What energy and experiences can we expect in July 2007?

The energy of July 2007 is like a flash of light. You may find the experience of this light to be similar to the experience of seeing a flash of sunlight reflect off something shiny. It is briefly blinding. The flash of light is composed of Divine Light. You are more surrounded than ever by the Light of your own Divinity and the Light coming from your own connection with the higher realms, or with God.

For many of you, July 2007 will offer a great deal of multidimensional information and a greater capacity for multidimensional experiences. Much of this new information and capacity will come like a brief download in a blinding flash of light. The month may seem like a blur to you with activities, commitments, projects, work, and social engagements. Do not try to slow down this month in order to connect to the Divine. This month is the pinnacle of the year in terms of really learning to connect with your Divinity while you are in motion, rather than trying to stop everything around you in order to clear space for the Divine. You have integrated so much through your own spiritual paths that you are now ready to move forward by staying in motion, even as you connect with the Divine.

How can we best work with the energy of July 2007?

The best way to work with the energy of the month is to keep moving or, rather, to avoid stopping! Working with the energy of July 2007 is like riding a bicycle. Many of you have had the experience while riding a bicycle during which you realize that you must be in motion in order to stay balanced. There are few people who have mastered the art of staying perched on a bicycle while standing still. You rely on motion to keep you upright. Another metaphor to describe this is flight. Birds and airplanes can only fly when they are in motion, or when the air is in motion around them. While the bicyclist, the bird, or the pilot maintains presence of mind and stillness of focus, they must remain in motion in order to fly. This physical law applies to you at every level this month.

Each day, as you enter a chaotic situation, an overwhelming project, or a daunting social experience, remember the truth about bicycles, airplanes, and birds. Remember that moving forward is the only way you will maintain balance, not only this month, but moving forward through the process of Enlightenment for years to come. An existence connected with Light must be an existence in motion.

You have never been static -- your existence has always been based on change. As you move into a higher dimensional experience, you are less able to develop the illusion of static existence. While there is a stillness at the heart of who you are, your very existence relies upon the energy of motion. Your heart continues to beat, your blood continues to move through your veins, your mind continues to reach out and explore new ideas. This has always been true. Embrace this and fly forward!

You will have the time you need to connect and to thrive this month, despite the constant motion. In addition, the upcoming energy of August 2007 will give you ample resources to clean up any leftover work from the month of July.

In addition to the metaphorical flashes of light, there will be literal flashes of Light this month -- moments during which you know something has changed, but you cannot quite see what it is. You will need to trust your instincts this month more than ever. Trust your ability to find balance in motion. Watch for something to look forward to, then move forward with joy and an open heart!

Are there any special days to watch out for during the month of July 2007?

July 7th is a very important day in terms of numerological energy. It is a triple seven -- the seventh day of the seventh month of the year 2007. The day itself may not give you a particular spiritual experience, but the number seven has a great deal of energy to offer. We will speak more of this in the Extended Channeling.

July 14th provides a tether for the entire month. Because so much is moving and so many flashes of Light are occurring around you, you may feel like you are a kite waving around in the wind during a lightning storm. You may feel as if you are in danger of being blown away in the wind or being struck by lightning. You are, in fact, in no danger at all this month. However, it will help you to know that there is an energetic tether that occurs on July 14. It is an excellent day to pay attention to what you want to accomplish this month and this year. July 14th has a very open and expansive energy, and it is also very grounded. Take advantage of this day by giving yourself time to re-align with your highest intentions and to reground yourself in what is true for you and what you value most.

July 17th is a day during which wonderful, new events are likely to occur. Look for what is new in your life on July 17th and, as you notice what is new, consider what is good about it. Take an inventory of what has entered your life in the previous months, the previous week, and in the days directly preceding July 17th. Take note of what is new, appreciate what is good, and consider that those elements that are difficult are actually there for your good. This is a day of good, new things!

