What energy and experiences can we expect in January 2017?

The energy this month is like a vast expanse. It looks like a huge, open field of energy. One way to interpret this is that it is devoid of energy, being defined by its emptiness. Yet you can also see it as being filled with possibility. This month has an openness in which things can be created. It is a vast space in which you can dance and play and run and fight. 

There is really a sense of wide ranging possibility this month. The feeling is that, just as you might feel stepping into a big open arena, there is a sense of caution that would be useful for you to bring into this month. It is not that there is danger so much as that you are entering a vast, unknown territory. It is useful to take your time. Before each step, take some time to look around you in regard to everything in your life. Pause for a moment before you make a decision, meet up with a friend, commit to a plan, and even before you begin the day.

Every time you begin something new this month, take a moment to look around. Consider questions such as, “What do I notice here? How do I feel about this before it begins? Why am I doing this?” To question yourself and question the situation gently each time you begin is a way to add caution and wisdom as you step into this vast expanse. It will help you stay grounded, avoid mistakes, and eventually get to know this new territory. This is not a time for barreling forward through all of your usual habits and routines. This month use caution, not because there is danger, but because you are in new territory.

Are there any particular activities that will help us take advantage of this energy in January 2017?

It will be useful to develop a habit of repeating or reviewing details before you move forward. When someone tells you something, repeat it back to make sure you understand. When you speak, say it one way and then check to make sure you have been understood. When you are leaving a room, look back and make sure you did not leave anything behind. Make sure you close all the windows and turned off all the lights before you leave. When you are finishing work for the day, take one moment to look over all of your projects before you shut them down. Take little moments all through the day to carefully comb through and make sure everything is as it needs to be.

Because this month brings such a wide, open space everything is amplified. Small mistakes can lead to big problems, and in the same way, small attention to detail along the way will lead to greater harmony. It is like you are setting the stage for something new later and you want to set that stage as carefully as possible. This is a month for paying attention to detail will pay off. You can do it gently, and happily – but do it. Enjoy the simple act of taking care of all the details. This is a time to “cross all your T’s and dot all your I’s.”

What can we expect in the collective consciousness this month?

You can expect to see mistakes being made. In such a wide-open space, you may find that people panic. You will all feel the sense of possibility, but not really have anything to grab onto yet. People will be trying to make sense of things by inventing stories or guessing about what is to come. You will see people “putting the cart before the horse,” so to speak. You will see a lot of people trying to operate as if they know what is going to happen when they actually do not know what is going to happen. Many people will find themselves pretending they feel something other than the panic or worry that is likely to be ubiquitous.

With so many people feeling discomfort this month, mostly you will see people trying to make sense where there is no sense to be made. And it will be most useful for you to let them do it. Listen with compassion, and watch them struggle for meaning. Do not argue or convince, but do not buy into their story. Do not buy into the urgency you see around you. Instead, stay calm, suspend judgment, and wait until you have more information before you choose to act or before you make a decision about what is going on. Much will change before the month is finished.

Humanity is like a group of children have been sitting in school all day and have just been released. The collective energy will look chaotic as everyone runs in their own direction. The sense is that people are knocking each other over and racing to get to the toys. There is the feeling of mayhem as every individual is trying to deal with all of the emotion held inside and all of the urgency, liberation, and fear that comes up when you are let off into a wide open space. Yet there is innocence here. For the most part you are not trying to hurt each other. If you can stay calm, hang back, and watch everybody go, then you will find this month is enjoyable. Rest assured that it will make better sense later. What you see happening now is not necessarily predictive of the future.

Is there anything else the Keepers want to tell us about this month?

Yes. There is great potential for healing this month. The healing is going to come through your commitment to take care of your own business before you take care of others. Every day, take a small inventory of your own life. Consider your home, relationships, your body, your mind, and your emotions. With each of those things, do what needs to be done. Take care of your own work first. If then you have energy to spare, you may help take care of others. But for the most part, you will be fully occupied taking care of yourself and watching with compassion as others go through what they need to go through.

The guidance this month is to “Mind your own business.” Use this as your spiritual mantra throughout the month. Mind your own business and that will enable you to do your healing, stay grounded, and to make space for others to create what they need to create in order to live the life they need this month.

Again we will remind you, this is a wide open space that is filled with possibilities and you as a human race will have the opportunity to decide what it is filled with. There is great, beautiful potential. The energy this month is totally neutral. Do not worry too much about what people seem to be doing with the energy. It is all going to change later. This is just a time for you to adjust to something new.

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