What energy and experiences can we expect in March of 2008?

March 2008 opens new energy. It is as if the month of March 2008 is bigger than the other months; as if it takes up more time than months. The energy of March has a lot of pressure in it because change is occurring. Change is occurring like waves on the open ocean. You can see undulations that reveal a great deal of energy under the surface, but not all the waves crest and create whitecaps. From above, there may appear to be very few whitecaps, but there is far more change going on than is readily apparent. You will likely find that small things seem big, or you have strong feelings about things that you know are relatively small. This is fine – there is nothing wrong with feeling strongly. Usually your strong feelings are pointing you to where you need to change personally. If you find yourself overreacting to things, do not try to talk yourself out of your feelings. Simply redirect them into something that can help you change yourself for the better. Avoid directing your feelings and your attention onto what is occurring around you. Usually the things happening around you are not as important and they feel. It is important to honor your feelings, but it is also important to not create drama just because you are having strong feelings. In March, watch your feelings, but wait to act until you have established a sense of calm.

For many of you, the month will feel as if it drags on forever. You may feel like a bubble is about to burst. Watch for feelings of tension, which is a result of your expansion. Some of you may find that your lives have a fullness to them; things may get richer, more interesting, and more fulfilling. The tension and change do not lead this to be a chaotic month. If you find that you are deeply uncomfortable with the tension inherent in the month you might accidentally create chaos to support your feelings, so watch for a tendency to make things more complicated or dramatic than they really are.

Whenever you find that your life is chaotic, sit back and recognize your ability to sit with the pressure you feel. It may be useful to explore how pressure can make some experiences delightful. Bubble gum is a good example. People can only blow bubbles with their bubble gum if they create pressure to blow the bubble. There has to be pressure inside the bubble to hold it open. It is the same with balloons. Play with things that require pressure to succeed. Watch how water pressure allows you to have water come out of the faucet in your kitchen. Look around you this month and notice how pressure can be a gift. It does not always need to be a cause of distress or concern. Notice all of the forms of pressure that exist around you that you are comfortable with, such as air pressure and gravity. Consider that the new pressures in your life can be equally comfortable if you will sit and be still. March is an excellent time for you to use any practices that encourage you to turn within and sit with stillness. For some of you that is meditation, prayer, or something like running or playing a game or solving a puzzle. Anything that helps you be still and quiet will serve you well in March 2008.

You will find that March is a good time to clean up what has come to the surface in the last two months. Again, there is an enormous sense of change under the surface. While there is always potential for collective change, in March there is not a strong potential for something to blow up or for a far-reaching disaster. Instead there is a paradoxical thing that might happen, which is some of you may yearn for things to blow up. It is not that you want something hurtful to happen, but this sense of pressure or tension will leave some of you yearning for something to burst the bubble. You may feel like you are a volcano, particularly for some of you who are sensitive to energy in the collective unconscious. It will serve you to find an outlet for this tension. Again, one that directs you toward positive change in your life rather than one that creates more drama in your social circles or personal life. March of 2008 can be relatively empty. It is like air pressure; there is nothing to grab onto, but you feel pressure nonetheless.

How can we best work with the energy of March 2008?

In addition to having a meditative or centering practice of your own, employ forgiveness this month. It may not be easy to enact discipline with this sense of pressure building. March 2008 is not a good time to start a new discipline. If you did not already meditate every day or every week, do not try to start it on a regular basis now. You will find yourself running up against a wall. Use the practices that you already have developed and that already come easily to you. Do not tell yourself that you will suddenly develop a firm, disciplined meditation practice or exercise regimen. This is not the time to start -- there is too much pressure and it is far too easy for you to be hard on yourselves this month. Instead, as you engage any centering practices, also give yourselves a great deal of forgiveness.

It is likely that many of you will make a lot of mistakes in March of 2008. Imagine a carpenter who has worked all day long and who is tired and hungry. This person has one final project to complete so she or he decides to ignore hunger and fatigue and finish the project. It is not surprising that this is when they are most likely to make a mistake. They might injure themselves or damage the project. March is like that last hour when you are trying to push through something but you feel unsupported and unfocused. Watch for mistakes, and try not to be surprised when you make them. Develop a habit of forgiveness. You may find yourself saying you are sorry a lot this month. Taking accountability for your mistakes and apologizing for them can diffuse them pretty quickly, so engage a sense of forgiveness for yourselves and offer an attitude of forgiveness for others. The perfect motto or mantra for the month is, “We are all human.” Assume goodwill on behalf of your fellow humans, because there may be a lot of bumbling around and apologizing this month!

