What energy and what experiences can we expect collectively in the month of June 2008?

The month of June 2008 can be seen as a continuation of the energy of May, and an initiation into the energy of July. The transition between these two vastly different energies will occur at the Summer Solstice; the solstice this year is particularly potent. While the solstice is always an important moment in the vibrational year, in 2008, the summer solstice has a great deal of potency.

The first three weeks of June, before the solstice occurs, you are going to find the energy is similar to that of May. It is an expansive, somewhat nurturing and supportive energy. Even as that expansive energy is nurturing and supportive, it leads to things being more visible and apparent. You can see how this has occurred in May -- events that could have been swept under the collective rug previously just simply cannot be hidden now. If you look at the cyclone in Myanmar or the earthquake in China, these kind of dramatic events have occurred in the last several years in other parts of the world and they have not received the kind of attention that they are receiving now. It is becoming less and less possible for any of you to be in denial about the deep, unwavering connections amongst all of you on planet Earth. The connections between you and other members of the human race, between the human race and other species, and between you and the planet itself will become more apparent in June. More information will come to light, more collective experiences will enter your awareness and break your hearts. This is not to say it is a guarantee that more traumatic events will occur, though there is always potential for these kinds of things; it is to say that whatever does occur collectively will be very apparent to you.

It is important that during this time of expansion, nurturing and supportive energy that you let your eyes stay open, your hearts break and that you conceive of how very connected you truly are to one another. This is the greatest, highest use of the energy that is available in the early part of the month of June. This sense of connection and visibility will continue to grow for years to come. Imagine that your heart could reach out and wrap itself around the whole world if only you could figure out a way to do it. This is what you are being called to do -- to become a bigger version of yourself with a greater conception of your connection to others and therefore a greater sense of accountability for the way your actions affect the world around you, even the world outside of you or the world beyond you. That is the energy for the first three weeks of June.

Following the solstice in the last 10 days of June, you are going to find a drastic shift in the energy that you experience collectively. The energy of the solstice is very much like what happens in the moments before a super nova explodes. The solstice is similar to a collective pause between breaths, a collective holding in of energy. It is as if energetically around the solstice you all begin to gather together what you are becoming. You begin to gather and pull in close all of the energy of your potential as individual human beings and as a collective race on the planet. You may find that life becomes oddly quiet around the summer solstice. After the solstice, in the end of June, you will find a sharper energy; out of the quiet will emerge important new information regarding your individual lives and your collective direction. You will be called to make some important choices in your lives toward the end of June. Do not expect things to be suddenly, radically different at the solstice, but do watch for that sense of calm before the storm. The storm is not a danger -- it is simply a more intense energy. It is set to arise in July and flush itself out in August. For June, enjoy the expansion, your new found ability to love in a greater way, and the sense that everything is possible for you. Enjoy the sense of fun that remains available to you as you move through the first part of June, and then prepare yourselves to turn inward and to grow into your next phase.

How can we best work with the energies during the month of June 2008?

The first is breathe, in all capital letters - BREATHE. The of this month is very much like the energy of breath moving out, moving in, and then pausing. Moving out, moving in and then pausing. It is like the month of June is one gigantic cycle of breath and for each of you, both as you are moving through the fun, expansive, supportive part and the part that gets a little quiet and stormy at the end, breath will help you stabilize yourself. It will help you move all of this energy through you, both as it is supportive energy and challenging energy later in the month. We cannot possibly undervalue the potential of breath to make your lives much, much easier or much, much harder, depending on if you are doing it or not doing it. Of course all of you are breathing if you are a living human being, but we mean breathing intentionally -- breathing deeply and fully.

There is also the concept of breath as a metaphor for a way of being this month that will serve you very well. As life comes your way, when you wake up every day, breathe it in metaphorically. Take in whatever is around you, and assume it is there for a reason. Accept and deal with it, embrace it, do not deny it or try to push it away. Breathe it in and then breathe it back out. Let it go. Whatever you have been working on, whatever you have been grappling with, be willing to just let it go once it is resolved. The more you can let things come into you fully -- embrace them and experience them, but then completely let them go afterward -- the more you will find yourselves taking good advantage of the nurturing energy and fun that is available this month, and the more you will find yourselves stabilizing as you come into your challenges toward the end of the month. So breathe.

