What energy and experiences can we expect in July 2013?

The energy this month brings everything to the surface. Unresolved emotions, new thoughts, and hidden truths -- everything that has been under the surface is coming to the surface now. This month, you can expect to find a great deal of clarity. You will find new information, and you might find secrets unveiled. But more than anything, in each of your personal lives, you will be facing some of the most difficult parts of yourselves because it is often the parts of yourselves that are the most difficult that you keep hidden the longest.

Many of you will become more aware of your flaws and you are likely to make mistakes this month. But overall, the energy of the month is very clarifying, liberating and joyful. Amidst the mistakes and the struggles with the hidden truths, you will find supportive energy that helps you finally have the courage to face your inner demons. This month is a really wonderful time to do journaling and other kinds of reflective activities that help you see what is just behind your thoughts. This is a time to explore the deeper feelings and ideas that are coming to the surface.

This is also an excellent time to share your ideas with others. Throughout the month of July, look for opportunities to say what you really think or to ask deeper questions and really listen to what other people are bringing to the surface. There is so much you can do to help each other this month by sharing ideas and perspectives, asking questions, and supporting each other as you face your own inner truths.

During this month, there is a sense of fun in the process of bringing things to the surface. It is as if you have had a monster trapped in your basement closet, and all your life you have heard scratching sounds behind the door that cause you to feel more and more afraid. This month it is like you finally open that door to face the monster and you find that the thing scratching on the other side of the door all along has been a sweet little puppy, and the sounds that you heard or the things that you thought you would be so afraid of are not really scary at all. That is the feeling of what could happen this month if you will engage others and take a deep breath and really just ask the questions that you need to in order to feel clear.

This month will also bring collective truths to the surface, and so while you might be feeling liberated and excited in your life as you uncover your personal truths, you may find collectively that people bring fear to the surface. There might be some collective events that bring your attention to what you fear as a global community this month, and it will be important that you keep your mind engaged on how things can get better because this truth has come to the surface. Even if you engage with those global events simply by watching the news, it is important that you take accountability for your reaction. Do not get mired in the drama and the hurtfulness of the truth itself, but consider what growth and freedom can arise from it. Ask yourself, “What is possible for us now that we know this truth? Now that this event has happened, where can we go from here? How can we work together to make it better?”

If you keep your eye on the future improvement that can come out of any difficult collective events, you will find that you will feel more personally empowered as you go through your day, and you will also then be able to participate in making a more beneficial collective experience. Do not be afraid to talk with your neighbors and friends and loved ones about the events you see in the news. Talk about how you feel and remind people to consider that each of you has a job to play and a way to help make the world better despite any difficult news you might be facing collectively.

What activities can we engage in, in order to best use this energy?

One perspective to help you truly engage the energy of July 2013 is to consider how to make things simpler. Often the simplest idea or solution is the most truthful one. Do not let things become too complicated this month. Do not spend a lot of time trying to say the right thing or make people feel better. Try to find a way to be clear with the simple facts, even if they are facts about your emotions.

When it is time to talk, tell people what you really mean -- do not apologize for your message, because that confuses the message. If the solution is obvious but it causes some hurt feelings, do not try to twist the solution so you feel better. When emotions arise, take a moment to stop, take a deep breath and acknowledge how you really feel and what really needs to be said. People often make their lives more complicated by adding twists and turns to their fundamental message in order to help themselves or others feel better. This month you simply cannot afford those complications. Deeper issues are arising so quickly that you must stay connected to the truth of your experience.

It is important that you let yourself feel what you need to feel in order to face the truth. If you feel fear about the truth, let yourself feel afraid. If you are angry about the truth, let yourself process that anger. If the truth brings you sadness or grief, let yourself cry. Do what you need to do emotionally to allow the truth to arise. This approach will serve you so very well, not only this month, but for the rest of your lives. This month forces you to face the truth. While it is difficult, there is a great gift in that.

A second activity that will help you manage the energy of this month is to be slow and deliberate with your words. Before you say anything, take a moment to take a deep breath and decide what it is you are trying to convey. Speak more slowly, speak more deliberately, and listen more carefully before you respond. If you will slow down your communication in order to make more room for the truth to settle, rather than rushing through the things that really need to be seen and heard, then you will stay balanced and achieve a sense of freedom as the month goes on.

Can you tell us more about what collective events to expect in July 2013?

Collective events are taking shape that will cause more truth to come to the surface. In any event you see, consider that the most important thing in that event is the truths that are arising. Most of the events that will come to the surface will be human caused, such as criminal or terrorist actions, great acts of welfare, or governments being overturned. You are likely to see government leaders across the world making big mistakes. Events that are human caused and human driven will likely be the events that will come to the surface in July.

If natural disasters come to the surface, what you will most need to pay attention to and consider is how humans are reacting and responding to those natural events. Sometimes collective events occur to help clear energy or to help everybody heal or help everybody heal or help everyone's hearts open. This month, all of the collective events that happen, no matter what they may be, are happening to bring truth to the surface. Always ask the questions, "What do I think of this? How do I feel about it? What do I know now that I did not know before this event occurred?" and "How can I take this truth, or this new information, and make the world a better place?" If you will ask yourself these questions for every event, you will be right on track with learning from and growing from the event so that you can use it to see more clearly and find actions that will empower you.

Overall, while there may be some difficult collective events, every event is bringing truth that will ultimately serve humanity and help you get past the deception and the conspiracies that have been taking place throughout history. The key is to quickly acknowledge what you have learned and immediately move into action. Look for ways to heal and bring love to those most affected by the events. The more you all see the truth, the more easily you can work together in ways that are fair and equal. While it is painful, it is vitally important that these truths come to the surface. Resist the urge to fall into fear. Really look for what you can learn and how you can engage that truth to make the world a more loving place.

Is there anything else for us to know about July 2013?

Yes! This is a difficult month, but it is a very, very playful month. Do not forget that the fundamental energy of clarifying and facing the truth is really embedded in joy this month. There is a sense of liberation and relief. This month you will find that you can have healing conversations and get something off your chest, so to speak. We use that phrase to help you envision the relief that can come when you finally speak the truth or share a part of yourself you had previously hidden. There can be such a physical and emotional relief. That sense of relief is available for you time and again throughout the month.

Look for any opportunity you can to share what is true or to listen and understand someone else's truth better. Engage wisdom and thoughtfulness in this. If you can tell that someone is not ready to have the conversation, do not force the conversation. Instead, look for the opportunities when someone is ready to talk or ready to listen. Take advantage of every single one. You can go with the flow, but do not let an opportunity pass you by when you could say more of what is in your heart or really listen and understand someone else's heart better.

Fundamentally, everything is based in Love and all of the truths coming to the surface are coming through Love. You are being challenged to face deeper truths, unresolved emotions, and hidden agendas in order to clear more space for Love in your personal life and in the world. Any part of you that is hidden or deceptive cannot be filled with Love. You must bring it out into the daylight in order for it to be filled with Love. Keep your hearts open, be loving and thoughtful about those around you, and continue to strive for the truth and letting the simple truth guide you more than anything else this month.

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