What energy and experiences can we expect in June 2013?

The energy this month has a strong sense of potency. The image that
describes the energy of this month is like a rosebud before it has bloomed.
There is a feeling that things are a bit tight, yet full of potential. There
might be some tension, but the tightness is really more about a fullness of
potential. Something beautiful is about to unfold collectively in the world
and personally in many of your lives. Before it can unfold, you must gather
your energy.

This is an important time to weave things together, to bring together what
you have learned in the last couple of years, and to pull together with your
loved ones and your friends. Seek to establish stronger community bonds
and to finally deal with and let go of old habits that stand in your way. It
is time to make yourself more potent than you have ever been before. You
cannot afford to relearn old lessons. You cannot afford to ignore the things
you know are true.

This month, you are called to act from a higher standard than ever before.
It is time for you to choose the best possible version of yourself, and to
choose consistently to do the right thing. Do what you know is right for your
higher good, rather than to do what makes you feel better in the moment.

It will be useful to strengthen your spiritual practices, and to establish a
structure in your daily routine that allows you to spend more time doing
what is most important. It will be really useful this month for you to avoid
activities that diffuse your energy. Pay attention to what you watch on
television or what you look at on the Internet. Only look at the things that
bring you to a higher place in yourself. Spend time doing activities that
make you a better person -- that make you more happy and more joyful.
Avoid spending time with people or in environments that make you feel
tired, drained, or unhappy. This high standard and the discipline that you
are being called to use in June is not harmful to you, though it may be
difficult. Ultimately, the discipline will help to keep you in alignment with
things that actually make you happy, and this will make your life feel easier
than ever before.

Be gentle this month. It is not a time to beat yourself up; it is not a time
to be miserable. This is a time to be happy -- to more potently choose the
activities, the environments, and the people who make you feel happier. Do
not waste your time this month. Do not waste your time doing things that
feel unhappy. If there is something you need to do that you do not enjoy,
do it as quickly and easily as you can. Finish it quickly so that you can move
on to being happy. Procrastination cannot be tolerated this month. It is
an exciting time, but it does require you to step up to the plate and act in
accordance with your highest values.

What specific activities can we engage in this month to best use this energy?

This month it will be beneficial for you to use a calendar system and plan
your days and your weeks. Plan ahead to make sure that your days are
filled with beneficial, loving, potent, and healthy activities. This will make it
more possible for you to actually fulfill those activities. Use a calendar and
plan ahead so you are not swept up in wasteful activities.

It will also serve you this month to make plans with loved ones who support
you. If one of your goals is to exercise more, make plans with a loved one
or with someone that you enjoy being around. Exercise with them. Set up
ways to be beholden to each other for these healthful activities. Make plans
for fun, make plans for pleasure, and make plans for health. All of these are
beneficial this month.

Do not leave much empty space in your calendar. Fill your calendar with
joy. Fill your calendar with things that really make you happy or things that
you know will make you the kind of person you truly wish to be. Having
a calendar and making plans will serve you so well this month because
it will make you more potent. It will prevent you from wasting time or
procrastinating as much as you might normally do.

Is there anything that we need to avoid this month in particular?

First, as we have mentioned, it is important to avoid procrastination and it
is important to avoid diffusing your energy. In addition to that, this month
it is important for you to avoid a few other things. In a general sense, it is
important for you to avoid technology this month. Most of you cannot avoid
technology altogether, and that is fine. Yet whenever you have a choice,
do something in the natural world rather than with a screen or with another
technological gadget. Connecting with the natural world is beneficial for
everyone, so it is a way for you to ensure that your time is spent expanding
your happiness rather than diminishing it. Avoid surfing the Internet unless
there is something you particularly need to find. Avoid flipping through the
channels on television. Avoid watching television shows that are not very
important to you. Become much more picky about what you are willing to
view on a screen. Spend as much time as possible away from screens and
technology in order to make space to do the things that really help heal and
connect you to your emotions and your intuition. The things that help you
make that connection are the natural world, loving relationships with people,
pets, playing, and strengthening or stretching your body. These things
are universally beneficial for every human. Every minute that you spend
doing these things rather than sitting in front of a screen will vastly improve
how happy you are this month. As much as possible, avoid screens and

One other thing to avoid this month is complaining. Whenever you notice
that you are unhappy about your situation or regretful about something that
you have done, rather than complaining or venting to a friend, sit down and
write a plan of action for what you have learned and what you plan to do
differently for next time. That will help you make the experience of regret
more potent.

Avoid gossip, avoid complaining, and avoid venting – either your own
or that of others. Avoid repeating the same story over and over again.
Whenever you notice that there is something out of alignment for you, if
you regret something or if you are angry about something or resentful, write
down what you have learned from the situation and how you plan to do it
differently. Again, this will put you back into the flow of being potent and
productive. It will keep you out of being mired in regret and difficult feelings
that hold you back.

Is there anything else for us to know about the month of June 2013?

Much of the potency of the month comes through relationships with other
people. If there is one single thing that is becoming more potent across
the planet this month, it is communities. Your interdependence has never
been more evident. If you ignore it, then you will find accidental effects
occurring in your community. If you embrace it, then you can participate in
building more trust and love in the world. People are becoming closer to one
another and people are relying on each other more than ever before. They
are reaching out more, they are sharing what is in their hearts, and they are
investing in each other's lives.

It is important that you participate in community at the level where you live.
Participate in this with your family, with your friends, with your neighbors,
and with the people in your local county or town. Do everything you can to
be connected with people's lives. It is a very good time to walk outside and
say hello to your neighbors, to invite people into your life, and to make more
social plans so that you are involved in one another's lives. This is the single
most important potency you can bring to the month of June.

Open your eyes, open your hearts, open your mouths and share with your
friends and loved ones. Look for ways to be closer with the people who love
you and support you, and look for ways that you can support those around
you. This is the single most important thing that is happening in the world
right now. Your community connections and your willingness to care about
each other and to recognize your interdependence is the most important
part of the Enlightenment process at this time on Planet Earth. Be sure you
participate in that. It will bring you some challenges, it will bring you some
work to do -- but ultimately it will bring you the greatest joy possible for you
to become closer to other human beings.

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