It is vitally important to really embrace the fun you can have in the nurturing and supportive energy the continues to resonate from May. Even as your hearts are breaking and life has its difficulties, look for opportunities for fun; try to develop a habit of having fun or a habit of finding the humor in everyday moments. This is a tool that will serve you extremely well, for as the energy of the world becomes more intense toward the end of the summer, that intensity also has a vibrancy. If you can see the vividness of life, you will make things a lot easier on yourself throughout the rest of the summer. The shortcut to living with that vivid sense of life is to find humor in everyday moments -- find the ability to laugh and to share a laugh with someone that you love. Let laughter become an everyday habit that you engage. The energy of June invites this. Remember that the inherent energy of May and the first part of June is fun. There is support for life to be easier at this point in time, so let them be so.

Are there any particular days that are important for us to know about in the month of June 2008?

June 7 is like a bubble. One way we can describe the overall energy between May and August is to say that May and the first part of June is like a bubble expanding – similar to that of blowing bubble gum or inflating a balloon. At the solstice in June, suddenly the balloon collapses. As it collapses it creates momentum to blow up again so there is an explosive energy toward the second part of the summer. July has an explosive energy that we will elaborate for you next month. In August you will be integrating -- you will be seeing a whole new world for yourselves and a whole new set of possibilities.

The sense of a bubble expanding in June will crest on June 7. You may find that you feel a sense of pressure in your life, like there is a little too much to manage on June 7. For some of you, that may look chaotic, but for most of you it will actually look almost as if you are suspended. It almost feels as though there is so much energy that you are suspended, as if you are floating above everything. It will be important around the June 7 to be as easy on yourselves as possible. Make things as simple as you possibly can. If you know in advance how you will be spending the day, plan it then simplify your plans. Eliminate any hassles. If you are driving somewhere, do not plan on picking five people up on your way, just drive there and trust that they will find a way to get there or make the plans clear so that everyone knows what to expect as you pick them up. Do what you can to simplify things on June 7.

June 16 is a day of Love. It is a better version of Valentine’s Day. It is a day that has a goddess energy, akin to the energy of the divine feminine -- like a nurturing motherhood energy. This is an excellent day to be with the people that you love, hug everyone who will let you, smile, wink, put your arm around someone -- any expressions of Love will increase tenfold on June 16. Some of you may have an emotional breakthrough on this day or on the 17th as you integrate the Love you absorb and express. That Love can help many of you break open and resolve the emotions you have been holding inside for so long. June 16 and 17 are really good days to have a therapy appointment or to see a counselor. They are days where there is a lot of softness available for you. It is like a universal hug or snuggle for you, so do your best to share that affection with others on June 16.

The summer solstice, June 20 or 21 depending on where you are, may be somewhat overwhelming energetically. It will operate very much like a Stargate or a portal does. What you might call intergalactic energy will be funneling through on the solstice. You may have intense dreams, or find that you have insomnia. You may find yourself having some symptoms of running too hot, such as headaches, joint pain, or fatigue. Most of you are likely to just feel really spacey and easily distracted around the solstice. Know yourself and how your body and your mind tends to react to intense experiences, then plan ahead to be sure you get what you need. If you know you tend to get headaches, then make sure to drink enough water, stretch the muscles in your neck and back, and do what helps you prevent headaches. If you know you tend to get joint pain, then be sure to take a supplement or stretch your muscles in advance or keep your joints warm. This is an excellent time to practice that kind of accountability that the Keepers always mention – be accountable for what you know about yourself and your tendencies. Knowing in advance that you may need extra care around the solstice that those tendencies will come to the surface will help you be prepared, but only if you take into account what you know about yourself and your needs. No one else will or should do this for you. Make sure that you eat regularly if you struggle with blood sugar maintenance or be sure you get enough sleep if you sometimes struggle with insomnia. The intensity is not meant to be harmful; it is really very neutral. Just as in any given moment, the better you take care of yourselves, the more comfortable you will be.

