What energy and experiences can we expect in January 2010?

Expansion. This month brings an expanding, new energy. While the energy is new, it will appear as an expansion of what you have already begun. You have been in a cycle – as humans you are always in a cycle. This is part of the cycle where you experience the expansion that comes after release. You may feel that release has occurred so everything is finally getting bigger. You may feel as if you can see everything from above and get new information on your own life this month.
You will find that many truths come to the surface that were previously unclear. You could sense these things were true intuitively, and you had a feeling there was something going on. Finally you will find evidence for what you suspected, and you will find the picture coming together.
Many of you will find a sense of relief this month but many, many, many of you will be overwhelmed -- overwhelmed with new information, overwhelmed with the gravity of information or overwhelmed by the emotions that arise for you in regard to information. Be gentle and patient with yourselves. This is a time for observing what you feel and what occurs in your life. Look and learn.
The primary energy this is month is a sense of expansion. This energy is reflected in the archetype of Jupiter or of the Mother Goddess. There is a sense of something that is big enough to hold you but also big enough to challenge you. This month brings an unusually high number of Spirit Guides, Angels, Enlightened Teachers and Masters into the world. It is like you, as a human race, have gone through your work and done what you needed to do to prepare to receive a much larger number of Spirit Guides and Loved Ones from the higher realms.
Those of you who are sensitive to energy are going to find that you can feel like this world just got really crowded. Of course Spirit Beings do not take up any space, but you are likely to feel as if you are more surrounded than ever by Love and Light and the presence of Divine Beings who are here to help you.
This is an excellent month for those of you who are interested in increasing your intuition to tune in and begin to sense the presence of Angels and other Divine Beings. Look for evidence of them in your lives. They indeed are all around you. Every single one of you is surrounded by Love. Their presence this month should be unmistakable. Even if you are not interested in pursuing that clairvoyance, know in your heart that, more than ever, you are supported by the most loving, tender, caring Beings you can imagine.
This month may call for healing to be done as a result of the intensity of December and the expansion of January. Many of you are likely to have things arise that need to be healed. They may be physical, emotional or psychological. Some of you may even need a form of energetic healing. This is a very important time for you to take good care of your bodies and to support you immune systems. We refer to both your physical immune system inside your physical body, but also the social and energetic immune systems. These include ways that you mentally and emotionally discern what presence in your life is healthy and what presence is foreign and uninvited. It includes the way that you fight off or reject and create protection for yourselves around those unwanted presences.
This is a very important time for you to be more mindful than ever about whom you spend time with. Ensure that you spend as much time as you can with those people and those experiences the feed your soul and that you bolster the spiritual or energetic immune system that helps you discern or notice danger and respond by walking away from the situation or by creating energetic protection for yourself.

How can we best work with the energy this month?

In addition to what has been given, it will serve you to tune into the energy of Goddess of the Divine Feminine. Allow yourself a sense of being held by a loving mother. In whatever image, whatever mythology, whatever practices you want to engage are fine here as long as you are tuning into a sense that you are surrounded by the Divine Feminine and by Love. Specifically this month it will serve you to practice Love for yourself and specifically practice that Love by recognizing when you need help and asking for help.
At the very least, this should be done in regard to spiritual help. Any form of prayer, meditation or any other practice that puts you in the practice of acknowledging and asking for the help of spirit guides and divine beings will serve you. Calling in your angels is a perfect thing to do this month. It will serve you to imagine you are a baby being held by a loving mother each night as you fall asleep. This will open you to that Love all night, and develop space in your psyche to carry it with you through the daytime.
It will serve you to work toward loving yourself so much that you automatically assume that you deserve help and therefore you feel completely at ease in asking for help. Know that depending on people's issues and the struggles that they are going through on their own, they may or may not be able to offer help in exactly the way you have asked for it. But the process of asking for the help is enough to eventually lead you to what you need so that you may ask for help this month and find that the person does not respond in the way that you had hoped, but trust that request was sent into the world and by making that request you opened yourself to receiving the help and then look for how the help you need arrives in one way or another. It always arrives. Some people say every prayer is answered and that is true. This is a good time for you to ask for help and then to trust and open yourself to the form that help arrives in. Trust that the help will come in the most enlightened and most useful way possible, even if it is not in the form you expected!

Are there any power days that we should be aware of this month?

January 7 is like a spark. You may find that this day goes by really quickly and it may not have gone the way that you planned. That is okay. There is a lot of energy coming in on January 7 and some of you may be so overwhelmed by this energy that you just sleep through it. This is an important time to take really good care of your bodies. It is almost as if all of you are acting like lightning rods on January 7. If you do not stabilize yourself and take care of your physical self, you may find that you get energetically “knocked over.” Many of you may have a headache or some other kind of illness on this day, or many of you may find it either necessary or difficult to sleep. Either way, just know that this is an important day but it is not going to make sense. Just like a flash of lightning, it comes and it goes but its imprint will remain and you can make sense of it later.
January 12 is also an important day. This is day when the big picture can really come together for you. When you can take a lot of moving pieces in your life and see how they connect. This is an excellent time for journaling, having conversations, doing anything you can do to flush out the information that you have acquired and to put the pieces together so that you can see a new picture emerging.
January 17 - 19 is a very productive time. It is a high-speed time. It is a time of collaboration and this is a time when you may find that you feel activated -- as if things you have been waiting for or you have been unclear about for a long time suddenly come into view. Many of you will be inspired to reach out to others and work together with others. This is a great time to plan meetings with people to plan on collaborative projects or shared creative endeavors.
January 25 appears like a revolving door. It is not flying around, it is a grounded energy, but it is a a turning point. This is a good day to take a broad view of your life and to make any directional changes you feel you need to. Reorient yourselves according to what has become true for you over the course of this month so far.

Is there anything else the Keepers want to tell us about January 2010?

There is a sense this month of galaxies and stars and a wider, broader universe and there is a sense of tremendous Love available this month. For those of you who have been drawn to extra-terrestrial information, know that you may very well encounter more of that this month than you usually do. Not all of you will be drawn to or able to sense extra-terrestrial information, and there is nothing wrong with you if you do not (or if you do!).
For those of you who do experience extra-terrestrial energy, know that there is more contact available this month than usual. There is nothing to fear -- there is incredible Love available this month. The Love that is opening this month is just going to embrace you like a mother. You may feel overwhelmed but a lot of that big energy that feels overwhelming ultimately will prove itself to be a very Loving and useful presence.
In February you are going to find Love has been downloaded into you in January. During January as the download is occurring, you will simply feel overwhelmed by all of the new information. In February, you will have the opportunity to take that Love and pull it out from within you and begin to use it. In February you will have so many opportunities to connect with other people, to connect with animals and the natural world, to connect with everything around you through a bigger, deeper heart center. For now, in January, just trust that loving energy, keep looking for it and finding ways to surrender to it. Ground yourself in your physical body and take good care of your body, mind, and spirit.

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