What energy and experiences can we expect in March 2013?

The energy this month is very friendly. There is a friendly, open energy that
will make communication important this month. At this point in time, there
is a sense that people are more interdependent than ever. Recognizing
your interdependence is more necessary than it ever has been before. This
is true at a very personal level, between you and your friends and family
members. It is also true at a global level from one country to another, from
one government to another. It is true at every level between the personal
and the public.

This month, do your best to communicate openly and honestly in every
relationship. Speak and listen with fairness in every interaction that you
have. The Keepers have spoken many times before about the importance
of being honest with yourself and therefore honest with the world around
you. This month, that universal truth which is always accurate, becomes
vitally important. You will find this month that if you are dishonest with
yourself the negative repercussions will come to you much faster and more
heavily than they would have in the past. Consequences of dishonesty will
be apparent very easily.

The effect of this immediate consequence also means that if you are truthful
with yourself and with those around you, and honest and forthright in
everything that you do, then you will have a greater ability to make your
life go well than you ever had before too. It is not just that you are being
punished for being dishonest, but you will also be rewarded with positive
consequences when you are honest and forthright this month.

Look for opportunities to clear the air. Look for opportunities to say what
you really mean. Be sure this month that you take time to really listen to
your own heart and mind. Listen to your inner voice. Make sure you really
understand what you are feeling and why you are feeling it. Make sure you
understand your opinions and what they mean. Listen to others with the
same high degree of intention. Really seek to understand, not just to hear
the words they say. Listen with empathy.

Make sure you understand yourself and are honest with yourself. That
way, being honest with other people will be relatively easy. You will know
what you need to say if you understand your own heart and mind. Honest
communication is the most important energy to take hold of and work with
in the month of March. But the overall energy also includes a very friendly,
playful sense of motion and things moving forward. Events might not move
forward like a train on a track; they will move forward like a puppy running
along a trail. You might take side roads and try new things, but overall, it
is important that you keep moving forward. You will need to be creative or
spontaneous about that forward motion, but keep moving this month.

What activities can we do this month that will help us tap into the energy and benefit most from it?

This month it will be really useful for you to use a daily check-in with
yourself. This can be something you do on paper or on your computer, or
simply by taking a walk and letting your mind wander. Give yourself a few
basic questions that you ask yourself every day so that there is a formal,
reliable way of checking and just seeing where you stand.

The questions might include things like, “How am I feeling today? What am
I most worried about today? What am I most excited about today? Why?
What do I need to do about the things I am worried about? What do I need
to do about the things I am excited for? Who in my life needs attention?”
These are only examples. There are many other questions you might ask
and it depends on who you are and what is most important for you. Give
yourself about four or five questions that you ask yourself every day that
give you a way of tracking where you stand and knowing in a consistent
manner what is in your heart and mind. This will make honesty come so
much more easily, and it will help you stay in forward motion with the issues
in your life.

A second activity that can be beneficial is to consider the idea harmony.
Harmony occurs not when two notes are the same, but when they are
different in ways that work well together. Harmony works this way in
relationships. When you identify a relationship that is not in harmony,
sit down and think about what you need to be in harmony. Do you need
to move farther away? Do you need to move closer? Is there something
you need to say? Is there a question you need to ask? Is there more
information that you need? Explore what you need to change on your side
of the relationship to move ahead with healthy growth.

This month, you cannot afford to be in limbo. You cannot afford to
procrastinate or delay conflict. It is very important that you find ways to
face up to the difficult dynamics in your relationships. You do not need
to have all of the answers. In fact, most of the time you will not be able
to have all the answers before you talk to someone. Accept the fact that
you may not come to a solution right away, but it is important to begin the
conversation. Try to avoid a passive mode and take action, even if that
action if very small. Find ways to act with as much compassion and grace
and love as possible, yet it is still important for you to bring issues to the
surface to be talked through whenever the opportunity arises.

Is there anything that we should avoid this month in order to most benefit from the energy?