The final is June 27. June 27 is the day when the energy of July really begins to take hold and introduce a very expansive energy. The expansion occurring during most of June is a gentle expansion like the gradual inflation of a balloon. The expansion that occurs in July beginning on June 27 is more like dynamite. It is like a series of explosions occurring over the course of the month. You will find yourself growing in leaps and bounds. On June 27, watch for the initial impact of this explosive energy; essentially watch for whatever draws your attention. This is the initial piece of the roadmap for you in your personal life. If you find on June 27 that your attention is totally absorbed by a new project, assume that project will be deeply relevant for you through July and August and into part of September. If you find that you struggle to focus your attention on work but suddenly you just cannot stop thinking about what plants to put in your garden, assume that planting in your garden or something in the natural world will be particularly relevant for you during July, August and part of September. Look to June 27 as a precursor for what focus will best serve you in your personal life throughout the rest of the summer.

Could the Guides give some further definition into how to have fun in this world at this time?

There is a very vivid image for the answer, so take a moment to imagine what we are about to describe. Everyone listening or reading, think of a time as a child when you played a game with a group of other children. We will explain with a specific example, but you will be served to remember a personal experience of this in your imagination in order to have a true reference for how this works. Let us say there is a group of children playing a game of kickball in the street. Initially, all of the children want to play, which is the reason they are there. As the game progresses, there are two primary directions that this game of kickball can go.

One of them is when, at some point, one child may get hungry and want to go home, another child might feel overwhelmed or bullied, and another child may feel insecure so they bully the other children. Each child, as they begin to feel some discomfort, has a choice. They can stop everything and say, “Sorry everyone, I am hungry and I am leaving,” or they can think to themselves, “Well, I should not be hungry and everyone is going to get mad if I leave, so I better just stay.” Let us say that all of the children decide to ignore their feelings and just stay. You can imagine that the game of kickball quite quickly begins to fall apart. The children are still playing the game, but it becomes less and less fun as the children feel pressured to perform or they feel tired or they feel as if their desires will be unacceptable. They hide themselves, they do not take accountability for themselves, they get grumpy, start to act out on each other and pretty soon the game evolves into a big fight and everyone goes home unhappy.

Or, let us go back to the moment when some children start to feel something other than joy. A child stop and think to herself, “I feel hungry; it must be perfect that I am hungry now so I guess it is time for me to go.” So she says, “Sorry everyone, it is time for me to go.” The child leaves, and the other children are free to play kickball without one child becoming grumpy or several other children becoming grumpy or having their feelings hurt and starting to bounce off of each other like ping pong balls. If each child is able to give themselves permission to embrace their feelings, take accountability for what they need and stay in the game or leave the game according to their own well being, then the game can continue with children coming and going according to their own happiness and the game remains fun.

The example is given about children to help you understand how this dynamic works in groups of people. These behaviors are more apparent in children because they have not yet perfected self-denial as adults have, but do not be mistaken that children need to take such full accountability for themselves. Most children are just surviving the messages that their needs are not good. Do not expect children to have this figured out, but do take the memory of your experiences in playing with other children and bring it into your adult self, then recognize the wisdom embedded in the way this works. When each individual really takes accountability for what they are feeling and what they need, and embraces their feelings as perfect, then you are free to leave or join the game at any time according to your happiness and the game can be endlessly fun.

You will find that often when things become difficult in your everyday interactions as a Light Worker who is trying to have fun all of the time, it is often because you or someone else is feeling as if what they want or what they need is not perfect. Often the ways that fun begins to be eroded for Light Workers is when one of you forgets how good you really are. Most of you learned long ago that you are not as good as you really are; people were harder on you than you deserved and therefore you become harder on yourselves than you need to be, and then you stopped having fun. At its core, the question of fun as you move through Enlightenment will always be a function of personal accountability, and the courage to stand up for what you need and the courage to allow one another to pursue your own versions of happiness.

You may find someone that you have a lot of fun with -- you explore new ideas, play new games, share a lot of love, and then one day they say, “I am tired of this. I think I need to do something else.” When this happens, you may feel afraid that the fun will disappear if they leave, or that you are not totally lovable and that is why they are leaving. You feel afraid for all kinds of reasons that are based in the confusion that happened in your earlier years, so you grab onto that person and you say, “Please do not go,” or “Please do not change,” or “Please do not pursue your happiness because I need you to stay and have fun with me.” You may recognize, when you do this, that whatever was fun before is not really as fun anymore. The call to fun is really the call to have the courage to see what you need, pursue your happiness and also to allow, and even celebrate, the pursuit of happiness in one another. Even if at first it looks as if you will be left alone, or you might lose a playmate, trust that you will not be alone; trust that as you increase your own Love, it becomes inevitable that you will be surrounded by loved ones. They will exchange places -- some of them will go home for dinner and others will come out and emerge from the woodwork to play with you. The way that the fun remains available for you is through your own willingness to love yourself and celebrate one another’s differences.

