What energy and experiences can we expect in January 2012?

You will find a sense of misalignment of creative energy this month. There
is a feeling that the usual flow from energy to matter has been interrupted.
Whenever something comes to be in the physical world, it first begins in
the form of energy as an intention, an idea, or a plan. Even before the
idea, it occurs as multidimensional energy held by your spirit and the spirits
of everyone involved. This multidimensional energy takes shape when
it comes to your consciousness as an idea, then that flows to become a
tangible action or object created by you. That natural flow of creative
energy has always been the way everything that occurs or exists in this
world originates. It always comes from the flow of energy. Every new
beginning, every change, and every ending begins first in every higher
dimension, in the fifth dimension to be exact. And then it is translated
into the material world when you work with it through your human

This month, that natural flow of energy still exists, but a misalignment has
occurred making it difficult to manifest actions and objects the way you
usually do. Like all things, this misalignment has been built by all of you.
It has been built through the worldwide expectations and ideas that you
have developed regarding the Year 2012. Those of you who have been very
interested in the Year 2012 and have been waiting for it and developing
ideas about what will happen this year, you have gotten ahead of yourselves
energetically. The energy for the year is lagging behind you and you are
operating in something like a free zone where anything you try is not going
to come to pass because the energy for it has not built yet.

Those of you in this position, who have been waiting expectantly for the
Year 2012, might find yourselves feeling frustrated and lonely this month as
you wait for the energy to catch up with you. There is another segment of
the human population who have not been paying attention or putting much
pressure on this year. That group is lagging behind the energy for the year
because, rightly so, there is an enormous energy inherent to the Year 2012.
It has been building for a long time and it is very real and powerful, and
so there are many people who have not yet made the adjustments in their
lives to be ready for that energy. Those people will find themselves feeling
very overwhelmed this month and confused. They will have the feeling that
change occurs before they are ready for it and they can’t catch up.

Either way, most of you will be feeling out of alignment this month. The
ways that you typically get things done will not work in the way they used
to. There is no way to fix this. Instead, there are ways to adjust to it. As
you adjust, the misalignment becomes resolved. This is a collective matter.
This alignment is something that has been built collectively. That means
that there is no way for individuals to fix it for themselves or to perfect this
experience. It will not serve you to wait for everyone else to fix it, but it
also will not serve you to try to get it right even though everyone else is
struggling. This is a time to wait and be patient.

There is really a feeling this month that you are all in this together. That
you are only as strong as your weakest member, just like a chain is only as
strong as its weakest link. Your collective experience and interdependence
is the most important piece of wisdom available for the Year 2012 and
it is the very piece of information that will guide you through the Age of
Light. You must remember that you are all in this together, that you are
completely connected, and that if one of you is suffering then all of you are

This month, the best thing you can do is to be patient, be gentle and do not
try too hard. Take one step at a time, do your best with each piece of the
puzzle that is yours, do your best to keep your own house in order and to
take care of your own responsibilities. But do not try to make everything
perfect and do not worry when the usual way of doing things is not giving
the results it used to. This misalignment will be resolved in the next couple
of months and you will find by April that you will be feeling much better and
you will actually be more effective than you have ever been before. For
now, it is time for patience.

What are some other ways we can find the greatest benefit from this energy?

The greatest benefit that you will find this month is in the beauty of
surrender and the deeper wisdom that becomes available when you
surrender. This can be an incredible expansive and joyful month if you
really practice surrender and faith. There is a powerful beauty and peace
holding the energy for this month, and available to you if you will choose
trust and patience. The key to being effective is to try your best, and then
set it aside and let the Universe do its part. This includes letting the people
around you take care of their part. There is an incredible beauty in learning
surrender, and patience will allow you to get to the deepest and the highest
level of your own existence.

In learning surrender, many of you will find it useful to work with the Law
of Attraction. Many of you have worked with this before, some with great
success, others with great frustration. But all of you, regardless of your
previous successes, will find the law of attraction is not working the way it
used to this month. The misalignment of energy this month means that the
things you typically use to manifest or attract what you want in your life will
not give you those things right away. This is a great opportunity to notice
what you get frustrated about, and therefore to see what stands between
you and your highest self.

Frustration will be a great teacher this month. If you just get wrapped up
in the frustration, you are only going to give yourself a headache. If you
listen to the frustration, if you stop and ask yourself, "What am I so worried
about? What am I afraid will happen? Who am I trying to blame?" If you
ask these kinds of questions and explore the issues that lead to frustration,
you will find a great deal of growth becomes available for you. You are
going to find the hidden corners of ego that are still driving you despite all
the spiritual work you have done so far. You are going to find those parts
of your ego and finally let them go, if you will allow your frustration to teach

Humility will serve you very well this month. Things will go better when
you admit what you do not know or admit when you feel uncertain, rather
than trying to barrel through and prove something to yourself or to anyone
else. That gentle approach will get you very far this month and being hard
on yourself or trying to rush or trying to make everything work the way you
expect it to, will lead you to a big headache.

Is there anything for us to watch out for or avoid this month?

Avoid letting people feed your frustration. Something that will likely happen
this month is that when one person gets frustrated, they will vent to another
and that will trigger more frustration that is then passed on to someone else.
This dynamic in which you can pass your mood on to other people through
your words, through the way that you carry your body and through the
energy that you are exuding – it has always existed. It will be happening
more than ever this month because so many people will be feeling frustrated
at the same time. But if you are a little bit frustrated and then your friend
or your coworker calls and pours their frustration on you, your frustration
will only grow. Do your best to avoid being caught in that cycle. It is
important this month that you avoid gossip. It is important this month that
instead of venting to your friend, that you actually find someone who can
help you solve the problem rather than someone who is going to feed your

It is important this month, that you not spend much time with the people
who do not know yet how to take care of their own emotions. In a sense,
that frustration you are feeling or any other kind of intensity is like a flame.
You do not want to put your flame too close to anyone else's because
you might start a wildfire. It is important that you pay attention to your
emotions, that you pay attention to your frustrations in the same way
you would take a candle flame and protect it from the wind and use it to
light your own way. You want to acknowledge your frustration and look
deeper for the lessons you have to learn. You do not want to light anyone
else on fire. It is also important that even as you are looking at your own
frustrations, that you do not share them too much with others and you do
not let other people's frustrations make yours bigger. That is the careful
balance to achieve by avoiding other people's drama this month.

Is there anything else that would be beneficial for us to know about this month?

Yes. In the northern hemisphere, this is a time of darkness, but this is also
the time when you have shifted away from the winter solstice and toward
the light. So while there is a lot of darkness available, it is very clear that
you are on a collective path toward the Light. This applies to those of you
in the southern hemisphere too, even thought the astronomical alignment
is different. You are in a time of darkness as a human race, but you have
turned your faces toward the Light and you are walking toward the Light.

That means that this month you have a very clear choice to make between
seeing the darkness that surrounds you or seeing the Light that you are
walking toward. It is up to you where you put your attention. Therefore,
it is up to you what kind of reality you will be living in this month. It is fine
to notice the darkness, it is fine to pay attention, but make sure throughout
the month that you continually remind yourself to look toward the Light.
Look toward the places in your life that are filled with love. Look toward the
visions and hopes you have for how you will become a better person. Look
toward the signs you see in the world around you of people behaving well
and being kind to one another. Keep looking for these things. As you take
each step, you will make it easier to make that step one that moves you into
Light and away from Shadow.

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