What energy and experiences can we expect in July of 2011?

There is a big twist this month. The energy twists. This is the moment in the story when the plot twists -- when everything you expect is suddenly turned on its head and you have to think about things in an entirely new way. That is what is happening this month for each of you in your individual lives. It will probably play out at a collective level as well. Things will not occur as you expect. The things you were hoping for will not come the way you hoped. But, the things you were dreading will also not turn out to be the way that you were dreading.

It is important this month to be willing to see things in a new way. Do not get stuck on trying to make it the way you want it to be or the way you thought it was going to be. Expect that some of the things you are working toward are going to need to be adjusted in order for you to move forward. If you are not willing to be flexible this month, and really rewrite the whole plan for yourself if needed, then you are going to run into a roadblock and feel really stuck.

Many people have very different experiences from one another. Some will be happy and moving forward quickly, others will feel very stuck. The image of the whole collective energy this month looks like a brick wall covered with ivy. There are vines crossing each other in every different direction. The paths each person takes are like the vines. Some of you are moving forward while others go back. Some of you will cross paths; some of you will get tangled up together and twisted around each other just like ivy or another twisty vine. The energy this month will be very full, rich and fertile, but also very confusing and tangled if you are not careful.

How can we find the greatest benefit with using the energy this month?

The way you will find the greatest benefit is to first be flexible. Be willing to step around something or try something new and be courageous. You will need to be courageous about change because many of you will be called upon to start over again and change everything. You might need to let go of what you have been investing in and building for a long time. Suddenly you will feel like you are starting all over again. This takes courage. It can feel a lot safer to hold onto the old plans, but if you hold on to the old ways you will find yourself stuck this month.

This month it is really important to be courageous. Look for what you are afraid of and find a way to face that fear. Another thing that will be helpful for you this month is if you picture the wall covered with long, twisting ivy. The only way to find your path is to deal with one thing at a time this month. If you try to see the big picture and make sense of the big picture, you are going to spend the whole month sitting in shock or feeling puzzled, therefore not really getting anything done. This month, what you will need to do is follow your own line as if you are walking along one of those branches of ivy. You just have to keep going along your path. If it needs to go up, trust in it and go up. If you need to twist around something a few times, trust in it and twist around. Keep finding ways to move on your path. Do not worry about intersecting perfectly with everyone around you. Do not feel bad if you are doing great and your friends are struggling. Do not feel bad if you are struggling and your friends are doing great. Eventually you are all going to get through this wall that you are on. The only way for you to do it is to follow your path. Trust yourself, trust your voice and keep moving.

Is there anything for us to watch out for or avoid during the month of July 2011?

Yes. It is very important that you avoid comparing yourself with others. Competition will not serve you this month. If you have traditionally used competition to motivate you, you will need to find a different motivator. It is important to find some healthy ways to motivate yourself this month. If you need to give yourself more rewards, if you need to give yourself more fun time, or find a way to do the work that is more fun for you than the way you have been doing it before.

Fun is an important aspect this month. If you are skipping it this month, you are going to get stuck. Whether you need to take a break this month to have fun or whether you need to change the way you are doing work to make it more fun, you need to include more fun in what you are doing this month – in both the profession things the personal things, your relationships, your spiritual path. All of it needs to be more fun.

It is also important to avoid interpersonal conflict or drama. Avoid being distracted by the needs or struggles of others. That is exactly the way to get twisted up and lose track of your own vine on the wall. Make sure that you show compassion and caring for others, but do not get pulled into their drama. Do not try to feel what they are feeling. Do not try to fix their situation for them. Be sure to stay centered in your life, even as you reach out with love for others.

Is there anything else the Keepers want to tell us about July 2011?

Yes. On a collective level this month, it is entirely possible that you are going to see a tangle of some kind. It may be hard for world leaders to get on the same page with each other this month because things are tangled. In some ways, things are going to feel more intense even though they are not necessarily more intense energetically. Do not panic if you see this happening and do your best to avoid investing your energy in the drama of world events. Stay connected, read about it, but send compassion and caring and hold peacefulness in your heart about it.

Things can get really dark if everyone dives in and get tangled up with each other energetically. That is like the ivy growing so much that you cannot see through the windows anymore. Make sure you are not involved in that. Do not get tangled up. Do not spend a lot of your energy fueling another person's fire or building resentment. Avoid gossip. Just do not panic when you see these things playing out on a collective level. It has never been more important than it is now that you keep your energy calm and clear and filled with love, even as your attention is on the struggles around you.

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