What energy and experiences can we expect during this month?

The energy this month is friendly. There is a feeling that the energy approaches you and brings something to you. This can be a straightforward and easy experience, but it may be somewhat overwhelming for some. A good metaphor for what the energy is like this month is like a friendly dog running toward you wagging its tail. If you are ready for it and you feel centered, grounded and confident, then this can be a great invitation to play. This can be a very playful month. You may find yourself trying new things, feeling a little more light hearted and freer than you may have felt in a long time.

But in the same way, that very same metaphor can present itself differently. In certain moments, if you are ill or tired, a dog running toward you wagging its tail can look threatening. If you are not centered, ungrounded, or otherwise not taking good care of yourself, you might find this energy to be overwhelming. If you are not being clear and honest with yourself and your life, you will find the energy this months looks a little scary. You may feel pushed around by a life this month.

Just as if a friendly dog were running toward you, you have a choice about who you are and how you are living your life, and therefore how prepared you are for this energy coming your way. The most important part of the preparation depends on how truthful you are with yourself. If you are pretending to be something you are not -- if you are pretending to feel something you do not really feel, if you are in any way not truthful with yourself and living an honest life -- then you are more likely to be afraid of this energy. Denial and dishonesty will make you more likely to find that life pushes you around a little bit this month. On the other hand, if you are clear and truthful, then the metaphorical dog is not going to knock you over. You can play. This month be very truthful and honest. Be simple and straightforward. That is the best way to deal with this very new, very fresh energy that is coming your way.

What specific activities can we engage in this month to best use the energy this month?

It will be very beneficial for many of you to be out-of-doors or to exercise more than you usually do. The best way to exercise this month in regard to this particular energy is not the kind of exercise you would do on the treadmill. Instead, it is the kind of exercise you would do by jumping around and playing with your children in the living room. When you feel excited, jump up and down a little bit. If you are going to walk down the street, try running or skipping down the street. If you are going to pick something up, try flipping it in the air a few times just to play with it. Just make every action throughout your day a little more playful and energized. That is what we mean by getting more exercise. It is really just a matter of being more active in your everyday activities.

That being said, it will serve you to do routine exercise more than usual. Do not shy away from the treadmill or whatever other forms of exercise you might take. Any physical activity will help you embrace this energy. It will help you be strong and accepting of the energy and it will help you enjoy it. Any form of exercise will be useful this month, especially in the form of playfulness in your everyday life.

Is there anything we need to watch out for this month or avoid?

Yes, it is very important that you be very simple and straightforward in your communication this month. Do not make anything more complicated than it needs to be. Avoid gossip and avoid making assumptions. If you are wondering something, call the person and ask about it. If you wish something were happening and it is not, contact the right people and ask them to do it. Do not harbor resentment and do not assume people know what you feel or think. Make your communication as clear, straightforward, and simple as possible.

This is an excellent time to practice being honorable. If you make a promise, be sure that you follow through. Do not say anything that you do not really mean. This month can be powerful and exhilarating, but the best way to live through the month and the best way to harness that power is to be very simple and straightforward and easy. Do not try to be grandiose this month.

Is there anything else that we need to know about the month of January 2013?

It is important for you to know that things have shifted radically on the collective level across the world. Many people had strong expectations for 2012. While some things that people predicted did not happen on the surface, everything that was predicted happened in some way under the surface. Everyone's heart has changed; everyone's mind has changed. The potential for how governments can be run and how different countries can get along has shifted completely. Everything is different as far as what is possible now. It is now time for you to make room in your life for these new potentials to arise.

Try to avoid habits. Do not do things just because you have always done them. Do not say what you always say in response to what someone else always says. Try to do it in a new way. Look for a more peaceful, harmonious way of engaging everything that you do, and then you will be feeding into the collective potential for everything to be more peaceful and harmonious.

This is a very exciting time, and those of you who have been waiting for this all of your lives are going to feel frustrated if you are looking for it on the surface. If you want everything to seem different on the news, then you are not going to see it. Instead, be willing to look for those magical little moments when your neighbor is friendlier than they used to be or when someone who always used to fight suddenly apologizes. If you are willing to open yourself to these moments where people do things differently, you will make space for the big things to change as well. Truly, under the surface, the potential for how humans can live in this world and what is possible has changed completely, and now it is up to you to rewrite the script based on those new potentials. This will occur over the next seven to ten years, and it begins this month. Look for opportunities to do things differently. Look for opportunities to do everything with joy, playfulness, honesty, and integrity.

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