Are there any days that are important for us to know about during the month of March 2008?

March 8th is like a bubble within a bubble. This day is a small, quiet space. There is hollow sense to the day, which can create something like an energetic echo. Whatever your intentions are this day will likely come to pass tenfold. If you plan something that you dread for this day, your dread will be experienced tenfold. If you think ahead and intentionally set yourselves up to get the support or to do something you enjoy on this day, you will experience that the love and tenfold as well. Mindfulness in planning for the 8th will serve you incredibly well. Anything you intend will be amplified.

March 19th is an important turning point associated with the Equinox. Use this day to release the old things in your life and embrace the new. It is a very useful sort of baptism -- a day when you can actively turn your life in a new direction.

March 17th through the 21st you will much shifting socially and collectively. You might see some changes in the election process in the U.S. You might see a change of heart from some of the leaders of the world. You might see a social group take on a new dimension. Watch for the changes that occur and items that are covered in your news during those days. These will be pointing you to see the directions that humanity is taking collectively. There is nothing to fear here. If something destructive occurs in those days, you can know that whatever has been destroyed is something that needs to be released. Whatever it represents is no longer serving humanity. If something is being built in those days, notice how it takes humanity in a new direction. It is a very enlightened window of time.

The energy of the month, as a whole, is so strong that there are not many days that have a particular energy. The whole month has a strong energy.

Is there something unique or important for us to know about the energy of biological family in March of 2008?

Yes. During the year of 2008, there is a specific direction that the concept of biological family is taking. In this context, the word family is meant to convey the concept of your family of origin. The household in which you were raised and the people whom you were surrounded as a child constitutes your family of origin. Often, this includes biological family members, sometimes it includes people who are not biologically related to you. The definition of family is shifting as many of you reconnect with your spiritual families. For this answer, we refer to your family of origin rather than your chosen family.

In the year 2008, as you step into your true calling, you can no longer imagine that things are happening to you. The events of 2008 lead you to accept that everything happening in your life is happening by choice. Some part of your soul is choosing the people in your life, the situations that you are in, the work you are doing, and the events that occur in your life. All of this is chosen by your higher self and sometimes by your conscious mind. This fact becomes more and more obvious as the year progresses.

A key component of your journey to accountability is your relationship with family of origin, because often people tell themselves that they did not choose their family of origin but they were stuck or trapped with them. Actually every soul chooses where they are born and to whom they are born. The pressure that is occurring in March of 2008 makes this more visible. You will find that the pressure in your personal lives is greatly increased anywhere that you are imagining that something is happening to you or that some relationship in your life is outside of your control or outside of your choice.

Many of you maintain relationships with the members of your family of origin begrudgingly. You tell yourselves that these relationships cannot change because they have been set in these patterns for as long as you can remember. When you think this way, you are not taking accountability for the fact that your soul chose this person to be near you. In every moment you have a choice about whether to relate with someone and how to relate with them, about how close or how far away you have them to you. Use the increased sense of pressure in March to direct you to any place in your life that you are not taking accountability. Many of you will feel more pressure in regard to family of origin.

If you have not yet come to the conclusion that you have a choice about how you relate to the members of your family of origin, the pressure in March will increase to a boiling point for you. You may find conflict or strong feelings arise to bring your attention to the stories you tell yourselves in order to avoid accountability. At some level your higher self had a good reason for the configuration of your relationship with your family of origin. As you move through Enlightenment, it is vital that you bring conscious attention to these relationships. If you do not like someone in your family, choose to end the relationship. If you imagine you are trapped in the patterns of behavior, think again. Ask yourself what you are seeking to avoid, or what you gain by conforming to these patterns.

