What is the primary energy of January, 2007?

This month can be embodied in the image of a row of powerful, graceful women ushering you into your future. These women are priestesses, they are goddesses, and they are aspects of you. It is as if you took every goddess from every culture and lined them up to usher you into the next phase of your life. Another way to see these Beings is as a chorus of Angels with trumpets and voices of incredible power ushering you in to the next phase of your life. These Angels, or Goddesses, are both the Divine Feminine part of you and they are Beings in and of themselves. You are completely connected to them, and they are singing a song of triumph for what you have accomplished, as well as to inspire and sustain you as you move into the challenges of your future.

January, 2007 is like a gateway, and while months themselves do not have a gender, January, 2007 is vibrating almost completely in the energy of the feminine. Is it a soft, open, surrendering month. We wish to make this clear to you because there is so much action to be taken in the future that it truly is a gift for you to be quiet and receptive and to feel blessed during the month of January, 2007. Now it may be challenging to feel blessed for some of you, because the challenges of the year 2007 have presented themselves immediately in this month, but January is meant to be a blessing. It blesses you for all that you have done before and it blesses you with what you will need moving forward.

This is a good month to sleep more than you might normally. It is a good month to establish a practice of meditation, or a practice of sitting still every day and allowing your thoughts to move through freely so that you can be receptive to any information that you need. This will also allow you to process and understand the information that has come through so far. It is a month during which you will do well to open space for quiet reflection.

Why did many people experience trauma or intensity over the new year holiday?

You can imagine that having a row of goddesses usher you into a new age can be quite intense! So many of you experienced something intense, whether it was momentary or whether it extended over time, in the days preceding the New Year! More accurately, it is the energy of the full moon that you are reverberating with, more than the energy of the New Year holiday. You are reverberating with the first full moon of the year.

This full moon energy opened everything for you, and just as the full moon casts a soft but immaculate light on the landscape, the energy of that first full moon casts new light on the broad landscape of your lives. What you could not see before, you can see now. This means that if there was something that you were not taking care of in your lives, something out of integrity, that aspect of your life jumped out to get your attention. Just as new figures in a landscape jump out when the full moon rises, these aspects came into stark relief. If you were not taking care of your physical bodies as well as you were capable of doing, your physical bodies responded with headaches or sleepiness or other symptoms.

If you were not fully acknowledging your emotions about a situation, you brought a circumstance that highlighted those emotions. For instance, if you have been afraid about something but have been ignoring that fear, then you likely had some experience that brought you to feel this fear, because fear is ready to come into relief. It is ready to be seen, owned, healed, and released. To let go of anything in your life, you can go through all four of these steps. First, see it for what it is and tell yourself the truth about what you see and how you feel. Second, own it. Acknowledge that it is part of your experience and it is something you have chosen at some level. Third, heal it. Every truth has a drive to be resolved. Find a way to do what your deepest truth urges you to do, whether it is to find the roots of the emotion from your past or to express your truth to another person. With healing, always surround yourself with Love and surround yourself with Grace. Fourth, release the situation so it is no longer something you need to work with. Cease to re-create similar situations in your life.

These are the four steps that we would give you as guidance for the month of January, 2007. See it, own it, heal it, and release it. There is nothing standing in your way of seeing every single part of yourself in each moment. You no longer need to ignore your hunger or your restlessness. You no longer need to ignore your dreams or your infectious, giggling joy. All of these things are meant to be seen and meant to be expressed!

Are there any particular days that we should be aware of in the month of January, 2007?

Yes. The day of January 14th is meant to stretch you open. Do everything you can in the days surrounding the 14th to open space for Love in your life. Look for people to love, look for animals to love, and look in the mirror and love yourself. The more love you can funnel into your hearts and out through your heart around the days of January 14th, the more beneficial this window of time will be for you.

The days of January 17th and January 21st offer a clear energy of change. January 17th will give you a great deal of clarity. We can almost guarantee that you will see things you have not seen before on this day. This may be seeing an old situation in a new way, or seeing a person you have known in a new light. It may also come by seeing some of your mistakes that you have not been willing to acknowledge before. While it can be an uncomfortable day, it does not need to be an uncomfortable day. Remind yourselves on the 17th to be willing to see what is before you. Take things at face value for this day. If you choose to deny the new information that comes to you around January 17th, by January 21st the consequences of your denial will have arisen. This is not meant to be a punishment, but as a heightening of a natural way of being in a world that is Enlightened.

In an Enlightened world, there is no Karma to help you to hold on to things over time. In every experience, you make a choice, and every choice will have a noticeable consequence. When you choose with open eyes and an open heart, you dictate what the consequence will be. If you make a choice based on denial or on pretending that some part of you is not truly experiencing your truth, then the consequences that arise will not be a combination of your conscious choice and your denial. Your ability to choose your consequences is made much more clear when you leave denial behind.

The space between January 17th and January 21st is a space within which to really notice your choices. Notice what happens immediately after you make a choice. Notice how you were being guided. We can say that these days are days in which your Spirit Guides are more apparent to you than ever before. Some of you may even see them in these days! It is very magical time, and it is an empowering time if you choose to see your truth and then make your choices based on what is true and what is right for you in your life.

Is there anything else you want to tell us about the month of January, 2007?

It is important to know there is nothing to fear. Because this month ushers in a time of seeing more truth, many of you may experience fear of the unknown or fear of what initially is unknown. This is similar to when you see something in the light of the full moon -- often you first see shadow or you see the hint of a figure before your eyes adjust to understand more fully what is before you. And often in that moment of shadow, human beings have the habit of experiencing fear. This habit has served you well -- it has helped you survive situations in the past by responding in a defensive way to new situations. We tell you now that there is nothing to fear. Everything that is coming to you is coming for your benefit, and most everything that is coming to you is coming with great comfort and joy! There is truly nothing to fear in the month of January, 2007.

The one thing that will lead you to unwanted consequences is denial, and fear often impels you toward denying what you see. Rather than fear, turn to the four steps and be willing to see something before you decide how to respond. Look for the truth of the situation or, more specifically, look for your truth about the situation. From there, you will find there is nothing to fear and there is everything to gain in taking full accountability for yourself and your experience in this beautiful month. It is a loving month and it is a very gentle month, so walk softly. Be kind. Keep your eyes wide open and allow yourself to be surrounded by the Love and the Grace of the Goddess.

This Monthly Message was channeled from the Akashic Records by Jen Eramith, MA. Permission is given to copy and share this article provided that the contents remain complete, all credit is given to the author, and it is freely distributed.

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