What energy and experiences can we expect in June 2015?

There is a big, rich abundant energy this month. The feeling is that the month lasts longer than the number of days would indicate. Every day, every hour, and every moment is expanded.

You may find yourself losing track of time and becoming so involved in an activity that the moment feels bigger than it would appear to be on the clock. This is a good time to be childlike in the way you relate to time. Remember to be fully present and really enjoy what you are doing, rather than to suffer through or try to rush. Do anything you can to cultivate that sense of timelessness and total focus. Strengthen the skills that help you be present – breathing, listening, meditation and focus.

The energy this month is also very fertile. It is a good time to begin new things. It is a good time to share ideas that you hope will come to fruition in the future. It is a very good time to explore ways that you can grow.

The energy this month is stable and stabilizing. It will be useful to focus on what holds you secure in your life. Nourish the relationships, the routines, the habits, and the belief systems that help stabilize you and that help you make the world make sense. This is a good time to invest in spiritual practice. It is a good time to invest in the people around you and in whatever you need in your home, your work environment, in your everyday life, to help you feel stable and secure.

Are there particular activities that would help us best harness the energy this month?

There is a small exercise that would be incredibly beneficial this month. Simply pause throughout your day, on a regular basis, to feel the Earth beneath your feet. Take a deep breath and feel a sense of connection. Pay attention to the way gravity keeps you in secure in one place, and allow that to become a grounding force and a stabilizing influence on your mind. This is very simple, but if you gently place your attention on your physical connection to the Earth, and allow your energy to move downward as if you have roots like a tree, you will find that everything else falls into place.

This exercise is something you can do all day if you wish. It is a small, simple exercise that is especially well suited to the energy as it exists this month. It is nourishing and this will help you draw energy up from the Earth to help you grown into the beautiful, abundant energy that is moving through this month.

Is there anything we should avoid this month?

You may find that people exaggerate or overpromise themselves this month. It is as if everyone gets lost in the abundance and the feeling of expansion. People may say more than they mean to. As a speaker, be temperate. Do not overpromise or commit to what you cannot do. As a listener, be discerning. Consider that what you are hearing may not come fully to pass, but that you can believe the original intention of what is said. People are not trying to mislead you, but they may say things they do not mean. It is as if everyone gets so big that you may overpromise yourselves. Choose temperance in both speaking and listening -- not to reduce your joy and expansion, but simply to keep your feet on the ground as everything is growing so fast.

Along that line, avoid putting all your eggs in one basket, so to speak. Do not become reliant on the promises of other people this month. It is important that you stay grounded with a broad stance. Foster a sense of connection and stability to many grounding influences rather than resting all your needs on just a few connections.

Is there anything else the Keepers want to tell us about June 2015?

Yes. It will be very important for you to have fun this month. The energy support fun, joy, love, and pleasure. These things will help you be more present and help you fully engage in the blessings of the month. At the same time, this month is meant to be productive. The abundance is meant to lead to productivity and accomplishment. So you have dual purpose that will be easy to fulfill this month if you commit yourself to both fun and focus. This is a good time to work hard and play hard, or to work big and play big.

The key to engaging both is to focus and be present with what you are doing when you are doing it. As you are working, your work can be big. And as you are playing, your play can be big. Without a focus on the present moment then each experience feels small because part of you is distracted from it.

The energy this month really is a blessing. The blessing does not guarantee that life will be easy or happy, but there is room for you to be easier and happier than usual. How easy and happy you become will be up to you. Make sure to look for opportunities to engage that abundance. Make sure that you eradicate the forces in your life that keep you feeling small. It is up to you to adjust your life in order to use this energy. But the energy is there just waiting for you, hoping that you will play with it this month.