What energy and experiences can we expect in July of 2009?

The month of July 2009 involves the energy of silence. It is almost as if it is empty of energy, which is important to take note of. During the three-week period from June 27 to July 17 you all have an opportunity to push the reset button, so to speak. In regard to your collective experience and your collective trajectory as a human race, you may find a sense of emptiness, as if these three weeks are a cathedral. Imagine that sense of hollowness and emptiness that can be so rich with possibility and so rich with the energy of the sacred. That is because of how empty and open it is. This is the energy that exists in July 2009.

You may find experiences during most of July in which you feel like everything has come to a stop. There are two totally different ways in which that feeling can come about. One is through being stalled or stuck, as when you feel like nothing can move forward and nothing is happening. In this way, everything is so mundane and you feel as if there is silence from a lack of energy. This is similar to what a parent experiences when they hear their children playing in the other room and then it is suddenly quiet. You develop a feeling that there is something wrong or your ears perk up to the silence because it is a sign that the usual everyday hubbub is not occurring and there is something you need to pay attention to.

On the opposite end, the other kind of experience that can lead to that sense that everything stops is when something big does occur. When something tragic, shocking or far-reaching and dramatic occurs, it brings everyday life to a stop. In this case, the silence emerges from an overwhelming amount of energy and information. It can lead to a collective shutdown.

The way this silence emerges will depend on who you are and what you decide to manifest as a human race. Either way, what you will experience from June 27 to July 17 is a sense of silence. This kind of silence that draws your attention and demands that you pay attention to your situation. This will be true for all of you as individuals, but this is especially true for you as a human race as a collective. It is like you have an opportunity to stop and look around in the midst of a very busy and tumultuous process. In a simple way, you could call that busy, tumultuous process the global economic crisis. Of course you are also in the midst of a global environmental crisis and in many ways, a global diplomatic crisis or a series of them. You are in the midst of a layer upon layer of intense transition and what you have determined to be crisis and this three week period in July, you will see a moment in time when you can stop as a collective and renegotiate or find a way to embrace the truth about what is really happening.

The fact is that much of your efforts on a collective level, and on an individual level, to bring things into balance have been based upon an assumption that the old balance will work in the future. The fact is, it will not. Your economies have changed. The old systems have expired and so many of the efforts to revive the economies across the world are based on the old systems. Eventually, all of these efforts will come to nothing unless you take some time collectively and on your own to look again and be willing to acknowledge that the old system has expired; it no longer works. A new system is needed. They are ways you can invest in new systems that will help bring the new form of balance into form. There are ways you can invest in the old system that simply delay the resolution to the crisis and both of those things are happening by different leaders and by different individuals.

July will offer all of you an opportunity to stop and take a stronger step out of denial. More deeply and clearly embrace what you see is not working and acknowledge that it is not working and turn your attention to what might work instead rather than staying mired down in the energy of crisis trying hard to push your way back to an old system that has expired. You may see a lot of this in the news -- you may see these kinds of discussions happening. It is more likely that what you will see in July is a sense of silence like nothing is going on or like something so big has happened that nothing else matters. What you will see in the fall is a new kind of dialog. You will see a dialog emerging between those who believe the old systems, the old economic, diplomatic and environmental systems will work if only we go back to them and those who have come to realize that the old systems no longer work and that new systems are needed. You will see this dialog emerging in the fall more clearly where there are clearly two distinct sides. Those who have stepped into the future and those who have yet to step into the future and so are clinging to the past.

What can we do to best take advantage of this energy and experiences?

In July, on an individual basis, it will be really important that you find a way to be comfortable with yourself. It is so important in this moment that you stay balanced and centered in your self and your own truth. It is just like you have been in an obstacle course and you have just come across a thin log lying across a rushing river. This is the time where you may have been running and rushing and pushing and fighting up until now. It is time for you to become centered and calm and ask yourself, "Where is my center? What is true for me with each step during the month of July?"

It is time to become slower and clearer as you move forward in July. This would be a great time to reengage an activity that the Keepers gave a year and a half ago for the Vernal Equinox of 2008: The Truth List. (You can find a description of the Truth List exercise in the channeling of the 2008 Vernal Equinox on Ascension Radio. Become a member to listen!) This will benefit you in July.

It is so important that you stay in integrity, that you walk your talk and you continue to adjust your walk and your talk to be oriented to love not to fear. If you can do that on a personal basis you will be clearing out space and developing a kind of balance in your personal life so that when things get really rough in the fall, even more difficult than they have been before, that you could be the calm in the midst of the storm. The best thing to do in July is to take it easy, but keep your eyes wide open. Be willing to see through illusions, be willing to let go of denial.

Are there any days that are important for us to note in July of 2009?

Before July 17 it really is like a big empty field. It may be kind of erratic. It is like trying to grab onto the wind. There is not any particular day that will be generally important, instead it is like every day is important because you just need to pay such close attention to the information that you are receiving to the truths that emerge in your minds. After July 17 what you will find is it is like a sense like a rushing of energy. It is like you have just opened a door and the wind is beginning to blow through it. That wind will really come in August. There is a whole new energy coming in August.

For the end of July, especially July 17 through 22, you are going to find a sense of things stirring, a sense that there is new life or new energy. There is nothing you really need to do until July 23.

July 23 is a really important day to be grounded; to pay attention to your body, to take good care of your physical needs. It is almost like there is a portal of energy like a big energetic adjustment for all of you to make on July 23. Make sure that on this day you have what you need to take care of yourself physically. Take your water bottle with you when you leave the house. Make sure to eat enough food to stay grounded, to be energized. Try to get enough sleep before this day.

Most of you will find new information available on July 23. An old relationship comes to light, a news flash comes to your TV screen, someone calls you with important news. On this day, you will get information that will define for you your personal challenge through the fall all the way through the end of November. Take note on this day. At the end of the 23rd, write down anything you noticed, anything that came to mind, any new information that arrived and assume that it is the beginning of a puzzle or a challenge. It is the themes and the issues that arise on the 23rd will stay with you and offer much for you to learn in the months to come.

Is there anything else the Keepers want to say about July 2009?

July is likely to feel like it goes by in an instant. You are likely to look back on it and think where did the time go? In a sense, you can take the pressure off yourselves for this month. It really is like hitting the reset button. It is like a break, but not a break where you rest. It is a break where you get your bearings so that you can move forward. It is useful to try to enjoy yourself in July. Just take it day by day. Do not let things become overly complicated. Do not get too wrapped up in other people's drama, do not try to alleviate or change other people's opinions or emotions, just take each day as another opportunity for joy and for new information. Take it easy.

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