July 23rd and 24th are important social days. Be very mindful of who you speak with and what messages you convey on these days. There is not much room for sloppiness in your social connections. These days can serve as a catalyst for your personal growth with setting and maintaining boundaries, and becoming more balanced in your social interactions. If you tend to resist new friends or activities, try saying yes in these days. If you tend to overextend yourself to help others, consider saying no to people on these days. Let these days give you an active practice in intentionally choosing with whom to be in contact, and exactly what to say or to withhold.

July 31st is like a springboard. You may feel as if everything comes apart on this day, or you may even feel nauseous or disoriented because the energy is like a springboard. It will launch you forward into new experiences that are wonderful!

What else is there for us to know this month?

This month will hold you, just as your seat in an airplane holds you -- in rapid motion, but completely safe!

What is the significance of the number seven in terms of July 2007?

The energy that occurs around the number seven is Order in the Mystery. Many people associate the number seven with spiritual experiences or with the realm of mystery on planet Earth. The number seven actually gives an energetic structure to the unknown, which is another description of mystery. Anything that has been unknown, invisible, or unidentifiable for human beings in past ages has been defined as Mystery, and is often associated with darkness because it is unseen. However, as you know, the unseen is often not dark but instead is incredibly light.

Most of that which human beings do not see has thus far been invisible because it is so infused with Divine Light that your minds have not been able to conceive it. Your ability to see more and more of the Light around you reduces the element of Mystery and allows you to create an energetic structure by which to perceive, comprehend, and work with what previously was mysterious to you. Many of you access what was previously mysterious through meditation and prayer, through an open-hearted loving for one another, through embarking on spiritual journeys, or trying energy healing techniques and bravely approaching that which needs healing within you. You are turning the Light on as you move through Enlightenment.

The number seven, because it creates an energetic structure for that which is unseen, can act as a transmitter for information from the unknown. The number seven offers an energy by which to transmit information from the realm of Mystery. People use the number seven in meditation and in creating sacred symbols or aligning sacred spaces in order to help facilitate connection with the unknown. Often, this is equivalent to a connection with Spirit.

This power of the number seven lies in its ability to give energetic structure to the unseen, making it transmittable to the realm of the visible. You can imagine that the number seven is like a language translator, making giving meaning to otherwise unrecognizable sounds. The number seven can be used in this manner to heighten or enlighten any exploration into the unknown or the unseen. It is a very useful number!

Is there is significance to the global weather patterns of polarization, in which some areas become very dry as others experience flooding, or in which some areas become very cold while others become warmer? If there is significance, what is the meaning of this climate polarization?

There is significance to almost everything in this world, and there is significance to your global weather patterns. The idea of polarization describes exactly what it is that being presented on planet Earth at this time. Your climate is reflecting a larger energetic process occurring on planet Earth.

The process of Enlightenment gives each of you more free will, or rather, a wider scope in which to apply your free will. Every moment that you move toward Enlightenment gives you access to a wider field in which to apply your Divine free will. We will explain how this works in more detail. The experience of being human has always included being beholden to a collective reality or collective experience of reality. Part of the agreement in becoming human is that you enter a physical world, this Earth plane, and the physical world is upheld by the energy of many Beings holding the illusion of physical limitations together.

Every human being, through their own belief systems and their agreement to release their higher perspective and embrace the perspective of the collective reality, is helping hold this agreement or this illusion in place. For those of you moving through Enlightenment, you are actively choosing in your own way, through your own process, and in your own time, to see your own Higher Self and your own potential for manifesting the life that you wish to lead.

As you connect to the higher parts of yourselves and to your Spirit Guides in the higher realms, including God, the Masters, the Angels, and other Beings, your perspective broadens. You become more able to see how energy or intention leads to reality. As your perspective broadens, you become more able to apply your free will to the energy structures in the higher realms that create reality.

We will give you an example. Imagine that you are a human being in 1960 who has not yet begun the process of Enlightenment as it exists on planet Earth today. As this human being, you would have 100% free will in this world, as human beings have always had. Free will operates as a function of your human mind as you make decisions about behavior, attitude, who and what to align yourself with, and all other life decisions. Each of your decisions help create future consequences. If you wanted to have a chocolate ice cream cone, you would need to apply your free will and adjust your behavior accordingly. You would find a way to get to the store, and find money to pay for ice cream at the store; you would need to use your words in order to negotiate the purchase and so on, so that eventually the application of your free will to do each of these things over time leads you to have a chocolate ice cream come from the store.

