What energies and experiences can we expect during June 2012?

The energy this month is extremely full. There is a sense that everything is
brimming over and there are several different ways you might experience
this fullness. How you experience it will be based partly on what needs to
happen for your personal journey and partly on what choices you make.
Like nearly everything, what happens will be led by both fate and choice.

Your ability to steer your life this month has everything to do with
resistance. If you resist what is happening for you this month, it is going to
be a really difficult time for you. If you will embrace it and allow yourself
to be overwhelmed, this can create a beautiful transformation for you.
The hallmark of knowing if you are on track this month is that you will feel
overwhelmed. Being overwhelmed is something that many of you shy away
from. It can be an uncomfortable feeling if you are used to feeling like
you are in control. But, being overwhelmed can also be totally magical.
Feeling overwhelmed can lead you to wonderful experiences, such as being
overwhelmed with joy or overwhelmed with Love in your heart. Being
overwhelmed can cause you to be swept away. It can cause you to fall
in love, or to turn yourself over to something greater than you. Being
overwhelmed can lead you to metamorphosis.

When you feel overwhelmed this month, do what you can to surrender. Do
what you can to just feel what you are feeling. Do not try to fix everything;
do not try to make sense of it all. The sense of it and the understanding will
come later. But for the most part when you are feeling overwhelmed, just
let yourself feel it for a while before you try to make decisions about what to
do next or how to sort it out.

A useful metaphor, something that can help you get a sense for how to
approach your experiences, is the feeling of floating on your back in a
beautiful pool of water. Just imagine that you are lying in a beautiful pool
of water with the most exquisite flowers floating all around you. You could
spend all your time trying to sort out the flowers and put them where they
belong or make sure that they are organized and in your control. Or, you
can simply lie on your back and let the flowers float around you. Sometimes
the flowers will bump into you and sometimes they will get caught in your
hair and you can pull them out if they are bothering you, but the best
approach is to stay on your back and take in a breath and feel the harmony
and the beauty surrounding you rather than trying to stop everything and
get it organized before you enjoy it. In the same way, this month you can
simply surrender and let the events, the people, and the experiences of your
life exist around you. That is the key to working with the energy that is
coming through in the month of June 2012. It can be a very transformative

This month is calling you to become a different person. This month is calling
you to change the person you thought you were before into who you hope
to be after this year. Many of you have established ideas for what you hope
will occur in the world after the year 2012. Many of you have established
hope for a time of peace, a time of harmony on Earth and other positive
ideals you have for what might be possible after the year 2012. This month,
you are being called to transform into that yourself. The only way the world
will transform through this year is by each of you making the transformation
personally. This is the month to do it. This is the month to surrender
and give up on the things you have been fighting and resisting and to just
embrace your life for what it is and embrace the challenges and struggles
and emotions and beautiful things as one big package and surrender to it.
Take care of what you need to when it bumps into you, but do not try to
control everything this month.

Are there specific activities that would be best for us to engage in during the month of June 2012?

Yes, it seems really useful for you to engage in activities that put you
into contact with other people. This can be a very social time and it is an
important time for you to really embrace the people in your life, including
the people that are easy for you and the people that are difficult for you. It
is time to embrace the whole messy condition of the human family. And so
this month, it is important for you to engage in social activities at whatever
level makes sense for you in your personal life.

This is a good time to say yes to social invitations, and to allow people to be
around as long as they are not creating harm or damage. Allow people to
be around as you go about your day and your activity. This is not a time for
purity or calmness. It is a time for activity and fullness. Social activity is
important this month.

Another activity that will be really useful for many of you this month is
breathing. Remember to take deep, strong, long breaths. Whether it is
a daily practice -- maybe every morning you go through some breathing
exercises -- or whether it is an ongoing effort to take a deep breath
whenever you get frustrated or overwhelmed. Use your breath to move
this energy through you. Use your breath to help you stay expanded and
relaxed rather than becoming compressed or brittle.

More specifically, when you are feeling overwhelmed or when anything is
difficult this month -- take a couple of moments, close your eyes, take a few
deep cleansing breaths, stretch your muscles a little bit and then with your
eyes closed, notice the first thought that comes to mind, the first worry that
you carry with you. As you breathe in, imagine that thought as a color. Just
picture it being a color, any color that seems to fit, and as you breathe out
with your eyes closed, imagine that color blowing out of your mouth like
steam or smoke. Imagine the thought and all the energy around it takes
the form of that color and leaves you. Just as you would watch steam or
smoke in the air, in your mind's eye watch the thought float away, just like
a cloud, watch that color drift off into the air and disappear. And then as
you breathe in again, notice the next thought. It might be the same thought
again or it might be a different one. But notice the next thought and feel
what color seems to suit that thought now. As you breathe out, watch that
color blow away. Continue this for anywhere from five to twenty breaths
until you feel quieter. You will not be perfectly quiet, you will not be in a
state of perfect meditation after this, but you will be quieter and calmer and
more able to face the challenge at hand.

