What energies and experiences can we expect in January 2011?

There is so much light available on Planet Earth this month. There is a sense of things moving forward, and things being out in the open and available for you to work with. This is a month when you do not need to get lost in the mystery of things or feel overwhelmed. The image that they are giving to describe what this month can be like is surfing on the waves of the ocean. You are the surfer and this energy is swelling up and lifting you up.

Just like with the sport of surfing, occasionally you might get swamped. You might get knocked over and tossed about, but this month it is more possible for more of you to achieve a balance where you can be on top of things. This month it is more possible to see the big picture and get things done -- and where you can feel like your life is moving in the direction you want. Even when things do not go your way, you have a greater ability to steer yourself this month than usual.

Do not tolerate anything that disempowers you this month; do not accept things that overwhelm you. Find a way to get on top of them or get out of the way. Move on, do something different. This is not a time for wallowing; it is not a time for feeling paralyzed. If something is not working for you and you cannot find a way to get on top of it, walk away from it and try a new solution. Do something different.

This month is about light and visibility. There is a sense that there is not much room for secrets or deception this month. This means you are likely to see big secrets being revealed this month. You might find that things in the news will appear, revealing secrets that have been long held by different groups, organizations or institutions. Be prepared for scandal and do not buy into the drama and fear in the stories of those scandals. Instead, allow yourself to feel a sense of relief that the truth is finally coming to light -- finally you can all look at it and move on. Do not get mired in drama. Do not bother with people who want to stir the pot or make trouble. Do not bother with deception. Step out into the light, take things as they are, and find a way to work with it and move on.

What more can we do to work with the energy of this month?

An important mantra you can use when things are difficult this month is to brush yourself off and try again. When you fall down, when you make a mistake, when you are not sure what to do -- find a way to stand up, recover, get a new balance and start again.

Try again is a great mantra for this month because just like surfing, you will fall over sometimes. There will always be another wave. There is so much energy available this month that you do not need to worry about you have missed your chance or run out of choices. There will always be a new way to accomplish what you really want. This month that new path, new resource, or new approach will arrive pretty quickly if you just stand up, shake yourself off and find a new balance. Try again.

That might be the most important thing you can do this month in addition to avoiding the drama and fear that might come up from others. Do not stick around for gossip or conspiracy theories. Instead, step toward the light, step toward the parts of your life where you can feel good things are happening. Put your attention there this month. The other things will fall into place eventually.

Is there anything else the Keepers want to tell us about January 2011?

This is a very intense time, but also a very hopeful time on Planet Earth. There is a lot going on, you all have many challenges, but every single one of you is stronger than you have ever been before. Every single one of you has more resources available than you have ever had before. Do not imagine that when you feel overwhelmed that you are actually going to fail. Feeling overwhelmed is a sign that you are stepping into something big, something new, and something that you have always wanted.

Have faith in yourself and draw upon your resources. Take quiet moments to listen to your intuition. Reach out to your friends and loved ones. Take good care of your bodies, use all of your resources to set you up for success.

January 4 will probably bring many of you a sense of a real challenge. Do not let yourself fall over that day. If you do fall over -- do not fall apart, just pick up and try again. If you pay attention on January 4, most of you will find that whatever challenge comes to you that day will continue to be a challenge for you in months to come. This day can be an opportunity for you to get a preview of what is to come and start to get a handle on that challenge. You will not respond to the challenge perfectly on January 4, instead it is an opportunity to try something and see how it works and then collect information about what worked and what did not. That is a good way to use the day of January 4.

Otherwise, the month seems to have mostly and expansive energy with gentle, undulating waves. You will all go up and down in your own rhythm this month, so just take those waves as they come.

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