A Channeling from the Akashic Records of January 2016

What energy and experiences can we expect in January 2016?

The energy this month feels alive. The energy will move up and down, or fast then slow, throughout the month almost as if it is breathing. The sense is that something deep is waking up within you and all of humanity. The image we might give you is a creature deep in the dungeon that is beginning to stir. In this metaphor, the dungeon would be your subconscious mind -- some part of each of your lives that you have had hidden or put away and is now ready to come to the surface. 

You will not see everything on the surface this month. Instead you will have the feeling that something is changing but you do not know what it is. Some of you may feel this as a foreshadowing or a sense of déjà vu. Each of you has something unique awakening within you. There will be difficulty in what is awakening, and there will be great gifts. Most of you will find forgotten memories or old traumas will arrive this month as you also reclaim your psychic gifts, deeper compassion, and inner wisdom. This month begins to bring the beautiful parts of you that were lost when other parts had to hide away. Again, you will not see this at the surface or make sense of it in January, but it is useful to know that the feeling of foreshadowing will ultimately bring you some of your greatest gifts throughout the year 2016.

This month, you are simply living with the ongoing question and even a sense of tension as you see signs of change. The most important choice you will make throughout the month is whether to approach the deeper parts of your life with Love or with Fear. For instance, when we offer the metaphor of something awakening in a dungeon, consider what image came to your mind. Some of you will imagine a scary beast that is going to eat you alive – yet you may find that once it awakens, it was more like a kitten. Consider how your fears shape your expectations, and therefore your reality. Whatever you may be afraid of is unlikely to come true. There will be challenges in the things that are awakening within you, but each of you is very well equipped to deal with these challenges.

Anything awakening within you will be something you are ready for at every level. You will not be opening the way for challenges you cannot face. Choose to trust your soul this month. As you feel that sense of foreboding, choose to feel Love rather than Fear. Take good care of your body and mind; choose to look truthfully at whatever you are feeling and whatever is changing in your life. That will prepare you to bravely face the challenges that will come in the year 2016.

Are there particular activities that will help us work with this energy?

It will be very useful for you to use your physical bodies to move energy through you. It is always important to practice letting go, and this is especially true this month. Anything you hold onto -- unresolved emotion, unspoken words, resentment or grudges, or something you were afraid to do and never got around to doing -- anything you hold onto is going to contribute to the sense of tension. On the other hand, if you can let things go -- find a way to say it, find a way to release emotions, use your body, use your breath, and use physical movement – then it will easier to feel Love this month.

Do everything you can to help your body release things. This is an excellent time for a daily practice of physically stretching your muscles and taking deep breaths. If you are ready to add to your physical routine this month, let it be this: several times throughout the day, systematically stretch your muscles and take deeper breaths with the intention to release. Think about letting go of anything you no longer need. Visualization will be powerful. Try to let your body help you release the things you no longer need.

Is there anything we should avoid this month?

This month it will be very useful for you to avoid jumping to conclusions or making assumptions. It will be important to suspend judgment and also suspend disbelief. Be willing to consider that anything is possible and that you do not yet know the whole picture.

When you are not sure about something, rather than assume the answer, ask someone who will know. If you have no source of information, decide to be undecided. Learn to be comfortable with indecision or with the period of time before you have come to your conclusion. This is a time to practice living with ambiguity and embracing multiple perspectives without yet deciding on your own opinion.

It will be useful to avoid having strong opinions. Remember, this month you want to open the way for awakening to occur rather than closing the door by deciding to quickly.

Is there anything else the Keepers want to tell us about January 2016?

The energy this month is incredibly loving. The feeling of something awakening can be like springtime. It is big and exciting. Whatever is arising will represent some challenges at first, yet ultimately it will bring home part of who you are. A big part of the wonderful, divine being that you are will be returned to you this year.

So many of you have yearned to know your true soul, and have yearned to connect with your higher self. This is what is awakening. There is a deeper, higher, grander, and more loving part of you that had to hide away in order to survive the earlier part of your life. Now, in 2016, you are going to break open and make room for it. It is incredibly exciting.

In addition to that sense of foreboding, you may also have a sense of excitement and anticipation, as if you are about to see your best friend or meet your soul mate. Embrace this sense of love, and embrace a sense of adventure as you move through this month. Remember and remind yourself throughout the month that life can be a grand adventure if you will boldly open yourself to every new experience, even is sometimes the experience breaks your heart.