What energy and experiences can we expect this month?

The universal energy this month moves really fast. This month looks
shorter energetically than it appears on the calendar. There is a feeling
that everything speeds up, and how you respond to that will determine how
things go in your life during the month of July.

You can think of the energy this month like a Ferris Wheel. It will go up
and down several times throughout the month. If you get caught up in the
rush of energy, this Ferris Wheel will go up and down so often that you will
feel as if you are on a rollercoaster. It might feel scary, you might feel out
of control, you may feel rushed, ungrounded, and make a lot of mistakes.
Or if you decide to sit back and enjoy the view and take it easy this month,
then you can actually slow time. You can slow the way this energy rushes
through your life and make this a more enjoyable ride so that you can use
those ups and downs to get a better view and to get more things done in
your life, rather than just trying to survive them as they spin you around.

The key to succeeding this month will be to choose to slow down, choose to
take each activity more slowly, to take a breath as you go along. Choose
to resist the urge to rush or to follow the pace of those around you. Take
things in your own time. Ask for extra time to finish things at your own
pace. We are not saying that you should rest or avoid engaging -- in fact,
the only way to get through this month will be to stay engaged and stay
productive and keep doing things. But do them slower. Watch your pacing.
This is not about avoiding or checking out. This is about being engaged at a
pace that works well for you to find your rhythm and stay with it. That will
be the key to succeeding and thriving during the month of July 2012.

What specific things can we do to find the greatest benefit this month?

This is a month when meditation will serve you very well. Meditation is
always beneficial, but there are some times when it is more needed. There
are some times when it is important to really attend to your practice and
this is one of them. It would be fine if during this month, your meditation
practice takes the shape of simply taking a walk for twenty minutes every
day. The important thing is that during your walk you be alone and quiet.
Do not take your phone with you or listen to music. It is a time for you to
clear your mind. It is a time for you to let things slow down, to stop having
input and allow your brain to actually process information for a while.

In the same way, it will serve you to avoid too much input this month. This
is a good time to take a break from the news or take a break from surfing
the Internet or listening to music. It is fine to engage in those things, but
consider reducing the time you spend with them. This is an important time
to slow your mind. That cannot happen if you have constant input. This
is a really excellent time to go sit outside in your yard and listen to the
birds rather than looking on Facebook or checking the news. Anything that
helps you slow down and be more centered – to allow your own thoughts to
develop rather than reacting to the thoughts of others – will serve you. That
is the most beneficial thing you can do to really benefit from the energy this

The up and down motion of the energy this month can offer great benefit
if you will slow down. Just like on a Ferris Wheel, if you stay on for a few
cycles, you come to understand the landscape better. Use this time to go up
and see the big picture, see your whole life from a bigger perspective. See
where you have been, where you are going and how it all connects together.
As you ride down you see things in more detail. When the details arise, you
can be productive, get lost in a few activities, and really move forward with
them. Then you pull up to the higher perspective and see the big picture all
over again.

So it is a wonderful time to integrate your life, bringing the details into
better alignment with the big picture. Use the big picture to feed, foster,
and inspire the details. If you take that ride at your own pace, moving up
and down, looking at the big picture, then coming back down to the details,
you will find this is a month where you can really weave your life together
in a new way. You can find a deeper meaning in everything and help all
of your activities and relationships come into alignment with your overall
priorities. But that will only work if you give yourself the time and space to
meditate -- if you give yourself the quiet in your mind and the slow pace to
process what you need and to really take advantage of both of those points
of view. If you are rushing, then you will spend this month reacting to one
thing after another, eventually exhausted.

What can we expect collectively? Is there anything we need to watch out for or help make happen on a collective level this month?

Collectively, you are will see many mistakes being made. Mistakes will be
made by people who run businesses and governments; they will be made by
people who run programs or schools. Most mistakes will be made because
so many people will be rushing, and people will build a frantic energy if they
are not mindful. One person who feels rushed will push another, and that
person will feel even more rushed so they push someone else even more.

In this way the collective energy can feed itself and become frenetic. It is
entirely possible that you will see a lot of mistakes being made, some big
and some small, as people rush. Much of August and September will be a
time for people to go back and fix what they broke in July.

It will help you to recognize that what you see in July on a collective level
will not tell you how things will go later on. Do not look for signs this month
that will predict how things will be later in the year. This month is going
to be filled with anomalies as people go up and down. People will change
their minds often, and the directions that general collective endeavors take
will change a few times. Do not get attached to any particular story that
you see in the collective sphere. Do not get attached to the idea that the
elections are going to go a certain way, or that the economy is going to go
a certain way. Let it ride. Watch the stories emerge and watch them fall
apart. Try to stay quiet and still as those emerge and fall apart all around
you. Do not buy in and jump on. If you buy into other people’s dramatic
stories, it will be like being on a roller coaster and jumping onto a second
roller coaster at the same time. It is only going to confuse you.

So that is something to do in July in order to work with that collective
energy. For the most part, it will serve you to stay out of the way of other
people’s momentum. Look for the other people who are taking it slow or
gently remind people to take it slow or to take it easy. Again, slowing down
does not mean avoiding or shirking your responsibilities. It is simply a time
to engage more methodically and more mindfully throughout the month.

Is there anything else the Keepers want us to know about July 2012?

The speeding up of energy is not meant to be harmful, though it will create
some degree of chaos. It is not meant to be harmful. This speeding up
is actually a momentum that you have been establishing throughout the
month. It is as if you have a car in the neutral gear and you put your foot
on the gas -- you start revving the engine. As soon as you put it into gear,
it goes fast right away. That is the feeling of what has happened in July.
You have all been pressing on your engines and gearing up for speed. So
July is the time when you go into gear energetically. You are going to hit
the ground running and it will feel like a sudden jolt as you suddenly move
forward. Before this month, you were expending a lot of energy but not
necessarily moving forward with speed.

In preparation for this month, make sure that you are facing the right
direction. If you are going to set your car down on the ground and have it
go right away, you want to face it in the right direction right from the start.

Make sure you review your priorities. Make sure you do everything you can
throughout the month of July to look at the big picture and adjust so that
you are steering in the right direction, because you are only going to pick
up speed from July on through the rest of the year. You will adjust to that
speed as it develops later and you will be able to keep up with it without
losing your center.

For now, make sure you steer in the right direction. Do not waste much
time doing things that are not important to you. Continually look at the big
picture and make sure that your activities fit with your priorities as much
as they can. Human life is complicated and it is not easy to have a perfect
match between your activities and your priorities. But as much as you can
with you own life, make sure that you are spending your time doing what
feeds your soul and feeds your hopes and dreams and makes you happy.
Then this month will glide by with ease.

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