If you feel pressure or distress in regard to a family relationship, ask yourself, “What do I want from this relationship? What do I like or not like about this person? And, what do I want to get out of this relationship?” The most important question is, “Am I a better version of myself in relation to them or am I a worse version of myself in relation to them?” The answer to these questions are very personal and may change over time, but if you will ask them, you will find clarity and peace in regard to your family of origin. It will become very clear to you how you need to adjust the relationships you have and the ways you behave in regard to these people. If you are a better person because of their influence in your life, then find ways to be closer to them. If you find that you feel less good and less clear with them, then find a way to distance yourself from the relationship or to change your behavior to make more room for happiness in the relationship. It is vital that you find ways to be your best possible selves without the interference of hurtful and unexamined patterns of behavior. The members of your family origin, just like any people in your lives, are good. Do not blame them for the things that are difficult in your relationships. Simply choose to create relationships that support your best possible happiness.

You talked about the dates of the 17th through the 21st being important energy days. In the Christian tradition, that is Holy Week. I am wondering if it has anything to do with the energy leading up to Easter.

Yes, though it is a cause and effect relationship. It is not Holy Week that makes the energy, and it is not that energy that makes Holy Week. They correspond with one another this year intentionally because of how strongly a collective energy is building.

Let us start with Christianity. Everything is in motion, nothing is still, nothing is static. Every entity in the world, whether it be a human being, social group, religion, tree or forest, has motion. The motion of the Christian religion as a whole is toward an intense healing period, a period that is set to last about seventeen years. This is one of the reasons you are seeing things like sexual abuse or financial abuse in different church groups coming to the surface. It needs to be seen in order to be healed. People are healing the primary connection between the figure of Jesus Christ and the practice of Christianity in terms of its institutional existence. Some institutions of Christianity have begun to unravel, while others will take on a new vibration and energy. The difference depends on how much any Christian entity is in alignment with the true values represented by Jesus Christ as a figure.

Holy Week during the year of accountability is a time for seeing what has been hidden. For anyone who practices Christianity or who is part of a Christian institution, there is a personal chasm developing between your faith and any part of your practice that is not in alignment with the Love exemplified by Jesus Christ. You have to first see this chasm before you can heal it. Collectively, Christians have created a portal for Holy Week during which the Christian religion can become more into alignment with the true values of Jesus Christ than they have been for 2000 years. It begins with seeing yourselves with integrity and taking accountability for where you have lost the core of Love that forms the basis of the life of Jesus Christ.

For Christians it is a particularly good time to watch for signs of change. Just as we recommended for everyone for the days between March 17th and March 21st, watch for information that is broadcast. Watch for the ways your religious leaders frame the events of Holy Week. If you are watching the news, watch for what is being unraveled and taken apart, or for what is being built up. Ask yourself what direction does this take me in or what direction would this take all of us in? Decide if that is the direction you want. If it is not, change it to a different group that is more in alignment with the Love you have built in your lives. For Christians, in regard to Holy Week, it is a perfect time for clarity. If you will look at your faith with discernment and a willingness to change for the better, you may consider to be like an energetic baptism.

What impact, if any, will the resignation of Fidel Castro have across the world or Cuba? Can we expect events similar to his resignation in March and going forward?

The resignation of Castro simply formalizes what has already occurred. It seems that it does not actually change much. The people who have been in power are still in power. The energetic effect comes in that the formalization gives people permission to see that things have changed. It gives those who are holding onto old ways of doing things or old ideals to release them or to consider that they may not last forever. It is all part of the energy of change that is so tangible this month. The resignation gives people who feel as if they could be oppressed by a government, not only in Cuba but everywhere, permission to consider that they can transcend oppression. Practically, the resignation does not change much, it is just a formality. But energetically and personally, it can open up a whole new world depending on how much you are engaged with the government of Cuba and the effects it has had across the world. Essentially it opens a space for individuals and small groups to take on more accountability for their lives, their happiness, and their own power.

It is most likely that the way things will go in Cuba is that some people will hold the old regime in place for up to another year or so. The foundation of the regime has already unraveled and it is just a matter of time before the infrastructure collapses as well. It will raise questions for people across the world about political ideals. The eventual evolution occurring in the world is the separation of moral and ethical ideals from institutionalized government. You will find that government becomes more focused on maintaining physical infrastructure and supporting communities, and less invested in governing behavior and personal moral codes.

