What energy and experiences can we expect in February 2016?

The energy this month is incredibly tender and there is a sense of fun and joy in it, but It can also be tender like a bruise. This energy calls all of you to slow down and think more deeply about how you feel and how the people around you feel. Responding to what people feel, or may feel, will get you much further this month than will any kind of focus on the mental plane or the spiritual plane. It is time to pay attention to your heart. To not only follow your own heart, but really be mindful and thoughtful about what other people hold in their hearts. This is an excellent time to practice kindness and acting with compassion. It is an excellent time to work on holding your tongue. Avoid saying something that might be hurtful unless it is absolutely necessary to say it. It is a time for you to try to walk through every event with grace. Make it your goal to have every person who has spent time with you to feel more loved and safer after being with you. The tenderness will help you hold a higher state of grace and it will also help all of you notice what needs to be healed within your own hearts. It will help you notice what still needs your attention or where your lessons still lie. It is a wonderful tenderness, but it can be brutally difficult if you do not slow down and take good care.

Are there particular activities that will serve us best this month?

This is a simple one that most people still struggle to remember and it is to really work on thinking before you speak. Make your words very deliberate this month. Following that, make your actions very deliberate as well. But really, the power of words will come into focus this month. Pay attention to what you tend to say and stop before you say it and consider if there is something better you could say or if there is a reason to not say anything at all. Throughout the month, whenever you are approaching a new social situation, on your way to meet a friend or join a gathering, take a little time to think ahead about what you know of the people you will be seeing, what you imagine they may be holding in their hearts or they may be feeling tender about and think ahead about what you may say or what you are committed to not saying in order to honor that tenderness. A little bit of advanced thought will get you so far in helping you think before you speak, helping you be more mindful and deliberate this month.

Are there any collective potentials that we should be aware of this month?

Collectively you are likely to see more hurtfulness. There are two avenues of collective events that both of which are likely to unfold. One of them is in the political realm all over the world. We will talk a little about the U.S., but this will be true all over the world. You will find that political conversations become more heated and more personal. You will see people making more personal accusations or saying more personally hurtful things to one another in the collective arena. You will see some scandals or controversies coming to the surface as essentially mudslinging takes place even more than usual. Do not be surprised if you see campaigns become more negative this month. It is not a sign that the political process is broken or that everything is going badly, it is just a sign that everyone is more tender and that tenderness is showing through in the way that politicians treat one another just as much as the way that friends, neighbors are treating each other.

The other avenue of collective event is you are likely to see more heartbreak. More events, whether they be human caused, like terrorism or whether they be caused by climate change or just the natural course of world events, natural disasters, you are going to see heartbreak this month. In part because of the energy of the year. The energy of this year is meant to open your hearts and often your hearts open best when they have been broken or when you have had to face something that hurts you enough to feel more deeply for yourself and for others. You will see some collective events that further invite you to open your hearts to one another. The lesson here, and the way to deal with those events when they arise is to use them to let your heart break, let yourselves feel sad, let yourselves feel angry, let yourselves feel the things you need to feel so that your heart softens and opens. If you resist what you feel, your heart becomes harder and more brittle and you will have to experience a more profound heartbreak, maybe even a personal heartbreak this year in order to soften it. Allow the collective events to help soften your heart from afar before you need something personal to soften your heart.

Is there anything else the Keepers want to tell us about February 2016?

In addition to the heartbreak that comes with this tenderness, there really is a great deal of fun and joy available this month. Look for humorous, playful activities to engage the people around you. Choose to use humor as one form of showing tenderness. Be careful that your humor is not barbed or biting, but instead use humor to gently make fun of yourself and allow others to smile along with you. Or use a shared humor where together you are laughing about something rather than laughing at one another. As long as you can keep the humor gentle and directed toward nonhurtful places, then humor will help to elicit this kind of bubbling joy available in February 2016. The energy could also be described as a babbling brook. There really is a lightness in it, there is a lot of motion and a lot of change, but it does require tenderness. Almost as if you were walking across a stream barefoot. There is tenderness in the journey and yet it is still a beautiful journey you are on.