There are two things to avoid this month. One of them is for you to avoid
looking too much at the big picture. Although the dynamic of friendly,
open communication exists at all possible levels between people, most of
you will have enough work to deal with in your personal lives that if you
try to comprehend and work through big collective issues, you are going to
find yourselves overwhelmed. Make sure you are taking care of your own
business first.

Make sure that you attend to your own sphere of influence as well as
possible before you put your mind on big social issues or social change.
Some of you work in collective endeavors, so inevitably you will be thinking
about the big picture as part of your job. But as far as really harnessing
the beauty of the energy this month, you will find yourselves to be most
effective at the smallest levels. The wonderful thing about humans is
that if you all do your best at the smallest level, then the largest level is
taken care of automatically. So make sure you tend to the basic, everyday
relationships and dynamics in your life as well as possible before you put too
much attention on the bigger picture.

The second thing to avoid this month is to avoid situations where you blame
other people for how you feel, or where you allow others to blame you
for how they feel. Often when you are feeling upset or having a strong
emotion, it comes to the surface because of some triggering event in the
present moment. Someone has said something or done something in your
everyday life to cause a big, old emotion to rise from deep within your
subconscious. If you are not being mindful or taking good care of yourself,
it can be easy to fall into the mistaken idea that this huge emotion has been
caused by that triggering event rather than by the old feelings rising to
the surface. When in fact, those large, overwhelming emotions are almost
always coming from within your subconscious. They are coming from some
time in your past when you were hurt.

When you are overwhelmed by an emotion, it is important that you use
the techniques we mentioned earlier. Listen to your own heart and mind.
Give yourself time to check in and really ask yourself questions that help
you discover what overwhelming events in your past are causing you to
feel disempowered now. If you can understand and separate the enormous
emotion from the current event, it will prevent you from creating drama in
the current conflict. It will prevent you from blaming the other person for
the huge emotion you have, or it will help you avoid being blamed for other
people's emotions. Make sure that you are mindfully listening to yourself
and being honest and authentic with your emotions. Do not imagine that
your biggest emotions are coming from the current situation. When you
are overwhelmed, your emotions are almost always coming from the past.
Only you can look at that and heal that old event. As you do this work, it
is important for you to stay away from people who are not willing to take
accountability for their own feelings.

This month, find a way to be honest about where you stand or what you
need, but then be honest with yourself about what you see in that person.
If they are not willing to have the conversation in a way that is fair and
respectful, then you can walk away. If they are not ready yet to take
ownership for their part in the conflict, then step away and give them time.
Do not fool yourself into thinking that you can fix this if the other person
does not join you in creating a solution. That is the second thing to avoid.
Basically, avoid drama. In this case that means to avoid situations where
you or the other person brings old, unresolved emotion to a current conflict.

Is there anything else the Keepers want to tell us about March 2013?

Yes. Another thing to know about this month is that many of you are
coming down from something like a cosmic high that was created by the
collective energy around December 2012. So much collective energy was
built up around what might happen in December of 2012. Even if you did
not think about it too much or get involved, all of you have been affected by
that collective energy and those expectations. And legitimately, a very large
shift did occur for most of you under the surface of your consciousness. For
a couple of months following 2012, you still have had that metaphorical
cosmic adrenaline running through your system. You have been going
through a lot of change and expansion in the last couple of months.

In March, many of you are likely to feel you are coming down from a rush
of change. Even though the Northern Hemisphere springtime is associated
with a rising energy, many of you will find yourselves feeling slower, quieter,
and more inward this month. Some may even feel depressed. If you feel
this arise in March, do not worry. It is part of the process of adjusting
to recent changes. The best thing you can do is to give yourself a lot of
rest. Even though in your waking hours it is important to be honest and
communicative and engaged with the world around you, make sure you give
yourself plenty of time for long nights of sleep and quiet time throughout the
day as needed. Be sure to let your body, your subconscious mind, and your
energy field recalibrate after the rush of 2012 and all of its expectations.

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