Essentially the resignation of Castro simply opens more space for these questions to be asked. You will find that people will reengage the idea of communism in a more enlightened way; in ways that do not allow for dictatorship but instead allow for sharing communal resources. This will evolve over time, but immediately you will not see much discernable change in regard to the government of Cuba or any other country in regard to the resignation of Fidel Castro.

It not likely that similar resignations will occur in the month of March. Instead, it is likely that between two and three significant political resignations will occur later in 2008. Energetically they occur in response to or in connection with this resignation, but you may not be able to politically trace the connection. It is more like an energetic space is opened and questions begin to be considered in small groups and small communities. More people become more personally empowered and governments get shaky -- they begin to crumble when they are out of integrity, and that is where you will see the resignations occur.

As Light Beings, we were guided to put money into gold years ago. Is this still a healthy option? Is there a next time to buy it? Is gold a source of personal empowerment for people?

This can only be answered on an individual basis, even for those of you who identify yourselves as Light Workers or Light Beings. Some of you resonate well with gold, some of you do not. What could have been a universal guideline for folks 10 or 20 years ago, can no longer be considered universal. One of the effects of Enlightenment is that each of you steps into a personal path of empowerment that requires that you listen carefully to your own intuition.

As each of you goes through Enlightenment you become more finely-tuned to your individual path, and therefore less beholden to any collective guidelines. You must become more beholden to your own intuitive sense about what is right for you. This is yet another version of taking accountability for what you sense is right for you, what you know to be true, and where your thinking leads you when you make decisions. It is important for each of you to get advice from outside yourselves, but in the end, each of your decisions must resonate individually with who you are and where you are in your lives. That is the first part of the answer.

The second part of the answer is in regard to the energy of gold as it exists in the collective. For some, March is a good time to invest in gold if you feel drawn to doing so. If you feel that your thinking leads you to the idea that gold is the right choice for you and if, when you think of your money being in gold, it feels good to you, go ahead and invest. It appears that March and June are windows in which gold becomes more fluid and easier to buy and to sell. You could benefit if you are in the gold market. Pay attention in March and June and move your transactions within the windows of these months. On any given day, gold will go up and down, so if you are buying wait for the to go down, and if you are selling wait for it to go up. Those are the windows where there is a lot more action for gold. If you are in the gold market, assume that April and May will be quiet for you and July and August as well. Of course watch the market. If you are a person who plays with buying and selling in the market, continue to watch it, as it changes in ways that are not always predictable.

Is there a future for gold after the restructuring of the economy?

Yes. The restructuring of the economy is evolving slowly. The things that are happening quickly right now in the economy are actually results of things that changed ten or more years ago. The actual restructuring of the economy will not happen as quickly as some of you fear and some of you hope for. It will take more time. There is not a single point, person, group or government that actually can restructure the economy. It happens step by step, bit by bit. If you are in the market for gold, or anything else for that matter, the same rule applies. There is no need to throw anything out the window. Anything can be used later on, but do follow your intuition and do pay attention.

Most of this guidance is for those of you who actively engage with buying and selling in the global or economic market. Many people are not engaged and they will not be as clearly affected. Some of you are drawn to the game for a reason. There is something for you to learn there. There is something for you to do there. For those of you who feel that way, pay close attention and continue to respond.

For those of you who are not very interested in the market, if you have money invested, just make sure it is invested in a way that makes sense for you but do not worry about watching the market if you are not interested in it. You can trust it if you have made decisions that are in alignment for you, then those decisions will lead you to what you need to have.

Is there anything else the Guides would like to tell us about March of 2008?

Remember the importance of your physical bodies. None of you can afford to bypass your physical bodies at this point. None of you can afford to ignore your physical needs or delay taking care of your physical bodies. Ask yourself what your body needs and then get it. It may be more water, more food, or more time outdoors. It may also be more silence, more stretching, or more noise. Whatever it is, pay attention and fulfill it. You will find that in March, even more so than already, there is a mechanism occurring in which anytime you disregard the needs of your body, your body will be sure to let you know. If you need more silence and you do not fulfill it, you might catch a cold or get a paper cut or stub your toe. Your body will make sure you pay attention, because your body will only become more relevant to you as you move forward through Enlightenment; it does not become less relevant. Remember that you chose your body, your relationships, and your surroundings for a divine purpose. Have faith that the purpose will emerge as you accept and care for yourself right where you are this month!

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