What energy and experiences can we expect in June of 2011?

This is meant to be a very productive month. There is a strong forward
motion that is not like a push or a shove. It is like a steady progression.
The energy in the winter and spring has brought challenges. It has also
brought a lot of support. This month you will feel that, instead of things
going up and down and you trying to keep track of so much change, you will
have a clearer sense of the direction that things are moving in.

The challenges in your lives will start to line up so that even if the challenges
are still there, they are all going to go in the same direction. You can apply
some of the same solutions to different problems. You will see patterns
more easily and that will help you find solutions. The potential is that June
can feel easier, but that will only be the case if you are willing to work. You
keep your eyes open, you keep your hands on the steering wheel, and keep
paying attention to and working with what comes up in your life.

If you try to rest in June, you are going to get lost. If you avoid working on
your path it will be as if you are on a river and get caught in an eddy -- you
will feel like you are being pushed around. June is a time to take pleasure
in work. It is a time to take pleasure in getting things done, moving things
forward, working with one another to find solutions. That is the overall
momentum for the energy in June of 2011.
How can we find the greatest benefit with using the energy this month?

The best way to benefit from this energy is to plan in advance for what you
have to work on. At the beginning of the month, take some time to reflect
on your year so far. Much has changed. Much has changed in the greater
world and much has changed in your individual lives. So much of the
change has been fundamental -- the foundations within you have shifted.
Paradigms are shifting; the centers of power are shifting. This is true in the
world; it is also true for you as an individual.

You might not have really been able to make sense of it or figure out where
it is all going to lead, but if you will look back, at the beginning of June, look
back on your year so far and make a list of your challenges. What have
been the biggest changes in your life? What have been the most confusing
or difficult or challenging experiences so far for you? For each of those
challenges, then ask yourself, “How do I feel about this? How did I feel
about this issue before? How do I feel about it now? What has changed and
what needs to change?” Then after doing that, look back and notice that
there are some patterns, there are some similar themes in these different

Even if they are very different parts of your life, you are going to find that
they are similar themes. You might have the same emotion about all of
them, or you might need to make the same type of change in all of them.
Look for the similarities, look for the patterns and then look ahead to June.
Think about what your plans are, think about the people you will be seeing
this month, the projects or tasks you want to have accomplished. Consider
how those patterns can play into your plans. Think ahead to how you
can solve some of your problems before you reach them by learning from
what has happened so far this year. Maybe your theme is empowerment
or speaking up for yourself. Maybe your theme is being a better listener.
Maybe your theme is learning to count to ten before you lose your temper.
Whatever it is, each of you has something that has been building and it is
time to finally learn this and apply it in June. That is the best way that you
can really work with this energy.

Other than that process, you do not need to make anything happen this
month. So much will be happening already! Just watch for the experiences
that come to you. Watch for the people who show up in your life, watch for
the problems that show up. They are giving you what you need to move
forward. You do not need to make it up, you do not need to search, this
is not a time for quiet contemplation, and it is not a time for deep spiritual
search. This is time to work on your life and do the best you can with it.
Take every step you can with as much integrity as you can muster.

Is there anything for us to watch out for or avoid during the month of June 2011?

It is especially important this month that you avoid negativity. What we
mean by that is avoid the people and experiences that put you in a bad
mood or that bring your spirits down. You have probably identified some of
the people in your life who tent to complain a lot. This is the month to avoid
those people. This is the month to stay away from the people who bring
out the worst in you. Those people might be dear to you and you might
keep them in your life, but this month you cannot afford to have something
dragging you back. Pay attention to what people you bring into your life this

Spend more time with the optimists; spend more time with the people
who laugh easily. Spend less time with the people who are unkind or
unconscious. You cannot be perfect here of course -- life and human
relationships are complex. But on any given day, make adjustments so
there is more time spent with the optimists and less time spent with the
pessimists. You can make up for this later, but in June, it is time to move
forward. Anything you can do to make your spirits more buoyant, to make
your emotions lighter and happier. Anything you can do to lighten your load
so that you move forward faster is going to serve you very well in June.

It is also important to avoid getting bogged down in details this month.
There is a fine balance here because it is important for you to be mindful
and attentive and take care of things as they come along, but do not make
them more complicated than they need to be. Do not try to make it perfect.
Just do the best you can and then move forward. Keep it moving this
month. Do not use details or your idea of perfection to drag you back or
make you pause. Do your best and then step forward over and over again
this month.

Is there anything else the Keepers want to tell us about June 2011?

Yes. One other thing that is important during this month is that you be sure
to care for your bodies very consistently in order to help you carry your
energy through this. We talked about the difference if you are going to
be mindful and attentive this month, it is like you are floating down a river
and you are just cruising along. Where if you are not careful, if you are not

attentive, or if you are resistant, you are going to get spun around just like
falling off your boat in the river and getting swept up under the water. You
are going to get tossed around and feel disoriented.

One thing that can make a difference here is how you take care of your
bodies. This is similar to the question of whether you have a life vest or
not. Be sure to eat healthy food, be sure to get enough sleep, drink a lot
of water. If you have just five seconds to spare, take those five seconds to
stretch your muscles or take a few deeper breaths. Every little thing you
can do throughout the day to care for your body is going to help carry you
through this month and keep you on top of things. It can make a radical
difference. Be attentive to your body, do the things you know are good for
you, do not worry, do not beat yourself up if you are not perfect. When
you have a moment, do something to support your body. If you do that
consistently through the month, it is going to serve you greatly in terms
of moving forward with this momentum in terms of making this month
incredibly positive rather than disorienting.

If you find that you are disoriented this month, if you find that you just
cannot get your head above water, you just cannot figure things out, start
with your body. Get a full night's sleep, take a bath, take some deep
breaths, eat a very healthy meal, do something to help you get grounded
in your body and to feel supported in your body. If you start there, then
you can start to think about those bigger patterns in your life and the things
we mentioned earlier. This is an exciting time on Planet Earth, this is an
exciting year and this month carries a natural positivity. Allow that positivity
to infuse you. Bring out your natural hopefulness and joyfulness whenever
you can.

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