What energetic influences can we expect in March, 2007?

March, 2007 has a great deal of forward momentum. You will appreciate any work you have done in previous months to become clear about your motivations and to set distinct intentions for the directions you would like to move toward, for the momentum this month will move you there! It is like a rocket ship launching upward – it creates a great deal of heat. This heat will be experienced as a burning away of those things that have served you in the past but that no hold you back.

You have a saying that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. This saying expresses a polarized energy that exists in the month of March, 2007. You may often feel that your choices present “all or nothing” outcomes, and that there is a great deal of pressure to do things correctly. This pressure will not be real or true, but it will feel true. It will be important for you to remember that you are free to make mistakes and redirect your path, even as you are moving forward so quickly this month.

The energy of the month is very vibrant. If you could see it with your eyes, you would see vivid purple and fiery red swirling around you. Many of you are, if you are not already, likely to experience symptoms such as headaches, burning in the stomach, ringing in the ears, and seeing flashes of light during the month of March, 2007. If these symptoms are brief, you can assume that you are simply moving rapidly in this vast energy. If your symptoms are long-lasting, you might seek support from a healing professional.

The month of March is not meant to be fiery in every year, but this year you have created a collective combustion. This collective combustion was not foreseeable several months ago, for it has emerged from the choices you have made as a group and as individuals in your. Lives. Your choice to commit to truth, integrity, and accountability have led to a necessary fire in order to burn away the things that are no longer working for you.

You might imagine yourself walking across a bed of coals in a Fire Walk Ceremony -- in order to survive the heat of the fire, you must stay centered and you must have faith in your body and in the sacred rituals and wisdom that are carried in each of your chosen religions and cultures. Human beings have walked through fire before and, while Ascension is a new experience on planet Earth, each of you is equipped with ancestral history and cultural wisdom that will guide you through the difficult points during the process of Ascension. March, 2007 may be one of those difficult points for many of you. We recognize that you may think, "How can I be entering a difficult point when I have already been having a difficult point!?" This point is different from what you have been working with in previous months. Recently, your difficulties have led you to more confusion. The difficulties of March, 2007 lead to clarity.

It will serve you to cool yourselves this month -- to cool your head, count to three, take a break, and walk away. The practices of cooling, quieting, and centering will be the touchstones that guide you through the month of March, 2007. As always, the practice of Love will benefit you, but you may find that Love as an emotion is not as easily accessible to you this month as it has been recently and will be in the future. Forgive yourselves for this. If you find it is difficult to reach out to one another, instead try to be gentle with yourself and others. Speak softly, wait, and listen. You will have moments when you reach out and find incredible Love for one another, but be gentle with yourself when all you can do is find a quiet space for your own mind to cool itself. This is the best way you can be of service this month. Take care of your bodies and foster quietness in your lives. You do not need to fight for momentum this month. It has been provided for you by the collective shift you have all created.

What are the power days in March, 2007?

Perhaps the most accurate way to perceive the stretch of time embodied by the month of March, 2007 is to imagine a huge field of molten lava. The lava bubbles and splutters, and these eruptions are likely to occur at any moment throughout the month. At this time, there is potential for movement during the time between March 7th and March 13th. You may find any tension existing in your life will come to the surface, and perhaps even boil over. Try to foresee potential conflicts during those days, and do what you can to center yourself and cool yourself in advance so that as conflict erupts around you, you can stay calm.

Another potential stretch of power days occurs between March 17th and 19th. These days are likely to be either profoundly quiet, almost so much that you will feel isolated for a few days, or profoundly chaotic so that you might fear being swept away by the drama and the conflicts swirling around you. In either situation, consider that these days exist to release the tension has been building all around the planet as so many people go through changes in their lives. It is necessary. It is this tension that will drive you to create collective change. The tension itself is composed of the strain between your rapidly-changing collective consciousness and the more slowly changing collective reality.

You might consider the days between March 17th and March 19th to be like a collective PMS. Take note of your feelings, know that they are real, but remember that you do not need to hold onto them, for you will have a new perspective after the 20th. The Vernal Equinox this year promises to bring a collective cooling and dissipation of tension. You can look forward to the Equinox as a time of comfort and integration. You will feel more like yourselves after the Equinox. Until then, remember that you are Loved. Remember that even if you feel alone, you are indeed not alone. And remember that this fire is here to serve you in moving forward with the intentions you have set for your lives. Do not be afraid to leave behind the things that no longer serve you.

This Monthly Message was channeled from the Akashic Records by Jen Eramith, MA. Permission is given to copy and share this article provided that the contents remain complete, all credit is given to the author, and it is freely distributed.

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