What energy and experiences can we expect in February 2014?

This month brings a sense of focus. This can lead to a sense of inner peace and calm, or it can manifest as a difficult intensity. Which of those you experience will depend upon whether you consciously choose what to focus on, or whether you let other choose it for you.

There have been many points of choice, or different balancing acts to perform in previous months. You have needed to practice doing several things at once, or growing in several directions at the same time. This month you will find that everything seems to come together in one theme. The theme might occur as a singular event, or a particular lesson being repeated over and over again. The theme also might materialize in the form of a single relationship or a major life choice. It might arise in one of many ways, but there will be one thing in your life that calls your attention over and over again this month.

If you will discover what the theme is for you and actively choose to participate in it, then you will find a sense of calm focus. If, instead, you let yourself be drawn into blaming others, waiting for permission, or otherwise giving your power away, then you will find that your theme is lost in the shuffle of trying to deal with everyone else’s issues. You will find the focused energy of the month will be more like a laser beam that blinds you and distracts you from the magical healing that is waiting to occur in your life.

It will be beneficial to review what you have been learning and working on in your life for the past four months, then consider how those things are coming together now. It will serve you to identify one or two issues you wish to resolve and turn your attention toward them in every way you can this month.

What activities will best help us use this energy?

Meditation will be profoundly important in February 2014. Any form of meditation is fine as long as it gives you time each day to be in silence and consider what deeper thoughts and feelings reside inside you. Some of you will be able to find this in ten minutes, while others will need an hour each day. Be sure to take the time you need to feel that sense of quiet come over you, and use some time to write down or otherwise record your thoughts and feelings. The deeper issues arising will not be easy to remember at first because they present some new ways of seeing the world for you. You will need to write them down for a few days before you can remember them with clarity and understanding.

It will also serve you to utilize strong, clear boundaries in your social relationships. Be sure to communicate clearly in all your relationships. Do not assume you know what other people expect. Discuss expectations and assumptions. Do not over-promise yourself. Strive to be honest about what you are willing to offer in relationships, and do not let others take advantage of your time and energy. You cannot afford to be in abusive or imbalanced relationships this month, because the needs of others will be so intensified that anyone who is pulling on your energy will pull you too hard this month. Look for reciprocity and respect. You might not be able to create that in every relationship right away, so for those relationships that are not yet healthy and balanced, try to avoid too much interaction during the intense energy of this month.

Is there anything we should avoid this month?

It will be important for you to avoid too much multi-tasking this month. Use the naturally focused energy around you to help you focus on one project or problem at a time. You may find it useful to keep lists in order to organize your thoughts and help you stay on one thing at a time.

You will also benefit from avoiding crowded events or chaotic activities. Be sure to take measures that ground your energy before and after engaging in any intense activity. The sense of focus within each person can bring them to peacefulness, but for most people it will cause them to feel intense pressure to perform or engage in the world around them rather than look deeper into themselves. This means that you will find an unusually high level of social misbehavior. Many people will overstep boundaries or demand too much attention. Be sure to avoid situations where this tends to happen, and to create psychic protection to help you manage your energy during social events.

Is there anything more the Keepers wish to share about February 2014?

The intensity this month also brings an intensification of Love. There is more Love available on the planet than ever before. So while it will be important to protect yourself, once you have made clear and healthy choices for your life, then you can relax into a massive sense of open-hearted Love.

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