What energy and experiences can we expect in February 2017?

The feeling of the month is like a rush of energy. The hard work of the year really begins in February. This will come as a relief for many, as you will finally begin to understand what work you wish to do. There has been much unknown and in question, and a lot of change that did not make sense in the last few months. Now, finally, you will find that things make sense after much confusion. New plans will begin to fall into place, and though much struggle lies ahead, it will start to feel workable.

There are two things that will be important this month. One is to be willing to see things for what they are and to accept them for what they are. Keep your eyes wide open. The second is to be willing to roll up your sleeves and get the work done. If you are willing to do both, this could be an invigorating month that brings us a sense of relief. If you are not willing to do either or both, then you will find yourself feeling left behind, paralyzed, and overwhelmed.

The key for this month is to step up, take a deep breath and take life by the handles. This is in regard to big collective changes, and also in regard to all the small things in your life. This is an excellent time to deal with problems you have been putting off or problems that have felt overwhelming. It is time to finally decide what you need to get help with and ask for that help rather than trying to do it alone. Peacebuilding is work that you do together. You will have issues in your life this month that really push you to work together with others or to ask for help. Working together is a major theme of this month and this year.

Are there any other particular exercises for us to use in February 2017?

It will serve you best to develop a set of daily habits that support your work. The first is to take a deep breath. Every day, throughout the day, whenever things are not quite right, take a deep breath. Simply letting air into your body that metaphorically reminds your body to let the energy of life in and to accept the things you must. And then to release a deep exhalation in the same way -- to let go and put your energy back out into the world. Using your breath as a quick ritual throughout the day to remind you will be incredibly beneficial. It serves as a reminder of your commitment to step into your challenges this month, and it is an easily accessible ritual.

Another thing for you to do in February 2017 is make sure you take care of your business. Much is changing so quickly and it is likely that collective issues will become more difficult throughout this coming year, including the economy, politics, and more. The institutions you have relied upon in society may not work as well as they used to in the coming years. It is to review all aspects of your life. This might mean to see your doctor, move your investments, or to reconnect with friends that bring out the best in you. There are countless possible activities you may do to review and upgrade the business of your life. This is not based on fear, but more a sense of caution to take care of your business before the storm. It is like preparing to evacuate before a hurricane -- you know you are going to survive, but just before you leave you board up the windows, off the water, and collect your valuables. You do these things from a sense of self-respect and love, not from fear.

Taking care of your business will also include your relationships. Be sure to ask what needs to be questioned, and to speak what must be said. It is time to tend to unfinished or unresolved business you can this month. Much of this business will include things you have avoided, so this month requires that you deeply commit yourself to taking a deep breath and going for it, whatever “it” might be. You have no time to waste at this point.

Are there any collective events we should watch out for in February 2017?

You have already seen the institutions of civilized society beginning to unravel, including fledgling democratic governments, educational systems, the global economy, and more. The unraveling of these things across the world will accelerate in February 2017. This unraveling process will continue regardless of whom holds leadership positions. These institutions are unraveling because they were based on providing benefit for some of you at the expense of many others. For any extra material wealth you have, someone else in the world has less. Simply because of the way civilization has evolved over the centuries, resources are unfairly distributed and suffering ensues.

Those systems that rely upon the oppression of some for the benefit of the few must change. Because they are so widespread and so deeply implanted, they must fall apart in order to change, and so they are falling apart now. This can feel scary, but ultimately if you rest upon the idea that we are all One and we are all in this together, you know that this will be for the greatest benefit of all. Yet it feels scary to lose things or to think you might be losing things. No matter where you fall in regard to these institutions, fears will arise as things change and your work will be to encounter your fears, heal your heart, and look toward ways you can live in greater balance with those around you.

This month, and in coming years, you will see the acceleration of these kinds of unraveling events. This month they may come in the form of decisions by policymakers, collective grassroots action, or even acts of war. Your work will be to explore how you can release the ways you are attached to the old systems. Find ways to share resources, to create mutual benefit, and to work together with as much fairness and love as your situation will allow.

Is there anything else the Keepers want to tell us about February 2017?

Please remember that even though much is changing, fears are rising, and there is much work to be done, the energy this month is light and relieving. It can come as a relief to know what you are dealing with and to be able to finally make a clear plan for what your work will be. You are no longer left wondering.

It is not time to come out of whatever shock you have been feeling. It is time to take a deep breath, stand up, and decide exactly what you are going to do. How will you participate in making your life more clear and open? How will you participate in making the collective world and the society you live in more clear and open? Each one of you is called to do something on behalf of the collective. It is now time for all of you to answer the call to be part of everything and everyone. You are called to truly act as if you are At One with the people around you. If you will do that, you will find much connection, joy, and love. There is much joyful work to do this month!

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