What energy and experiences can we expect this month?

The energy this month is very simple, very clear, and very light. This is a time to be outward and expressive. Find ways to express your thoughts and feelings with ease and clarity. It will benefit you to be light-hearted in your relationships and interactions with people. Do not make things too complicated, and do everything you can to avoid drama.

This is a time to bring forth your creativity and enter new projects. You will find that any changes or healing you have been working on subconsciously or slowly will now rise to the surface and develop new momentum. It is time to tell people about your situation and your work. It is time to bring your current growing and changing into physical form. This month, explore how you can put it out into the world the things you have been thinking about and feeling in recent months. This is a very expansive time, but it is not expansion based on learning or growing or healing. It is expansion based on creatively expressing who you are, what you love, and what you are building. It is very simple.

The best thing you can do this month is to focus on simplicity. Try to narrow down your thoughts and feelings into their core themes or the central message that you are trying to convey. Try to avoid overcomplicating your work, your relationships or any message you wish to share with the world.

Are there any particular activities that would be beneficial this month?

Relationships and social interaction will be most important. Consider how you express yourself in the world. Explore relating with people, meeting new friends, and any way you can expand your community. It is time for you to reach out to others in a way that is friendly and filled with good will.

So much of what happens this year is based on people creating empowering relationships and weaving a web of community that will help you eventually become less reliant on oppressive institutions, and instead be interdependent with the people around you. This month especially, it is time to make that shift more apparent in your life. This is a great time to make new friends and reach out to old ones. It is a good time to establish trading or bartering relationships with the people in your community. It is time to offer help and to ask for help. And it is a good time to be together with loved ones and laugh. Be willing to show people your flaws and let yourself be loved. Be willing to admit your mistakes and let yourself be forgiven. Try to be lighthearted, use humor in order to diffuse any tension or anything upsetting in a relationship. Try not to over-think things this month. It is time to keep it simple -- to be lighthearted and easy in all of your engagements with others.

Are there any things we should avoid this month?

It will be useful this month to avoid your complicated relationships if you can. Try to avoid people with whom you have conflict or longstanding, unresolved issues. This is a time to move toward the relationships that are coming easily. It is a time to move toward the projects that are moving easily.

If you have something that is really stuck, it would be useful to actually avoid it this month. Not because you are meant to avoid it forever, but because the way to harmonize the energy this month is to stay above your deeper issues. The way to move ahead and grow with the energy this month is to move what moves easily and trust that the stuck things will move later when they are ready.

If you must engage with difficult relationships, if you must deal with difficult projects then try to use humor and to be lighthearted with them. But, if you can, delay that meeting or avoid returning that phone call until after the month of June. You will find that those stuck things will move more easily later and you will be able to stay in the positive, outward expansive energy of the month more easily by avoiding some of those very stuck situations.

Again, you are not meant to procrastinate forever, you are not meant to escape those experiences, you are simply meant to sidestep them for now in order to fully harness the expansion available for you in June.

Is there anything else for us to know about June 2014?

The energy of the month is very friendly. It is the feeling of walking up to a new friend with a big smile on your face and open arms, ready for a hug. Try to do this as much as you can. Try to look people in the eye. Use eye contact as a way of engaging more deeply and yet more lightly with people. Use touch when you can. Touch someone's shoulder as you speak. Hug if it is appropriate, and shake hands with an open heart. This is a good time to use touch, eye contact and smiling, in order to help build bridges and convey your easy-going attitude whenever you possibly can.

On the other hand, when you find it difficult to be open, honest and easy-going with people, then it is important for you to explore in your private moments what interferes with your friendliness. Explore what is standing in the way of you being friendly toward someone or friendly in a certain situation. The healing that is worth looking at this month has to do with whatever stands in your way of feeling relaxed and friendly. If there is a certain person you need to avoid, or if there are certain fears you need to work through or memories you need to heal in order to be relaxed and friendly with people, it is important that you look at those as they come alive this month.

Let friendliness be the norm and whenever you find friendliness difficult, look there for the things you need to heal. This month will prove to be a lot of fun if you will harness this energy and reach out to others. It will be an expansive and delightful time if you will remind yourself and the people around you that everyone is doing their best, and everyone is striving to be their best possible self. The single most important gift you can offer the world is forgiveness for yourself and others, embracing the flaws and embracing the imperfect process of being human.

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