You can use this exercise all day long if you want to, or perhaps just once
or twice a day. This will serve you so well because it gives you a chance
to clear things out of your mind, to calm yourself down without resisting or
denying or trying to control whatever it is you are worried about. It allows
you, and it allows your breath, to help you expand into the energy of it
without holding on and trying to fix it. It turns your breath into a tool for
surrender. This exercise will serve many of you very well throughout the
month of June.

Is there anything for us to watch out for or avoid this month?

There are two things you to watch out for this month. One is, watch out for
the difference between being overwhelmed and being harmed. If children
are playing nearby and the noise is overwhelming, then you notice you are
overwhelmed by the stimulus but nothing is actually causing you harm. If
someone is yelling at you or saying something cruel to you or to someone
nearby, you are being harmed. It is important that as you accept being
overwhelmed and letting go of control that you continue to protect yourself
from harm. Make sure that you notice the difference.

One way to recognize the difference between healthy acceptance and
allowing harm is to listen to your body. When you feel overwhelmed, first
identify what you feel physically and what is causing the feeling. Then ask
yourself, “Is this causing me physical harm? Is this causing me emotional
harm? Is it hurting my feelings? Is it causing me energetic or psychic
harm? Do you feel scared when it is happening?” If the answer to any of
those is yes, then walk away from the situation. Find something healthier
or find a place where you can be safe. If it really is that you are just feeling
annoyed or irritated or overwhelmed, take a few deep breaths, make
adjustments if needed, but do you best to let the feeling move through you
rather than trying to control everything in your environment. There is a
subtle but very important distinction there and it is very important that you
watch out and make sure that you do not allow harm to come to you just
because you are feeling overwhelmed.

The second thing to watch out for this month is for what you will see in the
people around you. Everyone is going to feel overwhelmed this month and
most people will not be aware of it consciously. They will not be expecting
it and they will think that the feeling of being overwhelmed means they
need to change something. For instance, if you and a friend have plans
and the friend calls and says, "I am too overwhelmed to do this plan" have
understanding and compassion for your friend and suggest another way that
you could get together or have fun. Do not give up on people when they
are too overwhelmed to be close to you or to handle whatever it is you are
bringing. Do not give up on them.

This month, give people “the benefit of the doubt.” Assume they want to
have fun, assume they want to be close to you, assume they want to be
helpful and that they are just too overwhelmed to perform well this month.
It is an important time to offer forgiveness and patience for the people
around you because you know something they do not. Now that you have
read this, you can anticipate that everything will feel overwhelming this
month. You know the key or the trick is to surrender, so do not ask people
to fight it. Do not ask people to perform well if they are just not doing it.
Help them, remind them about how to laugh things off, remind them about
how to take a deep breath, remind them to not worry. Do not add more
pressure to their lives. That is the second thing to watch out for this month.

Is there anything else for us to know about the month of June 2012?

Part of what is overwhelming this month is the feeling that you have come
to the top of the roller coaster and you are about to start going down. If
you have ever been on a roller coaster, you know that moment right before
you pick up momentum on the down slope can often be the scariest. Once
you are moving you deal with the motion, even if it is difficult. But it is
that moment of anticipation and you can feel the pull of gravity, where the
adrenaline rushes through your body. That is similar to what is happening in
June. Things are going to get easier, they are going to move faster through
the rest of the year. But right now, maybe emotionally, a tense and difficult
time. Just like right when you crest over the ridge of the roller coaster. This
is the beginning of the downward fall, which is meant to be the fun part!

Do not imagine that this feeling over being overwhelmed is going to last
forever. It really is not going to last much further past the third week of
June. But it is going to be short, intense, and important. Use the first three
weeks of June as a golden opportunity for you to make the choice and make
the difference between whether you resist what is happening in your life or
whether you embrace it and just deal with the overwhelmed feelings. Those
feelings are going to go away and you are going to find yourself moving
just as you want to be moving in July and August if you will surrender to
the feeling of being overwhelmed right now. You will probably make some
mistakes this month and you will be able to make amends for those later
on. Anything you can do to release control and accept the things you cannot
change will get you so far ahead in the month of June 2012.

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