What tools could we practice to prepare us for June 27?

To prepare for June 27 and the stark clarity that will become available for you after the solstice, first of all it will serve you to use the open, fun, supportive energy in the first part of June. It will specifically serve you to really connect with one another during this time. Reach out to your friends, build new relationships, and reinforce the relationships that you already have. Really take advantage of the opportunity to have fun with the people that you love -- to have meaningful conversations with the people who are on your mind or in your heart. Do not delay building relationships -- they will be harder to access later in the summer. You will always have the ability to have meaningful conversations and fun with your friends, but it is easier to do it in the first part of June than it usually is. If you could reinforce your individual connections with those people that you love, you will find that whatever emerges for you toward the end of the month will be gentler through having those connections, --through having that sense that someone has got your back.

Even if you do not have the most ideal friendships, just knowing that someone is thinking of you or someone cares about you even in the smallest way is enough to radically shift how easy or hard it feels to engage that kind of clarity toward the end of June. Specifically, build your relationships and build depth in the relationships you already have. Up until June 19 it is a perfect time to have a party; even if it is a party with one other person, creating a party atmosphere is useful. Another thing that will benefit you is to stock up on sleep in advance of the solstice, because while some of you will find yourselves sleeping a lot in the last week of June, many more of you might find it difficult to sleep; your sleep might be a little bit disrupted. If you can bank some sleep in advance, you will find that the entrance to the energy of July will be a gentler experience.

On the day of June 27, plan in advance so that you will have an ability to write or somehow record the things on your mind. The information that comes to you, the things that come to your awareness on June 27, will provide an invaluable roadmap -- or at least the beginnings of a roadmap -- and so while you will be fine if you disregard this advice and just cruise through the day, you will still get what you need and you will notice what you need. If you can manage to write it down, you will find that looking back from the end of July or the beginning of August, at what you wrote on June 27 will be incredibly reassuring. It will really help you make sense of the direction your life is taking toward the end of the summer. Plan in advance to purchase a pocket notebook or a palm pilot or something that allows you to take notes on June 27 and record the things that are on your mind that day. It is not necessarily that you will have brilliant revelations on June 27, it is more the kind of passing fancies or the mundane everyday details of life that are apparent to you that day -- these are actually like keys and you will use them later in the summer to give you direction, so record your thoughts and ideas on June 27.

Do the Keepers of the Records have anything else to tell us about the month of June 2008?

In May the expansion was easily fun, it was such a wonderful diversion from the difficulties of February, March and April that you could just let things go and open yourselves to it. You may find in June that many of you are reaching a saturation point, a sense of “Okay enough all ready!” Or, you might feel as though you have lost direction. Do not worry about this. Your life direction has already been set through your intentions and through the wisdom of your higher self. You are not going to lose track of yourselves during the month of June, so when you are feeling directionless or struggling to find focus, assume that there is something in your greater awareness that is relevant and important. Simply take note of what ideas do enter your mind, similar to noting what is in your peripheral vision.

At any given moment during the month of June, especially in the first three weeks, stop and make a list of everything on your mind -- every word that comes into your thinking, write it down or make a quick one page list. You will find that what is on your mind suddenly seems very relevant and you will know what to do about it; you will find it just clears your head. It is as if there is so much expansion, so much more information and energy available to you than there used to be, that your minds have not really gotten clear about how to manage it all. This will become much more clear for you in August. In the meantime, use this exercise to help clear your head and do not panic when you feel directionless.

Remember that the whole point of this expansion is so that you can have more fun, feel supported and (more than anything) so that you can open your hearts even bigger than before and feel an even deeper sense of Love for yourselves, for the people around you, and for all the people and the living things in the world. Do not hesitate to care for or about yourself or others. That is exactly what this energy is for. It is like a big bubble of Divine Love and, as much as it is fun, it can sometimes feel overwhelming. Remember the energy is actually Love so just breathe it in and breathe it out. Trust yourselves and the goodwill of those around you!

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