take extra time to clean a mess that someone else made as an act of generosity. Some of the activities people usually do around Christmas, such as food drives and gift exchanges, are great things to engage in during March of 2014.

It is a wonderful time to be involved in your community. This month you will find people more willing to help than they usually are. You are going to find people more willing to try. Asking for help and inviting people to join in a cause will be really beneficial. It will also be beneficial for you to engage in fun, social activities. Look for opportunities to go to events; to gather with loved ones, share meals, or any way you can be in communion with people and doing things that are hopeful will benefit you greatly during March of 2014.

Are there particular collective experiences for us to watch out for during this month?

This month has a very strong collective energy. Actually, most of what will happen this month will be through relationships and interactions rather than through personal experiences or introspection. You are likely to see more collective events occurring. You are likely to see important information coming through your news outlets. Some events will be difficult and others will be hopeful and celebratory. Pay attention to both.

Whatever events unfold in the world around you, consider first how you can help. How can you help make it better? That is the first thing to consider. The second thing to consider when you see an event unfolding in the news is what the event represents. Consider the event to be a personal metaphor. What does it represent to you? What does it remind you of? Interpret the news almost as if you were interpreting a dream. Consider metaphorically what is happening and what messages are hidden in the events around you.

Each of you has much to learn and patterns to see in your personal lives that are being played out in the collective. Watch for collective events in the news, even if they occur across the world from you, they can still represent a metaphor that offers you some guidance in your personal life.

Is there anything else the Keepers want us to know about March 2014?

Yes. This month provides a sense of community and communion that extends far beyond the human family. Look for ways to be in communion with nature and with the animal kingdom. Look for and appreciate the ways that nature supports you both physically and energetically. Make space in your life to spend time in nature. Let your heart be filled, let your emotions be resolved, let your hope be grown and cultivated by spending time in nature, time with animals, and time with loved ones.

This month provides a turning point for you toward more Light and more Love, but it requires your attention and it requires your work. This is not a sit at home kind of month. In order to reap the benefits of the optimism, the joy and the expansion available this month, you must take action. Do not imagine that there is something to wait for. Do not imagine you need permission. Look for what you can do and do it with a full heart. Trust that will lead you to the next action and then on to the next so that you life will unfold from one activity to another, getting bigger, more fun and more useful as you move through the month.

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