What energy and experiences can we expect in January 2014?

This month brings up a dynamic of being pulled in two directions at one time. You may find yourselves choosing between formality and informality. There is a sense this month that structure will be very important and yet it is equally important to not take structure too seriously. A useful metaphor for this month is an immaculate English garden. If you imagine a very well groomed, well-organized garden in which it seems everything is under control and linear, you can see this month as being orderly. You will be able to put plans in place, follow through, and expect that things will unfold as you plan.

Yet it is important to remember that the garden is composed of living things, and living things are non-linear. Therefore, you must respect the non-linear nature of the plants growing there, even as you offer structure to put them in place or to give them a certain look. In the same way in your life, it is important that you put structures in place, and that you respect those structures and you follow through on your plans. But do not forget that the structures are overlaid upon human life, which is inherently messy, non-linear, and emotional. You and others will make mistakes this month, and you will need to adjust your plans accordingly.

Another useful metaphor for how you might behave this month is what you might do when you see a soldier standing guard who does not smile as he or she fulfills their role, but that you might still smile or wink because you remember there is still a person who can see you even if they are unable to respond. In the same way, it is important that you be respectful yet filled with mirth. Be respectful of structures, your plans, and the plans of others. Be respectful of your time by not wasting it, and respect others’ time. Do not make promises you cannot keep. Keep a plan and a structure in place. Try to create order in your life, be consistent and follow through. But at the same time, do not become so strict with those plans that those plans take place at the expense of people's wellbeing. Make sure that you are serving people first and that the plans are in place to create order that serves people. That is the best way to work with the energy this month.

This month as something like an overlay of orderly energy and it is important to use that order to benefit your life. You can use that to make your life better, but do not let it become oppressive. Do not let the efforts for order interfere with the joy of your human experience.

Are there certain activities we can engage in this month to best use the energy?

The most important attitude for you to bring to the month is tenderness and compassion. Tender compassion, or loving kindness, will get you so far this month as you go about making plans and following to work with people. It is a very social, active month for many of you. As you go through your daily activities, make sure that you are really looking through the eyes of love at everyone you meet. Make sure that you see the best in people, and that you hold a sense of forgiveness and patience. Even if you need to reject someone, say goodbye, or otherwise let them down, do so with a sense of compassion and tenderness. Never forget that everyone has a heart and everyone struggles in her or his own way. Have compassion for that fact even as you work to maintain order in your life.

Are there collective events planned for this month that we can know about in advance?

This month really has a flurry of activity. It is a very socially dynamic month. For each of you on a personal level, you can expect to find relationships coming to the surface, lots of social plans to follow through on, and important social obligations. There is much to do in terms of interacting. This will translate to the collective level in several ways.

The collective activity will revolve around transactions and negotiations. You are likely to see transactions taking place that affect the entire human family, such as governments negotiating peace treaties or alliances. You are likely to see money being exchanged in ways that are significant to the collective, such as businesses being sold to one another or foreign aid packages put together between countries. Pay attention to money changing hands, verbal agreements, and global transactions. It is a very globally interactive month.

In addition to governments interacting, you will see individual actions that affect the collective in significant ways. A good example from your recent history is what happened in 2013 with Edward Snowden. You may find similar such activities occurring in which an individual can have a huge global impact. It will not always be along the same lines as what Edward Snowden did, but he provides is an example of how transactions occur that affect the collective. This will be happening across the globe more in 2014, and that is likely to begin in January.

That means that there is more room for peace-building than ever before during the month of January 2014. It is important for all of you to hold that potential as the highest one in your heart and your hopes. Peace-building transactions have just as much potential as war making transactions do this month. Make sure that you do what you can to create more peace in your life as a way of shifting the collective momentum toward peace rather than toward war.

Is there anything else for us to know about January 2014?

This month can be very productive. The productivity is very, very joyful. There is a sense of joy and new beginnings this month, even though in the northern hemisphere you find yourselves in the dead of winter. There is a feeling that a lot can be done. It is a good time to “whistle while you work,” so to speak. Seek ways to find joy in simple, everyday transactions and interactions. Look for satisfaction and wellbeing in everyday work as you clean and organize and get things done. The productivity this month is very joyful and liberating if you will turn yourself to it and engage it, rather than if you resist or avoid it.

Otherwise, this month initiates a year that involves a great deal of deep work for so many of you as you transition away from being overpowered by others and toward truly feeling self directed, self motivated, and empowered. It will be useful this month to put your house in order. Put your emotions in order, put your relationships in order, and put your physical life in order as well as you can to prepare yourself for that deeper work coming in the year 2014.

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