What energies and experiences can we expect during the month of June, 2007?

You can expect to feel challenged in the month of June, 2007. This month challenges you to become a bigger, better version of yourselves. This year, the month of June carries an energy that is similar to the month of January, 2007. If you remember, that month carried a powerful goddess energy. June, 2007 brings a similar, though not the same, energy. There is a powerful, expansive goddess energy here that is incredibly tangible and, while it is expansive, it is also grounded. The combination of expanding and being grounded in the everyday world is what will provide the greatest challenge to you this month.

In some ways, we can say that it is easy to expand. You simply allow yourself to release through meditation or prayer, or through physical exercise, or by allowing your attention to be absorbed in a movie or a book. You can expand your mind, you can expand your heart, and you can expand your body by allowing yourself to release from the mundane activities and responsibilities of everyday human life. Similarly, it can also be very easy to avoid expansion and to simply be grounded in the mundane experiences of everyday life. You can become lost in the details of everyday reality, such as a list of tasks or a series of expectations to be fulfilled. Each of these activities and blend into one another without much attention placed on the expansion of the mind, heart, body, spirit.

The energy of this month will not allow you to do one without the other. You will be challenged to expand even as you are absorbed by the responsibilities of the mundane responsibilities of everyday life. You will be challenged to excel in the mundane responsibilities of life even as you are expanding, even as your attention is drifting upward and outward to new horizons, ideas, and experiences, and to greater parts of yourself. The discomfort you will experience this month is not to be feared or avoided. It is something to breathe through moment by moment, for you will expand, and you will maintain their everyday lives beautifully and gracefully.

The goddess energy of June, 2007 is demanding and it is also completely nurturing. It will give you what you need if you will surrender to each moment ny asking yourself, "What do I need in this moment?" and "What must be accomplished in this moment?" Then, when you rise to meet the challenge you ask yourself, "How can I accomplish this moment with the most integrity, the most compassion, and the most creative thinking possible for me in this moment?" Take each moment and find a way to do it slightly better with the love and support of the Goddess.

What days will be important during the month of June, 2007?

June 7th is a reaching the point. It is a day in which the challenge for the month will come to a crescendo for each of you in an individual way. You will be asked to reach higher and deeper than you ever have before. Watch for any opportunity during which you can choose to accomplish a task or engage an interaction in a way that reaches a deeper place in your heart or a higher part of your spiritual path. Allow yourself, at least for one moment during June 7, to be a better version of yourself. Some of you will manage to be a better version of yourselves for the entire day, and others will find one brief but brilliantly important moment in which you are able to glimpse your future self -- the better, more loving, more relaxed, more graceful and benevolent version of you that you are becoming.

Another important day during June, 2007 is June 13th. This is a day of softening. You may feel sleepy or fuzzy, as if you have a fever or as if you need caffeine. You will be benefited by a planning ahead for this day. Make it a day without too much responsibility and on which little is demanded of you. Avoid being called to perform and instead, if you can, allow yourself some quiet time during this day. If your schedule does not allow this and you find that you to have responsibilities to take care of this day, be sure to give yourself permission to go slower, to take a break, and to nurture yourself in any way that you can. This day can be soft and gentle, for that is what it is meant to be. Many of you will experience a profound opening to Spirit on this day, and more of you will experience a profound opening to Spirit in the days following. After a softening, comes grace. Watch for it.

How can we best use the energy of Solstice during June, 2007?

The energy of the Solstice in June of 2007 has a flickering energy. The energy is expanded beyond the day of the Solstice. The energy activity of this day extends from June 19th to June 24th, so do not worry about your activities on the day of the Solstice. It will flicker like a candle in a breeze. You cannot hold onto it. It may not be as easy to harness the energy of Solstice this year as you have found it in previous years. There is so much shifting at this time that the energy that once was limited to Solstice now occurs throughout the year. The opening to Spirit, the fruition of energy and of projects, the gathering of like minds, and the ecstasy of fulfillment -- all these things now occur in cycles that are more unique to each of you. Some will find that their particular cycle of fulfillment will peak at Solstice, while others will find their personal cycles will not match the timing of the Solstice.