As a human being, who is moving through Enlightenment in the year 2007, you likely have begun to recognize that you have a Higher Self or a partnership with Spirit that in some way helps you create what you might call magic or divine intervention. This magic or divine intervention has always been there, however your human mind has not always had access to seeing or directing it, and therefore you have not always been able to apply the free will of your human mind to that higher vibrational process.

At a soul level, your Higher Self has always had free will and, throughout history, the Higher Self if every human being has created soul decisions and soul intentions that are always for your highest good. However, your human mind has not had the awareness of that higher process in order to think about or make decisions about soul intentions. Because of this, humans have often seen divine intervention by looking back in time and noticing that you seemed to be right where you needed to be for things to work out best. It has been a somewhat mysterious or miraculous process before this time on planet Earth.

Now that you are moving through the process of Enlightenment, you are able to notice and more intentionally and consciously partner with Spirit so that your conscious mind can be part of the decision-making process of your Higher Self. In doing so, you have an expansion of the field of existence in which you may apply your conscious free will. While you have always had 100% free will, you are simply expanding that 100% through the various dimensions. Another way to say this is that your human mind is now capable of perceiving, connecting with, and partnering with your Higher Self in order to apply free will and create intentions and, therefore, outcomes. An easier way to describe this process is to say that you are increasing your powers of manifestation. Many of you are intentionally doing so through your partnership with Spirit and your spiritual practices.

Returning to the weather, because each of you, through your own process, is accessing a higher part of yourself and finding a greater application of free will, you therefore have a greater influence on your reality. When you choose a different attitude or intention, you have the power to genuinely choose a different reality. You may find evidence for this in the experience of meeting with an old friend and finding that you do not relate anymore. You might say the sky is blue, and they might actually say that the sky is green. Or you might say that war in the world is diminishing in that people are creating more kindness, while your neighbor might say that war in the world is increasing to an apocalyptic level. In past years, one of you would have been right and the other wrong, because there was a shared reality that was relatively static. Now, you both may be right because both of you are experiencing a version of reality that is separate from the other. Each of your versions of reality is supported by a collective, but it is not shared by every single being on the planet as it would have been in the past.

One of the consequences of the process of Enlightenment is that several collective realities can be supported at one time on planet Earth. It is no longer necessary or even useful to try to find agreement with your neighbor or your friends, because each of you is dividing into your own, separate spiritual journey. It will always be important to find connection and compassion with your neighbors and your friends, but you will not always need to, or even be able to, find agreement in terms of how you see the world.

This truth about the splitting of reality is evident and reflected in the process of global climate change. The splitting of reality is reflected in the splitting of resources in order to create vastly different experiences. Some of you are experiencing an increasingly warmer Earth, while others are experiencing an increasingly colder Earth. Both are true, and you can make sense of the difference by seeing an Earth that has a polarized climate. The polarization in global climate change is simply a reflection of the energy that you have all put in motion through splitting your realities apart.

The physical process of global climate change is also as you understand it through your sciences. Polarization at a physical level as a result of a chaotic system experiencing systemic change. You will continue to see the Earth develop into a climate patchwork. Where you used to see global climate patterns through bands or lines of latitude or elevation, you will begin to see that climate is more based on local geography than it is on these bands are these lines of latitude or elevation. Climate will be more quirky and heterogeneous than it has been previously on planet Earth.

During the month of July, many children and young people are on vacation from school or other responsibilities in the western hemisphere. What is the energetic significance or outcome of this process?

In the year 2007, there is a significance and an outcome to the collective movement of youth during the month of July. This is true all over the world, regardless of which region. The movement or displacement of young people may be dependent on education schedules, agricultural cycles, temperature changes that require relocation, or other factors during the month of July. The movement of young people through the world is part of what creates and sustains the flashes of light that will be part of the experience of July 2007.

