What energy and experiences can we expect in July 2010?

This month has a lot of forward momentum. This month also has a time warp element, which is that it is like double or triple the amount of time is packed into the month. A lot of you are going to feel like more is happening than you can keep track of. This time warp operates in an interesting way. The best way we can describe it is if you imagine yourself on a very fast moving train. As you first begin to pick up speed and you watch outside the window, you see things going by faster and faster and it feels like you are moving really fast. Once you reach a certain speed, everything seems to go by in a blur and there is kind of a strange sensation that can occur at that point when you feel like things slow down. You will feel like things get quieter when you actually reach such a high speed, almost as if you are not moving. That is the way July is likely to feel.

Many of you will feel at times, that there is so much happening in just a moment or just an hour, it will feel like a whole day goes by. At other times of the month, you are going to feel like you are moving through molasses. Like everything is so slow and peaceful that you will wonder if you are missing something. How you experience this time warp will depend on you and your path and what you are working on in your personal life right now. Overall, every single one of you will experience the time warp in one way or another. For most of you it will be both ways at different times in the month. This month, be aware of that dynamic and do your best to go with the flow and work with it.

Let the really rich, intense kind of packed times be what they are and just take them one step at a time. During those times when you are moving so fast you cannot even tell that you are moving, let yourself rest your mind. You are not missing anything or if you are missing something that is important, it will come to your attention later on. Let yourself have these moments of rest when you feel a sense of calm amidst all of that momentum.

This month seems to have a lot of potential for social change. This month seems to have potential for a lot of public events that draw the attention of the world. These are the kinds of things that show up in the news. Be aware of that potential and many of you will feel that potential all month. Like you are just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

How can we best work with the energy this month?

Relieve yourself from being task-oriented. In any given situation, your attention focuses on one particular aspect of the situation in order to keep you oriented to what is happening. Some people are naturally aligned to be task-oriented. They get things done, they are aware of what is happening in the material world. Some people are people-oriented. Whatever is happening, they tend to be aware of what people are saying, how people are feeling. This month, do not get distracted by the tasks at hand. Do not get too distracted or too focused on the tasks that need to be accomplished in your life this month. Keep your awareness on the bigger picture. Keep your awareness on your relationships and how they are developing in those moments." It will matter less this month, whether a certain task is done and it will matter more how people feel about doing it and how well you connect with each other.

There is a tendency because of the discomfort in that forward momentum and just all of the extra energy and information this month; there will be a tendency for many of you to go into survival mode. Where you do not pay too much attention to the people around you. Ultimately the way to benefit from this month is to stay grounded in your social, loving relationships. To keep yourself aware of other people and what they might need or what they might be experiencing. You are going to find that because most people are losing track of that, most people are slipping into being task oriented this month. You are going to find that if you are the only person paying attention to the relationships, it is actually going to give you a lot of power -- not power over people, but power to shift the energy of the situation. To bring a certain lightness or optimism or to help answer people's deeper needs when they are not really taking care of themselves. If you can be there and do that, you have the power to make the situation go a lot more smoothly for everyone, including for you.

Where if you get pulled into task oriented and you lose track of that social sphere, you will find that situations will not go as well and when they are not going well, it will be difficult to solve them or resolve the situation. The key this month is to stay aware of your social relationships, stay aware of the social dynamics around you and be willing to make adjustments in order to smooth those situations in the social realm. You will find that all the tasks at hand eventually get done anyway. What people will walk away with is a further development or devolvement of their relationships. That is a key for working with the energy and the experience of the month.

The other thing to know is that because things are moving so fast, it will not be useful to try to stay focused on a single goal. That being said, it is likely that all of you are going to get a lot done this month. It might be the kind of process that feels haphazard or chaotic as you go, but then at the end of the day, you are going to look back and realize that you actually got a lot accomplished. Be flexible with your to-do lists, be flexible with your goals, but keep finding something to be engaged with. It is not a good time to disengage. It is a good time to stay awake, engaged and active in your lives, but know that it will be nonlinear.

Are there any important days for us to be aware of this month?

July 7 is like a glittering star. It packs a punch and it will be a day when you may feel jolted awake -- when you are forced to face things you were not facing before or you are finally able to see the solution to a puzzle in your life. It is a day for “aha moments.” You may find metaphorical light bulbs going off in your head. Take some time on this day to stop and look around at the bigger picture of your life and consider new possibilities. If you will just take the little bit of effort to pay attention, the Universe will provide signs all around you to give you the information that you need.

July 13 and 14 are days that may be difficult for many of you. It looks like a turning point and it is like this feeling of suddenly walking through mud. Many of you are going to feel like you have been humming along and suddenly things get really slow. That can be frustrating. You may see a lot of people losing their patience on these two days and it is important that as many of you as possible bring a sense of loving, kind, compassionate energy into those two days because there will be so much frustration. Those two days get so muggy and sluggish that people will become volatile because they will be frustrated. Just bring a cooling, peaceful energy into your life during those days and you will be able to help everyone else out a lot.

July 17 - 21 are especially productive days. It is a good time for you to plan productive activities.

Is there anything else the Keepers want to tell us about this month?

Yes. There seems to be something about animals this month that is important for many of you. The animal world is communicating with the human world in all kinds of ways right now. The animal world is very much involved in all of your Enlightenment process and they are giving you messages both by representing themselves as metaphors, but also there are personal animals appearing to you on an individual level to get your attention.

It is important this month, especially if you feel connected with animals, it is important to pay attention to what animals come into your vision. They might come physically like physically in your presence. They might appear on the television or they might appear in your dreams.

Research the totem meaning of any animals that appear to you. Consider in your heart what that animal represents to you. Look for messages and meanings in the animals around you because the animal kingdom has kind of stepped it up a notch. They have all together, increased their contract with humanity, made it more potent and they're working more or showing themselves more to you in an effort to help you wake up to yourselves. Pay attention to animals this month. Do not ignore them or disregard them -- even the insects that come into your house or crawl across your desk. They have a message for you, so pay attention.

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