You may not feel yourself in the rhythm of the holiday as you have in the past. There is nothing wrong with you and you are not missing anything. This is a sign of the process of Ascension, or Enlightenment. This is a indicator of what you experience as you learn to live outside the confines of time and space. As you move through Enlightenment you are dipping your toes in the experience of being timeless, and when you are timeless there are no holidays. There is no preset schedule for when you will feel or experience anything. Instead, experiences flow with your own cycle. Enjoy the Solstice and do not worry if you have a hard time harnessing the energy of it. Hold steady while the energy flickers, for you do not need to flicker with it.

Is there anything else for us to know about June, 2007?

Exhaustion is common at this time. Many as you are exhausted; some of you understand why and some of you do not. This is a natural outcome of the incredible work you are doing this year. In the previous three months, you have expended a great deal of energy to recalibrate yourselves to prepare for the second half of 2007, which promises to be both incredibly challenging and incredibly inspiring for the human race. This month gives you a chance to to choose which direction you will take. Are you here to provide a challenge to the human race, or are you here to inspire the human race to be something bigger, brighter and more full of Love? Allow yourself in each moment to be Love and to have faith that what you are doing matters to this world, for it truly does. There is not one of you who does not have a role here to play that is of vital importance to the expansion of everyone here. Keep moving, keep singing, keep smiling, keep loving. Time itself is moving you forward. You do not need to fight for Enlightenment, and resistance will only tire you. Be gentle and give yourself any rest you can during this very busy, challenging, and inspiring month.

What Deities, Masters, and Teachers are most useful to work with during the month of June, 2007?

During every month, each of you has a unique connection with different Masters, and many of you have a very personal connection with particular deities. All of these remain relevant during the month of June, 2007. The month, itself, is overseen by a particular energy that you can access in order to facilitate the process that you experience in June, 2007.

Because the month is held by goddess energy, you will find representations of the Divine Feminine to be grounding and useful during the month. In particular, the Black Tara of India can be useful. While Tara is known to be a Tibetan goddess, her origins transcend the border between Tibet and India, and she is understood through Indian cosmology in a way that is particularly relevant to June, 2007. Her strength comes through the Earth, and grounding energy is necessary in order for her power to be released and utilized.

It is the same for the Greek goddess Gaia, who many of you find a connection with on a daily basis. Gaia is an excellent goddess to access this month. You will find a great deal of energy and connection through envisioning and celebrating these powerful aspects of human spirituality.

Beyond the centralizing goddess energy, Christ consciousness is an important aspect of the entire year 2007. Yet the month of June, 2007 can be more fully understood through the energy of John the Baptist and Joseph, both of whom are Avatars in their own rights. There is a wisdom in choosing to stay out of the spotlight in order to do your work with the greatest integrity possible. It is far easier to be misunderstood when you are in the spotlight, for people interpret your work according to their own perspectives and desires. Remember this wisdom during June, 2007, for honoring your quiet, personal lives will be vital to moving humanity forward through Enlightenment.

Tell us about the importance of weddings, and why they are often associated with the month of June.

Weddings are important for all the reasons you already understand in terms of being rituals that mark a change in a relationship. These ceremonies both reflect and create a social order that has been useful throughout history.

Additionally, on an energetic level, the event of a wedding opens a portal in time and space. Weddings are a collective human portal for emotional energy. When a wedding is planned, it becomes a magnet for unclaimed emotional energy. People involved in the planning, the production, and the participation of a wedding experience this portal.

Every human being has a field of unclaimed emotional energy in their aura, or energy field. It includes emotional residue from events that you were unable to process fully when they occurred, and it can be a healthy part of being human. Your emotional field is part of what creates the energy that you know to be the aura.