The young people of the world, those who are about 22 years of age and younger, as a generation are carrying a vastly greater amount of Light than their predecessors. This may or may not be apparent on an individual level, depending on how each young person is surviving the challenges of this world. At a collective level, their Light is a blindingly apparent. The young generation carries more Light because they are helping to Enlighten humanity, and their primary struggle is to learn to live with this Light and maintain their openness to the Divine while surviving in a limited, third dimensional world. Many of these children fight for their Light, or for their unique perspective, in ways that previous generations were never able to do. This can look like struggles with authority, or it can look like distance or resistance to social order or social pressures. They must maintain individuality at all costs in order to bring their unique version of Divine Light into the story of humanity. At the same time, they desperately need loving connections and guidance from their elders.

The physical movement of young people across the globe during July helps to sustain the blinding flashes of Light that are part of the collective experience of the month. If you work with, live with, or interact with young people during the month of July 2007, you will find it incredibly useful to get their perspective on world events, or on the interactions between members of generations, or even on your own personal challenges or the challenges in your community. They have insights that can, they will use their words to, help expand the Light around you and help you move through the energy of the month more easily.

A useful exercise during the month of July 2007 is to spend time with young people, ask them for their perspectives, and then sit back and listen. Assume that they will bring a unique, important perspective that can only be understood if you sit back and listen with respect and patience. Assume that the young people in your life are avatars in disguise. Do not be fooled by their resistance to authority or to social order; instead, watch for insights that allow you more freedom to think outside your own limitations.

In regard to the Summer Solstice that occurred in June 2007, is there new information for us integrate and, if so, what is the information and how can we best integrate it?

There is a new energy and, while all energy can be translated into the form of information, that is not the best use of the energy of the Solstice. And the energy of the Solstice in June 2007 gave each of you an expansion of Goddess energy, or an expansion of the grounding energy of wisdom.

The primary effect of your integration of this energy is that you will find yourself being more levelheaded in difficult circumstances than you have been able to be in the past. It might be easy to attribute this to aging, for most people become wiser and down more grounded in their sense of self and personal truth with age, but do not mistake this process for the natural process of aging. A great shift occurred in June, and the energy of the shift could be seen as being underground. It is just under the level of consciousness for most people. This subliminal vibration is useful, and there is no urgent need for it to rise above the surface. It is like an underground reservoir of stabilizing, compassionate, nurturing wisdom that is helping you continue the process of moving toward peace on a personal and at a global level.

The best way to integrate this energy is to first let go of the idea that you need to do anything grandiose or complex in order to work with it.

Second, give yourself time to sleep or to rest and allow your mind to be quiet. Integrating the energy of the Solstice is very different from what we have described for the energy of July, which is one reason it is useful for the energy of the Solstice to lie beneath your consciousness during this month. Amidst the motion of July, it will be beneficial for you to strive to get adequate sleep, even if it is at different hours than you are used to. Most of the integration of the Solstice energy will occur in your sleep or in your quiet moments.

The third step in integrating the energy of the Solstice is to watch for the moments when you reach the limits of patience or tolerance. This may happen often during July 2007. When you feel your tempers flare or you feel your own powers of thinking and problem-solving stretched to their limits, stop and consider that within you there is newly integrated wisdom that will enable you to use a calm, collected approach even though you have reached the edge of reason. Draw upon the resource of Goddess energy, for it is within you. As it is being integrated, you can use it as a resource to help you navigate the specific moments that are challenging during the intense motion of July 2007.

Is there anything else for us to know about this month?

Even though a great deal of energy moves through during the month of July 2007, we have not yet emphasized the fact that much of his energy is based in joy. The motion of July 2007 is an energy that can and should be enjoyed. Celebrate the fact that you are not stuck! Things are moving, even if you cannot see how you will keep it together! This energy is one of creation and connecting. Reach out to other people, make plans and go out into the world even when you feel overwhelmed. This is a good energy to use in outdoor activities and in interacting with people. There will be time to rest in August and September!

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