This emotional residue can be harmless. At its best, it allows you a repository for energy that cannot be used in one moment, and gives you access to that energy to be used in other moments. For example, actors are experts at managing this field of emotion in order to create emotional resonance "out of the blue." However, over time and with enough density, unclaimed or unprocessed emotional residue can create a great deal of confusion for each of you. Unclaimed or unprocessed emotions may prevent you from seeing situations clearly, or they may cause your body to slow down and develop illness in order to process the energy of emotional residue that has not been addressed directly.

When a wedding occurs, a portal opens. This is one reason that weddings are often facilitated by a spiritual advisor. Collectively, you remember that these events are sacred portals of energy! To prepare for the portal, the planning of a wedding creates something like a magnetic pull on your unclaimed emotions. Emotional residue in each person's individual energy field rises to the surface of the aura, and from there these unclaimed emotions seek an opportunity to be processed.

Many of you find yourselves feeling strong emotions around the event of a wedding. People are known to cry at weddings, which is a reflection of this process. However, many there is a much wider array of emotions that tend to process themselves through participation in a wedding. This is true for everyone involved, even those who simply receive an invitation. Emotions rise to the surface. This is the reason that some people become very attached to certain plans, or become very upset when the colors are wrong or the seating arrangements are out of order. This is the reason that some people feel very angry or very anxious, or overly excited and giddy, when asked to attend or help plan a wedding.

Overall, this process of stirring up emotional residue creates a social haziness. It can become very difficult to see things clearly around the event of a wedding. Through this portal capacity, weddings are incredibly useful for all of humanity. At their best, they are clarifiers. They allow each of you to touch an aspect of your healing process and to move it forward. At their worst, weddings stir up metaphorical dust composed of emotional debris that was previously unclaimed, and make the truth difficult to see.

If you are participating in a wedding in any way during this month or this year, it is useful to approach the process as an emotional event. Assume that you will have feelings and allow space for the feelings that arise to process themselves. Remember that most of what you are feeling is residue left over from the past; it does not need to be interpreted by the present event. Do not worry if the feelings do not come to make sense to you or if you cannot explain why you feel so strongly. Give yourself space to process your feelings before the wedding, during the wedding, and after the wedding. This is true for the people getting married, for the families of those people, and for the guests and the providers of services. Do not let the opportunity pass you by, for this portal can be healing and can be a step toward clarity. In the year 2007, any step toward clarity will move you much further along your journey of the Enlightenment.

Keep your heart and your eyes wide open. Strive to tell yourself the truth about your situation, then choose to move forward with integrity and Love.

What else do you want to tell us about June, 2007?

You are surrounded by a global, societal pressure that has been building for a long time. This pressure continues to build particularly strongly during the month of June, 2007. Many of the ways you seen this include the articulation of potentials in the news -- the potential for war, the potential for combat, the potential for earthquakes, the potential for climate change, and so on. The energy for these potentials is real, yet they are only potentials, not promises or guarantees. Continue to watch the pressure build in your world during the month of June, 2007, and continue to choose Love over fear.

Events do occur at this time, and they will continue to occur, that cause a great deal of pain and suffering to many human beings. This cannot be prevented in the present moment. However, the energy that builds toward these events is fueled by your fear, and this gives you the opportunity to create global, societal change. Every time you choose to relax and trust the Love in the universe, you literally open more space on the planet for these events to be erased from the blueprint for humanity. Your individual choices are the most direct way you can make a difference.

This month, consider developing a mantra -- a word or phrase that instills a sense of peace, safety and Love for you. Take this mantra, or phrase, to a quiet space and review the news of the day, noticing the social pressure building on around you. Use your mantra to soften your heart, to open your mind, and to consider that the Universe is holding you. Then assess what actions you wish to take on behalf of yourself in your personal life, and on behalf of humanity.

Choosing Love is vital in the month of June, 2007. This month will be seen as a turning point in the history of humanity in terms of a shift in the tide of global energies. As you choose Love on your individual path, you create an easier pathway to peace on planet Earth.

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